Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Cleaning Team, Laundry on the Line, Weed Trimming and Planting, Fat Bombs

The Ridge
I woke before the alarm on Wednesday, June 19th. Bill was sleeping well and if we hadn’t planned for him to come and clean with me, he probably could have slept a little longer. 

pretty sky this morning
Clemson needed to be woken up at 6 to go out for his first piddle. I had my phone upstairs with the alarm set so just had to snap this picture of him cuddled as close as possible to his Daddy, in slumber. God, I love him. Well, both of them. 😊

Some things are just too hard to resist
We got up and on the road. Bill brought Ptooties over and he loaded the basket while I locked up. He’d made his coffee in a to-go mug but I just wanted water at this stage. Bill comes with me once every 2 weeks to help open the old dryers so I can get to the big lint screens. It takes a socket wrench and oh, I’m not sure. That is why he comes along. He opens the front of the dryer and I clean the lint out with my gloves, broom and dust mask.

Bill first loaded 2 machines with our laundry and then set to work. I did my thing, emptying lint in the small machines, wiping out the washers and counter tops while Bill mopped, dry then wet. When I’d finished the washroom, I was pretty much done so unloaded the clothes. With another 15 minutes in the Mat, we decided to toss them in the dryer. For .50¢, it was worth it. The sky was looking good for drying on the line but this would be quick.

the sun rising through our fruit tree
When we finished, I did the final walk through, locked things up and after folding the dry clothes, I brought 3 pair of jeans and a couple of lingerie pieces home for hanging. Bill hopped in Black Beauty when we got back and went over to the Acreage to get water. My Eager Beaver, always on the move, always thinking. I hung the few clothes and made myself a cup of tea and sat inside reading blog posts while I waited for him to return.

We stopped to check out this 1984 Mercedes in Durham
Not for any reason other than curiosity
Got $20,000?
We made a phone call to friends, Marlene and Benno, to chit chat about an issue they were having and also to catch up on their life. She wrote a nice post updating everyone but we enjoyed the one on one conversation with both of them. We miss these two, they are wonderful friends. I made us bacon and eggs for breakfast and then Bill went out to start with the weed trimming. I had 4 hard boiled eggs so Bill asked if I could make egg salad for his sandwiches. Sounded like a reasonable request so after dishes, I mixed that up and made them for his lunches.

Bill gears up for weed trimming
Safety first
Inside, I swept the Suite, the Kokopelli mats being the most challenging but they look good now! With that done, it was time for this gal to have her shower. Clemson was up on the bed most of the morning, well, all of it actually, except for the few times he’s been outside. Such a character! After my shower, I put my folded clothes away, ironed Bill’s 2 work shirts (they came out of the dryer wrinkly for some reason) and made myself a coffee.

The floors are clean when the mats are clean
On the list of things to do today is to try Nancy’s recipe for Fat and Carb-Free Fat Bombs but not right now. First, I took my coffee outside and sat with my book in the shade of the awning. With my coffee gone, I brought the few articles of clothing in off the line. Since the mail lady had stopped today, I sauntered down to see what she left. Nothing too important, just a Home Hardware flyer.

The mail lady drives a little SUV
On the way back up, I stopped to see what Bill was up to and then came back to do some more sitting. The sun made appearances, stretching shadows across the lawn but it wasn’t everlasting. Things are quiet today in Ridgeland. The frogs set up a chorus every once in a while, but the geese were not in the vicinity nor were the turtles. They wore themselves out yesterday OR we traumatized them with our ‘shoo shoo’ tactics, however gentle.

I did a fair bit of sitting with my book today
Chippy kept me entertained as did a ruby-throated hummer buzzing around my corabelles. Too fast for me and my camera though. I chatted back and forth on FB Messenger with a girlfriend whom I was very close with when we lived in Elmwood. That was, oh gosh, during the period of 1962-67 I think. I know my little brother was born in Elmwood and we moved soon after. We moved a lot in our childhood and I can’t remember when we moved there.

The sign can be seen from the end of the lane
and that was the purpose
I know there are many negative things about Facebook but when I think of the positives, all the friends I have reunited with over this social media tool, I am so grateful for it. Brenda, thank you for getting in touch today, it was so nice! When Bill finished up in the Hangar and came in for a snooze, I remained outside until I heard him drop off to sleep. Still no sign of Clemmy, the little old man is still sound asleep on our bed.

