Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fun Day with the Girls and Supper at the Golf Course

The Ridge is Where We're At!
On Saturday, June 1st I was awake at 5:30 first, dozed a bit and then got up just after 6:30. I could really feel those dorsi muscles, the ones just below my deltoids. Fancy names for the area below my shoulder blades and upper back. They felt very, very important when I got up. Actually, all through the night I could feel them. I debated getting up to take some Advil for a better sleep but would rather wait and take some in the morning.

I didn't have to look far for some beautiful sunrise pictures
It was 58F/15C and beautiful with the sun coming through a haze. After downing some Advil, Benadryl for a nasty bite that was bugging me and a shingles pill for a recent breakout, I went for a walk. Sounds like I’m a walking drug store all of a sudden! The bite could be from a spider but not sure. I wanted to ease everything before I had to leave.

Overhead, a huge noise had me looking to the sky
 I took a walking stick as it was quite painful to walk. When I found that it was affecting me to take a deep breath, I got a bit worried. Not for any reason other than I had planned to be the driver today to London. Near the end of my walk I used the stick behind my back like a ballet bar. I twisted and turned and it began to ease a bit. By the time I’d returned, I was feeling quite a bit better. Inside, I made Bill bacon and eggs and I fried up my grilled cheese sandwich on keto bread. Not bad! Next time I’ll use Almond flour instead of coconut flour, which is drier.

The quieter family at ground level
The babies are growing so fast! I'm glad our children don't age so quickly
I cleaned up dishes, washed up and was ready to leave the Suite at 8:30. Pat was ready so we loaded her bags of clothes into the back and waited for Gayle. When she arrived, we wasted no time and were on the way to Hanover to pick Donna up at 9:15. We were making good time and it was a pleasant drive. The hatch was full to the brim of clothes, lots to offer the London girls. Bill left for Owen Sound after I was gone, got some Princess Auto deals and was happy to have a nice day to do some more work on the Hangar today.

Grilled cheese with Keto bread
We arrived earlier than expected and jokingly said that we could have stopped at Neudstadt or Milverton’s town wide garage sale and still made it on time! Darn! We stopped at Tim Horton’s, just around the corner from Kim’s house, and went in for a piddle break and a steeped tea. Donna and Gayle didn’t have breakfast so ordered tea biscuits. It was 12:45 when we arrived at Kim’s place, after a bit of a kerfluffle from me having the wrong house #. Duh!

Could anyone resist these cute little smiling boys?
We were the first to arrive, naturally, and began emptying the bags around her rec room downstairs. By the end of the visit, there were a total of 11 of us who took part. That meant a ton of clothes and lovely jewellery to share and in the end to donate to a reputable shelter. We were all very good and you can see the difference of what we took and what we came home with. We had some rain while in London and also on part of the drive home but it had stopped by the time we reached our area. I dropped Pat and Gayle off first in Durham and then drove home. Gerry arrived minutes later to pick Donna up from the Ridge.

Top left - what we left Hanover with
Bottom right - what we came home with
all the rest, the huge display of jewelry and clothing and guests
What Bill did today
The drywall sheet we lifted onto his bench needed to be lifted into place
by himself  so the stacking boards are what he did to lift it first (top photos)
Once the right height, he lifted one end, screwed and then the other end
He's ingenious! :)
We’d pre-arranged to go to the Mount Forest Golf Course Restaurant on #6 with Rob and Pat tonight. Bill and I drove back in to pick them up. What a delicious meal and we left at 7:58 just before closing time at 8. I have leftover quesadilla for another meal. I’ve never had such a huge one and they weren’t selfish on the ooey gooey cheese. Yummy! The boys had fish and chips and Pat had a clubhouse with fries.

I think I have to say, one of the best quesadilla meals I've had
I'm fussy about my caesar salad in a restaurant and this one was A-1
Back home, I felt exhausted and in no way was I in a state of mind to publish and addition to my blog. I hadn’t even started writing it yet. Hence, the late post. I sat for a while with Bill and went to bed with Clemson at 9. It took me no time to drop off either! This was an awesome day and plans are in play for our fall exchange up in this area.

And the beautiful hazy sun says goodnight

Good night y'all!

Thanks for your visit!


  1. Fun day!! I love the trading clothes idea. As to the drywall, don’t you just love those handy men???

  2. Good morning! Great post and other than your back, shingles and bite sounds like an awesome day! I wondered if the work the day before would get ya?! I used almond flour for the 90 second bread and I think it's better than the coconut flour, even though coconut makes great pancakes. Nice turnout for the clothing exchange! The drywall is coming along nicely! Great job Bill! Oh that quesadilla looks delicious along with the salad! How fun to end the evening with Rob and Pat!

    1. Yes i soon forgot the pains and enjoyed myself. Meds worked.
      Thanks for the tip. I'll try almond flour next time. It's so easy!

    2. It was perfect to end the day with our buddies.