Monday, June 10, 2019

Overcast Day Brings Rain, More Garden Plants, A New Bird, Another Good Book

Home on the Ridge

Bill was up before me again, not sure what time. I woke up at a few minutes before 6 and waited until 6:15 to do some stretching (ouch!) and got up to join him. Today was Monday, June 10th, garbage day so Bill gathered it up and took it to the end of the lane. I was disgusted that my back muscle was feeling almost worse this morning so took my laptop to my chair with my tea. With the heating pad, I settled back.

I don't have many pictures today but I'll start off with Chippy
That is my moonflower on his left and pathetic but still alive rhubarb on his right
Good thing I have multiple patches around the property
We had planned on driving to Hanover to find some cheaper ceiling paint for the Hangar but I wasn’t up to going anywhere too quickly. Bill was fine to go alone and didn't need me along. He could text me if he needed to. Paint is such a ridiculous price so you try to find the best price. He decided that a quart at $17.99 would cover 100 sq. ft. and that should be just about the right amount rather than buying a gallon at $30.99 and having leftover paint. I think he’ll make it work; it is just a ‘shed’ after all.

The garbage men/ladies are on the ball, at 8:15, they have picked it up already! Bill was able to bring the recycle bin up on his return from Hanover. I moved from the chair and can tell that the heat has helped. Well, I had also taken 2 muscle relaxers and had Bill rub heat cream on the muscle. Something helped at least! I was able to move easily. With the temperature outside showing 64F/15C I walked down the lane before the rain started.

Aren't they pretty? They'll look nice in the bucket too!
There were a few spatters on the south facing windows earlier but they didn’t last. I hope we at least get enough rain today to water my plants. I don’t think it will help my dying primrose, sorry Pat and Rob, but everything else will benefit. Surprise, surprise. Peeking at my plants as I walked back, at least 3 of the primrose now show promise. Yay! After Bill had returned, I figured that I may as well get cleaned up and head into Durham to pick up my plants.

Foodland has the best prices and usually enough of a selection to suit me – unless I needed something specific. With the help of the gardener (for lack of a better term), I found a pot with 3 or 4 different plants in it that are drought tolerant. I need that, so I don’t have to be running up the hill every other day to water with the can. He gave me a good deal and I also bought a bag of black earth. Thankfully, he was a gentleman and I didn’t have to ask him to carry it to Ptooties.

What do you think?
We love it!
I think the colourful flowers will look great up there on the berm. Bill waved as I drove by the Hangar on the way up the hill. It was 9:30 and I knew he’d be ready to eat so unloaded the flowers, dragged the dirt onto the ground where I parked and went in to start breakfast. Bill came in soon after and we were both pleased that the quart of paint was enough to do the ceiling. He is anxious to start painting the walls with some colour and I’m excited to see how it perks the place up. We laughed about a few ideas for the walls but will stick to the plan.

I made myself a coffee after dishes and went out to see if I could get the plants in the bucket before it rained. Well, that decision was made for me soon enough! As soon as I stepped out, light misty rain dampened my skin so I dropped some purged shoes in the ‘Exchange’ bag in the Bunky and returned inside with my coffee. The plants will still get watered as they are sitting outside. Tomorrow's job.

3 dozen cookies baked in short order
Next, on my ‘what can I do on a rainy day with a sore back?’ list was to make some more of the yummy keto peanut butter cookies. And while they are baking, work on my blanket. At the rate I’m going, this blanket might be done by September, each row takes about 20 minutes. LOL So, I got a row done in between getting up and tending to the cookie sheets, cooling, removing and refilling. Bill will be happy to see more guilt-free p.b. cookies.

I sat with my book and even though I hate the laying around, hopefully it is helping my back. I actually dozed off for half hour in the chair, I knew I got up too early. Clemson is upstairs on the bed and has been since noon hour, such a sleeper-doodle. At 2, I walked down to see how Bill was doing and he has finished the walls. They look fabulous!! While it dries, he finished installing the new electrical boxes for his 2 new fluorescent lights.

