Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What a Great Tuesday, Feeling Fine and A Wonderful Cousins’ Visit

The Ridge
When I woke up on Tuesday, June 11th, the muscle in my back was still whining but I rose above it and continued to rise at 6 am. I had a job to do. I have to admit that it felt much better than in the past few days so it was easier to shove it to the back of my mind. Bill got up with me and suggested ‘Dress warm’, as it was only 48F/9C compared to the warmer temps we’ve had over the last few days.
On my way out, this family was just going for a swim
By 6:15 we both had the dirty clothes sorted into 2 loads and I was on my way to Durham. Bill had loaded the basket and brought Ptooties over, warming her up and clearing the dew-covered windows for me. I know better than to overdress as it is always very warm in the Laundromat. Today was no exception. I unlocked the back door, got 2 washers started and got to work. I was hoping to be out of there in an hour today, firming up 7 hours even for Jamie.

In case you were wondering - when I mention removing the lint from
the dryers, through the blur, this is the screen I pull out
After 2 days, you can tell this dryer gets used a lot
and it is also why I bought dust masks
That was done but it was done only because I didn’t damp mop the floors. I would have, had it been necessary, but after sweeping with the dust mop, there were only a couple of spots that needed wiping. I felt pretty good after having only rubbed heat cream on my back before leaving home. 

The patch of geraniums at the end of our lane, after being weeded
I wanted to avoid taking any of the muscle relaxers today and see how I made out. By the time I got home, I was still feeling pretty good.

I back her up to the hill and Bill carries the basket up for me
Bill's first job, while I was in town was to replace the tube in
my bike tire
Apparently, there were 3 or 4 goatheads (prickly Arizona bane) and one was creating the leak
Instead of making a tea, I went up and hung the clothes right away. With that sunshine and slight breeze, they wouldn’t take long to dry today. THEN, I made my tea. Unbelievable how much better it tastes when you have to wait for it. So, caught up on a few friends’ blogs before going outside to see what Bill was up to. My next job was to add the black earth to the shovel and then three of the plants in the pot I’d bought.

After a watering, they will perk right up (I hope!)
The hill, I speak of is in the south corner of our property
and this bucket will get full sun
There was a nice healthy pink geranium in there too so I transplanted it into a pot of its own. I wanted it down in our sitting area, where it was more visible. I managed to snag a hanging pot from the shed that would hold it nicely and further found a branch and a tree to hang it from. I made us French toast for breakfast around 9:30.
Bill had two pieces of honey wheat and I had the last piece of my 90-second bread. 

French toast with jam
Now, this was where it tastes good. However……….we were out of maple syrup so we needed to improvise a bit. Lots of butter and some raspberry jam from the fridge. Hey! That was pretty good! We cleaned up dishes and went our own way. Bill went to the storage shed, emptying things and basically following through on our plans to purge and clean it. There are a few things in there that are classified as ‘mine’ so my opinion was needed to make some decisions.

We found a few things that were garbage and a few others that we might be able to sell. I started compiling those things at the back of the shed and got the camera to take pictures. Once we decided on pricing, I’d advertise them on Kiiji for starters. Anyone want a generator? A truck storage box? A kayak? Yes, we’ve decided we won’t use the kayaks and probably that was an impulse buy, thinking that this pond would be a good place for them. The money would be put to good use and less space.

Bill has wanted to do this for quite some time
When that was done, Bill worked on his garden flag pole up on the berm. He wanted it to hold a flag on a lead that could be raised and lowered at will, not as determined by weather. I think that was it for me. 

You can't tell from here, but the shed was much tidier
I’d been active since 6:30. He wasn’t ready to stop though and hopped on the mower. Not for grass cutting. He took the wagon down for the two last loads of wood and stacked them up at ‘my’ fire pit. After I had my shower, I walked down the lane and then sat with my book, watching the view – Bill loading and unloading.

Bill stacking wood
My cousin, Bonnie, and her husband, Gary, messaged me before noon hour and wanted to stop in for a visit. I love it when they do that! Of course, we’re home and look forward to seeing them again. 

I didn't get a picture of them together but borrowed this from Bonnie's FB page
It was 2:45 when they drove up the lane and other than kicking myself for not getting a picture (!!!) we had a lovely time. Bill showed off his Hangar and Bonnie was happy to see it in person. She’s actually one of the first blog readers to do that!

I walked down to get the mail
No people sitting here anymore, but this table came in handy today
It was windy but warm enough to sit outside around my ‘free’ Sundance patio table with drinks and stories. Around 4:30 they said goodbye as they had a long drive back home to the Ilderton area. Some of you will know where that is, others won’t but it is about 2 ½ hours from here. I brought the glasses in and then followed Bill inside to get started on my post. That’s what happens when I’m outside enjoying myself!

Bonnie and Gary heading home
For supper, Bill grilled burgers and I made us a salad. The temperature today rose to 67F/20C so right around where it was forecasted. The winds have dropped off to a great low of 2 mph and that will keep the evening a nice one. 

Supper is served and it was delicious
The earlier spotty white fluffy clouds have disappeared and we are once again under clear blue skies. What a wonderful day. I hope you enjoyed yours just as much.

And Bill's flag flies strong
Good night everyone!
Thank you for your visit to our Ridge today. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. How fun to have a surprise visit. I love having visitors. That burger sure looks good. Can't beat a good burger! Always feels good to complete a job like cleaning out things you no longer use or need.

    1. Thank you Cheri. It kind of snuck up on me, the feeling better thing so I'm tickled!
      The burger was delish ah mm vs. No guilt over the bun either!
      Always good to agree on things toto get rid of.

  2. Another wonderful day enjoying this nice warm weather, and nice to have your cousin drop by for a visit. We sometimes travel through Iderton on our way to New Hamburg.

    1. A great warm day and got things done. So nice to see Bonnie and Gary.

  3. Looks like a sore back isn't slowing you down one bit! I love your flowers in the backhoe bucket. What a great idea!! You make me want to fix up my yard!!!

    1. Luckily my back is improving daily. Yay!
      I hope my flowers like the bucket. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Breakfast looks yummy! I never had a taste for maple syrup so jam is my go too now. Grew up on Karo white corn syrup which I still love! How great that your cousin stopped by for a nice visit! Love when that happens! Oh that dinner..you're making me hungry this morning! Glad you're feeling better, hope it stays that way!

    1. We never had maple syrup often as kids, too many of us and always had to have bread with it. Moms way of filling us up.
      Nice to see Bonnie and Gary.
      Thankyou, i think I've beat this doke back. Sssshhhhh.๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Love the bucket of flowers...unique way to use an old piece of equipment!

  6. I love the bucket with flowers, great idea!

  7. I also love the idea of the bucket for your flowers. And I prefer jam to syrup. Breakfast and dinner both looked so good.

  8. Thank you Elva.
    I've never had ham on french toast, it was good!

  9. You didn't mention who was the first to plant flowers in the buckets at the Ridge :-). That's ok, I forgive you sis. Your Keto bread looks so much better than mine did. I will have to give it another try I guess.