Friday, June 14, 2019

Waking to Sunshine, Visit with Mom, Puzzle Mat Results, Hanover Shopping

The Ridge
So, on Friday, June 14th what a nice treat to open the blinds at 6:45 to sunshine again. I knew I’d slept in but felt justified. Clemson had me up at 4:30 to go out for a piddle. It’s dark out there in the early morning! I wasn’t even spooked but it was still quite damp. We had no problem going back to sleep. When he moved again at 5:30, I thought ‘oh no’ but he settled down. Must have heard me grumbling, I felt so tired.

a beautiful sky this morning
I texted Bill before even getting up as I knew he’d have been up and moving since 6. We didn’t chat long. My first priority, after making my tea of course, was to see if I had an internet connection. I didn’t so I pulled out my notes from last winter when the same thing happened. We can’t figure out ‘why’ it happens but I read and followed the instructions (instead of calling Bell first) and after a restart, voila! It worked! Last time it cost us $69 for them to do it. I was happy and went ahead and finished my blog posting.

The drive to Durham 
It is a cool morning, only 44F/7C so I’m glad I kicked the heater on low earlier. It was 59F inside and that just isn’t warm enough for me. With blinds open and the sun coming in all eastern windows, plus the heater it didn’t take long to warm it up in here. Bill and I chatted, now that I was wide awake, and discussed his schedule for next week and into July, some dates he can’t work. Once my tea was finished and blog posted, I read a few of our friends’ posts too to see what they’re up to.

The flowers at the front of Rockwood are beautiful
and part of the reason i couldn't find red geraniums
I slipped my hoody on and went for my walk just around the area. That wind was cold and I’m glad I wasn’t keen on walking too far, yet. My garden looks good, soon I will be eating the radishes and green onions. Bill’s Canada flag was on the ground yesterday afternoon so the pole separated somehow and this morning I see that his sunflower wind sock from the storage shed was also on the ground. A message? Strange, that is for sure.

Bill will have to fix this when he gets home
At 10, I made myself a coffee and ate some 10% fat plain Greek yogourt and wow, it is sooo good! It will keep me sated, along with my coconut oil and creamy coffee and tea. I’m going up to see Mom this morning and then want to continue on to Hanover. They have a Mark’s store and I love their sales. It used to be called Mark’s Work Wearhouse but now just seems to be shortened to Mark’s. They aren’t all work clothes, I guess that is why. Other stores in Hanover draw me as well, so while I’m there……..

I drove in to see Mom and it was another wonderful visit. No dwelling on her parents, her men or her stuff/Rockwood. We just visited and laughed and hugged and talked about nonsensical things. If we can laugh together over one thing, it is a wonderful visit. I walked her down to lunch and she went through the normal routine of where was I going, how far, did I walk, when will I be back. Sometimes, I flash back to the strong lady she was when I was a teenager in Lucan and then forward to this new ‘version’ and hug her extra tightly when I whisper “I love you, Mom”.

A nice visit with Mom
From Rockwood Terrace, I drove back through town and took #4 highway to Hanover. I was in no hurry, taking my time checking out the Denver Hayes clothes in Mark’s and trying things on. Four different things came home with me, taking advantage of either their door crasher sales or their 30% off specials. I love the colours offered and any and all will work for Cancun. Then I drove to Giant Tiger and did the same thing. High quality? No, but great prices and selection.

Lots of little daisies
By the time, I’d finished poking around ending by picking up some asparagus and bananas at GT, it was 2:30. Donna went to a flour mill in Hanover earlier and picked me up some almond flour (yay!) so I went around to pick it up. We had a nice visit, just the two of us, while she showed me her gardens and flowers around their home. She has done a lot of work and still has more to do, like me. Darn weeds!

Daisies can make anyone smile
When she heard I hadn’t eaten other than some yogourt at 9:30, she gave me some cheddar, a boiled egg and some tomatoes. What a nice thing to do! Thanks, sis! We caught up on their life, ours and it was 3:30, I think, when I backed Black Beauty out of their driveway. I figured Clemson would be concerned since it was 4 when I made my way inside. Nope, sound asleep on the couch until I latched the door.

At 4:30 he got his supper and I snipped tags off my new duds. I feel very happy with my purchases and for once, the items are new, not just ‘new to me’. I cleared the table off and pulled it out to full length. Time to make a believer out of me. I carefully unrolled the Puzzle Mat and grinned with the result. It worked like a charm! So, there you have it. I believe!  We sat in my chair while I did the Word Search and I think I might have dozed a bit with Clemson. I’d given up on the crossword long ago.