This was my first view, the bright red caught my attention
The air was dry for the moment and the thermometer said it was 67F.  I could feel the dampness in the air though so I grabbed my hoody and walked to the end of the laneway. I wasn’t sure if the mail lady had stopped or not. As I got close to the end, the plants along the fence were doing great this year. They are winter geraniums, I think, they’re called.

The weeds and grass are also doing great in between the full leaves. It has bothered me every time I come this way so regardless of my back, I started pulling them. I got to the end and it started to spit heavily so I left the mess to clean up later, checked for a flag on the mailbox – none- and trotted up the lane with my hood up. By the time I got back to the Hangar, it had stopped.  I said to Bill “when we have a dull day like this, the least it can do is give us a lasting rain!”

Here you'll have to humour me, I chased him from window to window
I got back inside, washed my hands and texted with Donna about her visit with Mom. She said Hanover was getting steady rain and usually it comes this way, so that was good. Then I saw a bird that I’ve never seen before. Maybe I lead a sheltered life but after several continuous pictures (37) I got a few good ones and after searching have determined that it is a Northern Flicker woodpecker. Probably no big deal for most of you, but for me? I was so excited to see a new bird up here! He was sure foraging with fervor for ground bugs!

And it is definitely the male - see his moustache of black below his beak?
Around 2:45, Bill came up from the Hangar just steps ahead of (or in) the rain and it was nice to know that I wouldn’t need to manually water tomorrow. He poured himself a Zero Coke and sat at his laptop. I was adding to my post and then sat with my book until almost 5:30. With sausage thawed for supper and not able to barbecue, I pulled the electric frypan out, the leftover potatoes, carrots and mixed veggies from last night’s supper.

He was very diligent digging
I love his spotted pantaloons
Sorry for the blur, he didn't sit still at all
We were eating by 6:15 and ready to settle down for the night by 6:45. The rain was never very heavy today but just nice and steady. The winds also never got too strong but enough that we pulled our awning in around 5:30. It was only out for when Clemson needed to go out, it gave us something to stand under while waiting for him. The temperature dropped quickly from 62F to 51F within an hour and remained there for the evening.

Supper was delicious, I love fried potatoes
This was a slow, quiet day for me but a very productive one for Bill. His Hangar is looking, might I say, “Spiffy”? I hope you’ve enjoyed the day and were ready to welcome a bit of rain.

Thank you for stopping in! Good night!


  1. A nice relaxing day for you and productive one for Bill. Now a couple days of sunshine.

  2. I love love the color of the hangar. That will surely perk up your day every time you go in!! What a coincidence ... I'm making peanut butter cookies myself!!!

    1. That is what we thought too. Bill picked the colour and it looks great!

  3. Having one of my cookies myself as we are reading this! haha..LOVE the Hangar color! Reminds me of our guest room...a happy color! Those flowers are too cute and will look awesome in the bucket! Sorry about your back, a few days and more pills hopefully will make the difference for you. Dinner looks yummy!

    1. It must be pb cookie day!
      Thank you, Bill is quite pleased with the colour.
      Each day, the back is improving. Yay!

  4. I like the blue in the Hangar, nice color! I was outside reading this post, with intermittent clouds and sun. Then it started to rain, which we need so apparently reading about rain is helpful. :)

  5. No cookies for me....bummer. I also like the color. Looks very tropical.

    1. Only takes a short time to make a batch or two or three! :)
      Thank you, seems to match the flying theme.

  6. I'm sorry you are having such a bad time with your back. I do hope it gets better soon. Not being able to do what you want, when you want, is the pits. Mine is better but still throws a fit out there now and then. Have you ever used Biofreeze? I use it when mine is really bothering me, and sometimes take a couple of Ibuprofen too. Sitting really bothers mine. I try to get up and move often, but when I'm working on something, I find I don't move as much as I should. You always seem like you are on the go though.
    We received a notice earlier we may have rain tonight. We are fortunate here but there is still some flooding in Oklahoma. I pray they do not have to deal with more than they already have been.

    1. Thank you for your concern. My back is improving every day - I'm whispering that so as not to jinx it - me superstitious? haha I try not to sit but when you don't want to overextend it, hmmm what's the alternative? LOL
      The rain is settling down here, at least we are getting more than one sunny day in between. :)