My irises get so tall

the flower garden is looking pretty full
and I love the colour of the corabelles
After a suitable amount of time for Bill to sleep, I came inside and began making the Fat Bombs. They sound like a really delectable little treat and Bill was keen on trying them too. After he woke, I got the hand mixer out, blended the first ingredients and put it in the fridge to cool. I think I may skip the part about dipping them in melted chocolate chips since that is added sugar to a guilt-free snack.  Or, maybe I’ll do half and half since I do have Chipits in the house. Bill went back down with a Zero Coke in hand and I caught up on my post.

The garden is coming along
The red arrow shows where the new row of radishes are planted
Knowing it was supposed to be a wet day tomorrow, I took my 2nd pack of radishes out to the garden. Getting a few seeds in the ground today meant perhaps a continuous flow of the veggie. One more trip down to see Bill, you’d think I missed him or something! I put Clemson inside at 3:15, he was already pestering for his you-know-what, and I disappeared inside the Bunky with my water and my book. My own disappearing act, I was not feeding him at that time.

Looking down into the centre of my irises

All of the peonies have popped

When I moved in to get a closeup, I disturbed someone

Mama wren was sitting on her little eggs in our spruce tree
This book has me turning pages and closing chapters like crazy. It is so good! At 4:30, Bill closed up the Hangar and storage shed and called out “are you still in there?” to me in the Bunky. It had started to spit lightly so I finished the chapter and closed up as well, meeting him inside. I pulled the Fat Bomb mixture out of the fridge and rolled it into balls with toothpicks as instructed. Back into the freezer they went.

It was comfy in the Bunky
We were having bacon cheeseburgers for supper, with one extra for Bill for tomorrow night. His choice. I was thinking of something more elaborate for his meal away. Sometimes, he makes life so easy. Sometimes. 😊 Just kidding! At 6 Bill started grilling our burgers. Here’s me trying to be good, listening to good advice, good examples and I'm avoiding the bun tonight. It was messy and I ate it with a knife and fork but it was delicious.

While in the Bunky I was looking at this painting that Bill and I bought years before
we knew we'd be seeing Arizona in person
And the Fat Bombs were the 'bomb', Nancy!
Bill said he owes you a big hug for these
After dishes, Bill hopped on the rider and cut the little bit of grass that was missed on the hill. It was bugging him and it would be 4” higher by the weekend. Everything else has been cut and trimmed so now it can rain and make it grow again. It is a nice evening, the sun has disappeared early behind the clouds so no sunset tonight. It will be a nice night for sleeping again and we have once more put the Blue Flame heater away. Surely now, we are done with it.

Bill cut that strip of long grass that was missed

And for most of the day, the Canada Flag hung, wrapped
around the pole
I hope you’ve had as good a day as we have and I thank you for stopping by. 
Instead of a sunset, I have a delicious cheeseburger to show you
Have a great night!

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  1. Aren’t they delicious?? Dip them in melted peanut butter chips and they are awesome. Even Lilly’s dark choc chips with swerve. Weird thing I LOVE them, but don’t crave them. Perfect!!

    1. They are yummy! I'll tuck them away and keep them in the freezer. Out of sight, out of mind and we'll enjoy them as a treat now and then.

  2. It sure was a wonderful day to enjoy outside in this weather. reading in the shade. I saw Nancy recipe for the fat bombs they do look interesting and tasty.

    1. It was such a nice day to enjoy out of doors. :)
      the Fat Bombs are yummy for a treat.

  3. Adorable pic of Bill and Clemson! Nice that every two weeks he does that with you. :) Glad you've gotten a little better weather, but the rain sure is making your flower garden beautiful..All those iris's and the peonies!! Just gorgeous! Your veggie garden is really coming along too. Fat bombs look yummy i'll have to try! Cheeseburger looks so good!!

    1. I love the picture too. :)
      The rain sure does make things grow.
      The Fat Bombs are terrific.

  4. My favorite photo today was of the bird's nest. I hope they hatch soon! The flower bed and garden look great.

    1. Those tiny little eggs are so cute! I watched her fly back to sit on them so they should hatch. :)