Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rain -Nope! Good Time and Another Sale!

The Ridge

I slept really well; the only disturbance was when I heard Bill getting up at 2:30 to let Clemson out. No excuse this time, he just had to go. It was 7 when I crawled out of bed on Monday, June 24th. I figured today would be a wash-out with a forecast of 61% precipitation. Probably an inside day so I scooted out the door for my walk. Bill had pre-empted me by getting up around 6 for his coffee. A hoody and my safety vest were all the outer wear I needed and even that was almost too warm.

This noisy bird watched me walk past but I couldn't get a close enough
picture to see what it is. It isn't a kildeer
I know their song
 When I returned, all was still quiet on the home front. I’d met Bill at the corner as he headed into Durham at 7:45. Another Home Hardware trip. Good thing we live so close to town! He did some sawing as I sat outside under the awning and finished my blog post. This is getting to be a habit, this late posting!! I’m okay with that and I hope you don’t mind. I know some of you read it in the evening. A good sleep-aid. Haha

I called this a snapdragon but F.G. helped me with the name
Seeing it in orange along the roadside was neat
Yesterday it came up as Eggs and Bacon on my plant app
which is very appropriate for me!
Finishing my post outside after my walk
Bill worked on a new 30-amp receptacle on the back outside wall of the Bunky. This was for electric power in the Hangar. Kim and I took advantage of the lovely warm day before the rain. Well, as it turned out, other than a few spatters here and there at a couple of periods throughout the day, nothing chased us inside. We had fun just sharing stories and talking about hair cuts etc etc. Girl stuff, mostly.

Two graders going by again and the cows running in the field
Really running!
Garbage day
When the guys joined us later in the afternoon, the stories changed but continued. 

Breakfast - yummy
They are such a fun couple to be around. I had been communicating for a couple of days about an interested buyer for our generator from Marketplace. She was coming after supper at 7 and showed up on time. A young couple, happy to pay my asking price and when they left, we did the ‘high-five’ for another nice chunk of cash for Cancun.

all done outside
and inside
After they left, we all thought we’d better eat but it was 8 o’clock so nothing heavy. Actually, Bill and I had plain Lay’s potato chips with cheddar cheese. You may laugh but with our afternoon embellishments, it was filling, tasty and just enough to tie us over until morning. To top the evening off, Kim and Ken joined us to watch It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. An old movie we’ve seen before but fun to watch again together.

Today, I made banana date nut bread in Madame IP
Moist and wonderful!!
The night ended close to 11 and we were both off to sleep really quickly. Work calls in the morning for me so we set the alarm. We are having such great days and have plans tomorrow as well with our guests. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day too!

Kim gathering some pretty rocks for an arts and crafts project with her grandson
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Oooooh cake!! It looks delicious!

    1. Banana bread that is the shape of a cake. :0 haha it is very good and moist.

  2. Been reading back and glad to see your Sales are going well.
    The Weather is not happening as forecasted. Kind of glad because there's been too much Rain already.
    Be Safe and Enjoy visiting with Ken and Kim.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, so nice to sell the big stuff if we're not using it anymore.
      The weatherman blew it yesterday, thats for sure but I'm glad too. My garden got just enough rain, I think. :)

  3. Breakfast looks delicious! So does your cake, what type of frosting is that? YUM. Bill is doing a nice job on the electrical (hubby says so!) Congrats on the sale woohoo! $$...Cancun will be here before you know it!

    1. Too funny. That isn't a cake, it's banana bread done in a round pot. So the top is not frosting but just the top not brown like a regular oven does. Delicious though!
      Thank you, Bill says, and it works! :)
      Yes, Cancun spending $. Yay!

  4. Nice that you sold your genny, more cash in the bank.
    Ken and Kim are a very nice fun couple. great that they can enjoy your place and company there.
    The receptical for the hanger looks great another nice addition.

    1. So happy to sell the genny. We tried on Kijiji last fall but this was the right time. Lots of responses.
      We are really enjoying K & K, getting to know them better. Bill is doing a great job on his hookups etc. :)

  5. Not able to help you with the bird, I agree it isn't a killdeer as it is missing the black bands. I wonder if it is some sort of partridge?

    1. Thanks, I'm not sure. Really long legs and longish beak but I wished I'd had my zoom lens.

  6. Glad you're having some great days Patsy!