Monday, June 3, 2019

Cool Windy Day, Laundromat for Cleaning and Laundry, Clemson

The Ridge

I seem to always wake before the alarm, which is set for 6 am, but this was the closest I got. It was 5:57 when I woke up on Monday, June 3rd. Bill stirred at the same time and we got up together. He made my tea and loaded the laundry basket, with the clothes I sorted last night, into Ptooties for me and brought her over. He’d left her running and even clicked the button to warm up my seat! What a sweetie!

This was last night's sunset after I'd posted
With my thermal travel cup of tea, water, keys and laundry I was out the door by 6:15. Not sure at that point what the sky was going to do, we were under heavy cloud cover, I trusted the weather forecast that there would be sun for most of the day. I loaded 3 washers and began cleaning. Only 2 other ladies came in to do their laundry and we chatted occasionally. I receive at least one nice comment about how clean the Mat is each time I’m there. A nice boost of confidence.

A couple of pictures from my walk to the mailbox
I finished up with a thorough clean shortly after 8 and texted Jamie to advise him of the 4 machines with issues. I don’t think they were major ones but wanted him to know all the same. When I got home, Bill lifted the basket of clothes up the hill to the stool and I hung them out. My fingers were freezing but I persisted and then hustled inside to warm up. The winds are strong again which doesn’t help to warm things up but I have no doubt the clothes will dry quickly.

Clemson wasn't feeling great today
His tummy gurgled and gurgled some more
love the way he tucks his nose down in the blanket
Clemson has an upset tummy today but was a good boy through the night and Bill had to wake him at 8 before he went down to work on the Hangar. His little tummy is gurgling up a storm and he can’t settle down. Usually, sitting beside me in my chair helps him for a while but as I sit here typing, he can’t sit still for long. Poor little fellow. Bill and I had bacon and eggs around 10 and he went back out to work on the drywall ceiling. I’ve advised him that I’m available if he needs help.

But being in the sunshine stopped his shivering
By 1, the clothes were in off the line, dried right and proper. By 2, Clemmy’s tummy had settled down and he was happy sleeping by my side for a couple of hours. Lazy afternoon, perhaps, but I was content to sit and finish my book. It was very good and this was the perfect time to get through the remaining 10 or 15 chapters. By evening, I am usually too tired to read without my eyes drooping after a chapter or two.

Didn't take them long to dry today
Bill must be making good progress down there in his ‘man cave’ as I haven’t seen him poke hide nor hair out of the Hangar for a good 3 hours at least. I know he wants to get as much done as possible today since he has to go to work tomorrow for a couple of days. I don’t blame him. I had planned on grilled burgers tonight on the Weber but with the strong winds blowing from the southwest, right across the front of the Suite, I think I’ll be cooking them inside. That’s okay, too, they’ll still be good.

And he soon felt better and slept easier
At 6 o’clock after Bill finished working and had a snooze, I fried bacon and 2 burgers. On the side I put together a Caesar salad. Our burgers were loaded on toasted buns and even though I debated eating the bun, I took the last one and devoured it. See? Not totally keto. Now the buns are gone. With bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato and condiments, it was a wonderful supper. We had some black cherry ice cream for dessert and watched a bit of tv.

Bill finished installing the drywall today

Just mudding the screws and painting now
before trimming
No wonder he is tired tonight
I got some more rows done on my blanket rather than start a new book. It was a relaxing evening after getting Bill’s meals ready for tomorrow and Wednesday. This was a good day with a busy morning and a quiet afternoon. I hope you had a good day.

And our burgers were delicious
Good night everyone!

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  1. Glad that everything is falling in place for you on the Ridge. Also hoping that Clemson starts feeling better as the temperatures warm up.
    If only the wind could die down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The wind has been unpleasant the last couple of days, otherwise the temperature would have been quite nice at 58F.

  2. Aww poor Clemson. Glad he’s better. It’s always nice to get a compliment about your work.

    1. These little bouts of sickness seem to pass, just like for us. Thank goodness!
      It is nice to hear. :)

  3. Any chance your boy has been drinking out of puddles? My daughters dog had some isues that they traced to contaminated puddle water.

    1. Clemson is not a puddle drinker or a grass eater so we never know what causes his little tummy issues. I guess, after reading your comment, I'm really glad he doesn't drink from puddles! :)

  4. Hope Clemson's tummy troubles are merely temporary. Have you tried pumpkin? It's supposed to be good for stomach upset.

    Gosh, I wish I could send some of the heat we've had here this week your way. It was 35C here today!

    1. Thank you, Clemson seems better now again. :) He is so fussy, he'd take a taste of pumpkin and not eat it. If it got past his nose. haha
      I wish you could send 'some' of that heat our way too! We're never happy are we? LOL

  5. Another productive day you had, cool but at least very sunny.. Hope Clemson is feeling better soon.

  6. Bill is making haste with the drywall. He'll enjoy having it done it I'm sure. That cheeseburger sure looks good!

    1. He sure is moving along.
      We both will be glad when it is done. :)