Saturday, June 22, 2019

No Words, Sunshine, Fresh air, Friends and Family

On the Ridge with Friends
It was 6:45 when Bill and I got up on Saturday, June 22nd. And what a glorious morning it was. Our weather station was reading 48F/9C and the anemometer showed 1 mph winds. Perfect day for a walk. The sun was already up and the sky was a dynamic colour of blue. “Saturday Blue” perhaps. I had my hoody on and slipped on my puffy and safety vest and headed out. By the time I reached the end of the corral, I had to take the puffy vest off. I didn’t need it.

Morning pond

Looking swampy but no alligators!
My 2-mile walk was great, only one vehicle met me but otherwise, it was very peaceful. When I returned, Bill was down in the Hangar, no sign of Ken and Kim yet. I found out later that they were sleepyheads. Must be the fresh air up here and well, it might have been the long day yesterday. 😊 

Me, myself and I went for our walk
When Bill decided what time he wanted to head into Owen Sound, I made a poached egg on toast for him and a poached egg on ‘plate’ for me with some Feta cheese.

Peace and quiet
Looks like a Disney scene
He touched base with Ken and by 10 they were off in Black Beauty. Kim and I weren’t too much later when we hopped in Ptooties and I drove into Durham. First stop - Foodland, second stop – North Wellington FS Co-op, third stop – Durham Laundromat (I had to show Kim my place of employment!), fourth stop - Liquor Store and then home. I was able to pick up my yogourt NOT on sale but Chapman’s Premium ice cream ON SALE for $3.99. Yay! I grabbed some cones as well for a treat.

Outside Foodland, a few of us had to take a picture of this beautiful Cougar
After we got back, Kim and I just relaxed. We read a bit and chatted even more about anything and everything. 

Kim said "You don't need to entertain me"
She has a prime spot in The Ridge Resort
But then I interupted her peace and quiet and joined her
the boys had returned
When the boys returned Bill brought his monster plane out and put it together for some pictures next to his Stinson Reliant. Up until that moment, I thought the Reliant was a big plane. Well, that was then. The Telemaster takes it hands down for size. 

The Telemaster in all her glory
I love the transparent coating and how it reflects on the grass

So, beside the Stinson Reliant..........the SR is a little chubby baby!
After a snack of cheese around 2 and even more relaxing, our company arrived at 2:30 for Happy Hour.

Pat and Kim had moved to the shade

Rob and Pat are close enough that we wanted them to share in the fun with Ken and Kim. We kind of broke off into two groups, mean and ladies, and sometimes that is nice. Around 4:30, Donna texted that they were done their work at the Acreage and would accept our invite if H.H. was still going on. It was nice to see them too and they got an opportunity to meet our friends. Turns out that Ken got to meet my little sister, Wendy, in O.S. earlier too. A chance meeting at Home Depot.

Ken, Rob and Bill in another patch of shade
The ‘party’ broke up shortly before 6 when those driving left for home and time for us 4 to start supper. Bill grilled burgers and as usual, loaded and with a salad on the side, they were yummy. After dishes, Bill went out to the Hangar and I sat to write my post. I hadn’t even started it. There weren’t too many pictures taken today so you’ll have to trust me that it was a great day. How can you describe in words, a day such as this? Friends and family put the cherry on the top.

Clemson and his Mom enjoyed the sunshine a bit longer
The high temp today got around 75F/24C and that was another perfect one. I took a walk down the lane to round my steps up to 8,000/4 miles today and then came inside to read for a bit. With the slight breeze and sunshine, I can feel either sun or wind burn on my lips. I don’t think this will be a late night what with having to get up early for work in the morning.

My burger and salad

My walk down the lane showed that I was not alone

And he is just a small one, maybe 4" width

and one goldfinch is appreciative of my purchase today
We remained outside for about an hour and once the sun started to drop, Bill got out his Timber. This is his electric plane that is made of Styrofoam. He has just recently affixed small led lights to the underside of it. 

As you look at the pictures, remember that it is a white plane
It flew really nice!

After seeing the flyers do this in Quartzsite, he knew he just had to come home and do that. Kim and I watched as it flew overhead a few times and came in for multiple safe landings. Very cool!
Looking into the sun, you can barely see Bill and Ken against the fence line

Good job! That was fun to watch.
I hope you’ve enjoyed your day and this read, seeing what we’ve been up to.

The sky got pretty after I took this picture but I was too tired to take another one
Good night from the Ridge

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  1. Nice that y'all can get together there. catching up with friends. No Kim is not an early riser.
    Love Bills new place.

    1. It was great for them to squeeze a visit in on their busy schedule at home.

  2. Beautiful morning pond pics! Aren't friends grand! One of the best things about RV life is meeting so many wonderful people. Not that we don't have friends at home - it's just a different life with much to share in a very relaxed environment.

    1. Friends are grand! In the rv'ing life, we all have so much more in common. :)

  3. How cool was that plane??? Bill's going to need a bigger hangar for the telemaster ... and a VERY long runway!! I just love all the turtles. You really have to watch out for them!!

    1. He loves the little plane even more now that it is lighted. Easy to fly too. The Telemaster may be another story!! haha
      I love the turtles too, they seem to come and go. Some days we don't see them at all.

  4. I love your first two pictures of the water and the mist. It really put the size of that plane into perspective when you see people standing by it!

    1. Thank you!It is one big plane. Takes him a few minutes to put it all together. :)

  5. I would love to see one of Bill's planes in person and flying! Hope he can bring one this winter :) How great is that to have such a big Happy Hour at your place! I can see why Kim would be happy in that spot, reading! Hard to believe that is a white plane in the air!! Fun, fun fun!!

    1. You will! Bill plans to bring the little white one with lights and a Piper Cub model he has. Fingers crossed there is room for me and Clemson too!
      Great happy hours no matter how many people for sure, the more the merrier!

  6. What a great day! Nothing better than good company, good weather, and good food.

    1. You are right, the weather has finally turned around for us. :) That is perfect when you have company and can spend it outdoors.