Friday, June 28, 2019

Expected Rain Storm, Spell, Water Fill, Garbage Dump, Afternoon Company

The Ridge
On Friday, June 28th I woke up at 5:45 knowing I had a much better sleep than the previous night. We both did. Bill was up about half hour ahead of me and already down enjoying his coffee. I felt a pang of loss as soon as I was up and dressed but forged on and joined Bill. It was cloudy, the sun didn’t have a chance against the heavy bank on the horizon, although it tried. I didn’t feel like a walk at 6 and then just got lazier.
When we left for town, the family was in our front field

I sat at my laptop and read comments and some blogs. Bill wanted to go and get water so bent over to kiss me good morning and I reached up to do the same and hug him. I was feeling great. Then I wasn’t. Bill said my head dropped onto his shoulder and I passed out for a few seconds and then when he let go, did a few body jerks. Geesh! The dizziness and clammy feeling were next what I experienced in my confusion so I asked him to help me lay down on the floor. A cool wet cloth helped and eventually I got up to the bedroom.

At the dump, I see these gulls and vultures up on the hill
Strange feeling and it was over really quickly. We figure it was because we haven’t eaten really well since Wednesday night and I know yesterday I didn’t drink much water. Silly, when I think about the amount of liquid my body expended through tears. Anyway, I’m fine and just had a lapse of knowledge about the water consumption. I even had a glass of milk with supper instead of my normal bottle of water late afternoon.

While laying down, Bill joined me to be sure I was okay and after a brief doze, he got up and left for water. I’m not asking for sympathy, although I’m sure there is concern, but I want it recorded for our records. When he returned with water, I was up, feeling fine and began making our bacon and eggs. Let’s start the day off with a good meal. Funny, how in sadness, our appetites wane, just when we may need it most.

I couldn't believe this one sitting so still with his powerful wings spread
We cleaned up dishes and Bill loaded up the leftover small pieces of drywall from the Hangar and we drove to the Durham Landfill/Dump. The young fellow was generous and didn’t charge us when he saw the small amount we had. That was appreciated. Next to Foodland for some Zero Coke which Costco in Guelph doesn’t carry (yet) and Bill loaded up 5 bags of black earth. I’m determined not to waste the hill planting from Thursday morning. We stopped briefly at our buddy’s home and I borrowed a couple of dishes from Pat.

By the time we returned home, it was starting to spit and then rain heavier. The gardens needed it and it also confirmed an indoor visit with Gayle and John. They’ve been busy around their place so it will be nice for all of us to sit and relax together with a coffee or drink. Bill vacuumed the Suite for me and between us, we gathered up Clemson’s ‘things’. From the car, truck, cupboards and couch we added to the pile. I need to wash his bed, vehicle cushions and blankets and then we’ll decide what to do with them.
So I zoomed in to make sure he was real and he sure was!

Tomorrow, we are invited to my daughter and her partner’s house for a house-warming party. We’re looking forward to that and I’ve offered to take devilled eggs. Madame IP will be working today so I began early, loading as many eggs at a time on the trivet. I managed to put all 26 eggs in and they were all done in 5 minutes. With a 3-minute natural release and an ice bath, they were ready for peeling. By the time, I got one peeled our company arrived.

It was nice to see Gayle and John and because of the rain, we moved inside. I made some coffee and tea and Bill had a Zero Coke. The day was warm outside, reaching 74F/24C and the rumbling of thunder was all we saw of a real storm. No wind, no lightning and nothing scary. My kind of storm! We enjoyed each other’s company, hearing of their Mexico tales and sharing some of our own stories regarding Clemson.

When they were ready to leave around 3:30 or so, I showed Gayle where I planted some of her transplants. She was encouraging for the location and even thought some of the periwinkle may come back in the spring. We said goodbye and as they drove out the lane, I realized how truly ‘out of it’ I am. I didn’t get a picture of them. Come to think of it, I didn’t get a picture of much today at all so I will keep this short.

My new facinator
We needed the rain, if you can believe I said that. My gardens cry for it every few days. Now it can stop. The grass needs cutting again so we’ll take care of that over the next two days. Around 4:00, Bill started cleaning the Weber Q and I pulled a few weeds around our patio mat. With the gravel wet, they came out easily. At 4:30 I remembered that MacGregor’s Ladies Fashions was have a Summer Sale, starting today.

When I returned from MacGregor's our families cleared the road
Notice how the babies now look like their parents

Not being able to resist a 30 – 60% off sale, I drove to the other side of Durham to check it out. I wasn’t successful this time, at least not at any price I wanted to pay so I checked out the Facinator dressers. I already had purchased one at the last sale so today chose a different colour and walked out pleased as punch at 5:20, 20 minutes past closing time. The owner’s husband didn’t mind as “I live here!” he said when I apologized.

Pork chops, mushroom soup rice and asparagus with butter
Back home, Madame IP cooked 2 very thick pork chops with mushroom soup rice in the inner pot. I used the microwave to cook asparagus and mixed veggies for Bill. This was a good supper and we were actually hungry for it tonight. That is a good sign to have our appetites returning. The Suite is still ‘empty’ but we are coping. Thank you everyone for your kind, supporting words over our loss. We know Clemson is still in good hands.

I hope you don't mind, but my posts may include a picture of
our little bum for a while
This was taken at our London home, when Clemson was only 2 1/2
Good night everyone!
Thank you for stopping in today. Your comments mean a lot to us.


  1. Pictures of Clemson? Of course we would love to see them. Take care of yourself. No more dizziness!!!!

  2. Remember not eating after loosing my Late Wife. It can be a scary feeling but it's all part of the Grieving Process that carries a Roller Coaster Ride of emotions with it.
    The Goslings appear to be weeks apart in their arrivals.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Actually the teenagers are only a week apart, at the most. All maturing at the same speed. :)

  3. I love your photos of the little bum. Take good care of yourself and drink your water! ColoradoGirl

  4. Things will get better one day at a time and you are making some progress, Eating right is a good start. Always love pictures of Clemson so many wonderful memories.

    1. Yes, each day so far feels better than the last and we had a good meal last night.
      There will be many pics of the little bum, they make us smile.

  5. Love the pic of Clemson and Bill...keep on posting :) That "spell" you had is scary..glad it was over quickly. Sure hope it doesn't happen again, but I can see where lack of water and enough food could do that to you. Take care of yourself! Can't wait to see pics of Bridgette's housewarming, such a beautiful place. Your mushroom soup rice, looks so good! I remember making that when the boys were growing up, I can see making it for Ken in the near future! Love the little fascinator!

  6. Photos of Clemson are definitely welcome, he was such a big part of your life it would seem odd not to see him.

    As for dizzy spell, hopefully it was simply dehydration but if it happens again I'd recommend seeing your doctor. Take care!