A pretty car on Durham's Main Street
At 6, I turned the radio off and the tv on. Without having a window open, it is nice and cozy inside. It hasn’t been a cold day but once the sun disappeared the temperature is dropping preparing for the evening. I loaded up the pizzas for supper tonight with green pepper, salami, ham, olives, tomatoes and cheeses. While it was cooking, I went out to measure the length of the kayaks. Someone was inquiring.

When the pizza was suitably warmed up and cheese melted, time to eat! That’s when Bill called to let me know that he was done for the day as well. He had a good day and met a nice young couple, picking up their older Airstream. I filled him in on my day and we said goodbye to go and eat our suppers. The pizza was better tonight than last night, probably because of the toppings. When I’d finished eating, I did the dishes up and sat to post my blog.

Unrolling the puzzle - the moment of truth
Clemson let me know in no uncertain terms that he wanted to go upstairs to the bed. Back and forth, around the island, pawing at my leg, so I lifted him up. It doesn’t matter how long he stays up there, what matters is that I obey. Ha ha. He was down within 5 minutes and back up on the couch. Normally, we would be expecting Bill home tonight, after 2 days of work but that isn’t the case.

Everything in place - yay!
So, I finished it
Ever since we’ve been home, he has been waiting for his supplier of the Telemaster plane to send the tail pieces and plans. It has been a ‘trying’ (mild word for the way it really was) experience communicating with Mark but finally he has heard that both parcels have arrived at Bluewater Shipping in Port Huron, Mi. We tossed around ways to pick them up, both of us or just him and decided he would stay the extra night in London and drive the 90 minutes to the border, over to retrieve them.

I got quite a haul for $60
Sometimes, the Jell-o jiggles in ways that force sensible decisions. Clemmy and I look forward to seeing Bill return tomorrow afternoon. Tonight, we’ll just settle down and see what we can find on tv. I searched and found the perfect chick flick in Steel Magnolias. Couldn't ask for a more fulfilling ladies cast. 

And supper was delicious
This has been a fun day and I’ve got some new clothes to show for it, all at a great price.

Today's bluebirds take a bath

And after his bath, this beautiful little guy says
Good night from The Ridge
Thank you for your visit!


  1. I really need to go clothes shopping and for some NEW things too. Sometimes I think to myself "Sheryl, you really can do better than this" ...going to try. I was going to comment on your last post...if there is any doubt when you go into work don't go in or arrive after opening hours. I know you would rather get a head start but the building should be secure at the very least. Not worth it otherwise...just my two cents.

    1. Yes, Cheryl, go shopping!! :) I support you!
      I appreciate the comment about entering the building. Jamie and Bill and I talked about it. If there is any question or anyone enters that feels threatening in any way, I will just leave out the back door. Thank you for your two cents it is worth much more. :)

  2. The first easy fix that usually works we have found with computer equipment is a restart, It very often does the trick. Nice to visit with your mom and sister again, Love the '64 Pontiac Bonneville a sweet ride.

    1. Thanks George, I did one other uninstall that was recommended the last two times and then a restart. Worked! :)
      I knew you'd like the car. :)

  3. Okay, I'm jealous you got all that for only $60. I've never heard of the puzzle roll before, but it sure looks like a keeper. By the way, what do you do with those puzzle when you are done? Do they go back in the box? Pizza looks delicious!! I may have to try that one.

    1. I was very pleased at Marks and Giant Tiger. It has to be sale prices or I don't buy. Well, except for Ladies Night! I guess even then I got % off. :)
      I'll put that puzzle back in the box and pass it on to Donna. The pizza was good but next time I'm going to try a Fatboy crust recipe. Still keto. Sounds interesting.

  4. That was quite a find for $60.00!!! Good job! Mom looks really happy, love your selfies with her :) Nice you had a visit with Donna and she fed you too! That is a long time to go with no food and only the little bit you had. Your dinner did look yummy! The daisies are so pretty!

    1. I agree, I found some great deals. Love Mark's Denver Hayes brand clothes.
      Mom has such a nice smile. Donna's meal for me was good fats so fulfilling. :)

  5. Wow, you did really well with your clothing purchases. Love the photos of the bluebirds. I don't I've ever seen one here, we mustn't be on their route.

    1. Thank you. The bluebirds are pretty, rare so I was happy to capture them on camera.

  6. Beautiful bluebird shots, great! I still can't get used to shopping for clothes in a Canadian Tire subsidiary! Please tell the rain to go away.

    1. Thank you, I had to contort myself to get them from the window. haha
      I forget that but they have nice clothing.
      Go away, rain!!!