Thursday, June 6, 2019

Spring Is Here!

The Ridge
It was Thursday, June 6th and we were both awake and up by 6:30. Good days are here and that was apparent when I opened the blinds and saw blue sky and sun pushing through the few hazy clouds to the east. No tea for me. My back wasn’t any better so I knew a walk would be the best medicine right then. I have to admit that Bill had to tie one of my shoes for me, I just couldn’t get there, no matter what positions I squirmed into.

When I walk and get close to the turbine lane
I look off into this field for the deer
I don't carry my big camera with a zoom lens on this walk but perhaps I should
I took a walking stick and did everything I could while walking to bend, twist and stretch my back. What a beautiful morning! I did my 2 miles first thing before returning to make my tea. Bill was just ready to head outside to start weed trimming. 

Turbine lane, time to turn around
I just felt bad that I was going to be pretty much a useless….well, not able to do much today to help him around the property. He worked steady and I basically puttered until about 9:30 when he moved the rider out of the shed.

And here they are again, a bit closer view
They are there every day before running across to the forest
And one last shot, blurred but so you don't think I'm crazy
I swept the remnants of blossoms, stones and strewn ‘whipped’ grass off the patio mat and with access to my mower now, I donned my garden clothes from the Bunky and cut the grass in my area. There is no bending involved so this was a job I could easily handle. It always looks so nice when a lawn is cut and this section needed it badly. It felt good to nip around the area and I appreciated that Bill had already trimmed near the plants and fences, making my chore much easier.

After cutting grass I snapped a picture of my chives in bloom
There are still a few lingering bugs, not sure if they’re black flies but whatever, they are annoying enough for us to spray Off around our persons. Not enough for our bug hats though. I have 5 tomato plant supports so put them up in the garden around the beefsteak plants and decided that I would pick more of when at the hardware store next time. They aren’t expensive and very necessary once the plants are tall and laden with fruit (vegetable). The age-old question = both!

Our prettiest tree on the property
Bill was wearing his new head gear with the face shield and what an advertisement that is! I can easily see how much grass and crap blows back up in our faces. A good indication for me to do the same when I’m using my weed-eater. It was around 11 when I finished cutting and removed the battery to my mower and plugged it in, in the Bunky.

Yup, a good day, finally!
We were both hungry so I changed out of my grubbies and made us an egg omelette sandwich. Something Bill could eat outside without coming in in his clothes. He had more trimming to do after breakfast. 

Bill did a big job today with the trimming
That was good and although I wasn’t going to have bread, I had one piece of Bill’s honey wheat, toasted. It was darn good and we earned it! He carried on down in the field, trimming around the fence line and I did the dishes. I’m not pushing myself today, other than walks outside, no more back strain.

The transport to empty our black tank
Before noon hour it was already 66F/19C feeling like 79F/26C so soon Bill would be stopping for the day. Clemson came out while we were outside and hopped easily up on his new outdoor bed. 

There are my guys out there
I’m sure he was enjoying the sun too. He stayed out for a nice amount of time and came in only when we were done eating. We don’t usually like eating outside because of the bugs so today was an exception for obvious reasons.

Because of the new hitch on Ptooties, she can pull the cargo trailer
So, yesterday Bill had CanAm install a brake controller
In a perfect spot, out of the way
Thank you Peggy for the install 
After the rain yesterday, we both think perhaps the periwinkle on the hill is taking root. Some of it, anyway. Still more attention needs to be paid to that area but in time. I went outside and sat at the table with the flyers that I’d retrieved from the mailbox earlier. I pick through what I’m interested in, set Bill’s aside and recycle the rest. I still like pulling the Word Search and the Crossword Puzzle out of the paper and read a few of the local stories.

The property looks great all cut and trimmed

And I think this was the first day for the awnings
Bill was non-stop, from one thing to the next and before I knew it, he was emptying our black tank into the blue (gray) boy and taking it over to the dup station at the outhouse. Handy to have the riding mower to take it across the gravel but the blue boy is still messy – going from the trailer to the unit and then from the unit to the hole. There are so much better ones out there but until we can afford it, we’ll use this one.
The tree down by the mailbox had an interesting fungus
Finally, Bill stopped and went inside for his shower. I was enjoying the heat and remained outside for the remainder of the afternoon. My book had my attention and when Bill came back out, he retreated to the Hangar. When I walked down later, he was mudding the screws. At 4:30 he came back up and inside, fed Clemson. He was starving, don’tcha know? Clemson, I mean. I figured Bill would be asleep immediately.

My deep purple irises perk up the outhouse
When I was getting tired of sitting, I joined the boys and was surprised to see Bill was wide awake, looking at his flyers. I was impressed because he worked hard from early morning to late afternoon. He’ll sleep well tonight, if he makes it that far. Shortly after 5, I sautéed 4 small boneless chicken thighs in Madame IP. First, I ran out and plugged us into power. We’d been soaking up the solar rays all day. In the inner pot, I added water and rice and cooked for 12 minutes, released for 5 and then steamed some broccoli and cooked some corn for Bill.

Supper was delicious
Chicken, broccoli and rice
I lit the Weber Q and browned the thighs for about 5 minutes while warming up some leftover chicken mushroom gravy. Here we are eating supper with the windows open, a beautiful breeze coming in and the sunshine from a blue sky filling the Suite. This was an absolutely beautiful day. Perfect! It reached 70F/21C and it doesn’t need to be any warmer than that. It felt like 75F at the bare minimum.

A pond picture for you from this morning
We cleaned up dishes and watched the recorded episode of America’s Got Talent. It wasn’t going to be a late night tonight; I had an early morning. This was a fantastic day and I will take as many of these as we are graced with. 😊

No winds and the awning is still out at 8:45 pm

Good night from the Ridge!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. It was a wonderful day to enjoy this awesome warm sunny weather outside getting the yard work done, looking forward to many more.

  2. It feels so good when the sun comes out - we went almost a month with rain most every day. I enjoy the sunshine so much better than a dreary day. The Ridge sure looks nice and I love the little sunflower lady watching over the outhouse! :)

    1. It's what we all were waiting for and I loved every minute. The sunflower lady was a gift last summer. :)

  3. Now that's what you've been waiting for. Glad you had a great day, the yard looks great after all the work the two have done.

    Sorry that your back is giving you such grief. Have you ever done a Bowen treatment? I've had issues with my back for years and used chiropractor, massage and the like with limited improvement. Then I found a Bowen practitioner - after the very first session I could bend over and touch my toes, put on my shoes from a standing position, and it lasted a good amount of time. In fact my back is nowhere as bad as it was just a few years ago.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you!
      No, I've never had back troubles before. Like maybe a day here and there if I've over extended myself at work. This is making me nuts. I don't believe in chiropractors, at least not for me so maybe if this persists, I'll have to check out Bowen treatments. :)

  4. Hope it stays like this until September!