Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dreary Day, Bill Leaves, Puzzle Time!

The Ridge

Bill and I enjoyed the lounge time this morning, sleeping and resting with Clemson who was snuggled up to Mama this time. It was 6:45 when we finally got up on Thursday, June 20th. We read a few blog posts with our morning drinks since as soon as I went to step out the door for a walk, it started spitting lightly. Nope, don’t want to get caught in it so I accepted the ‘want your tea?’ offer from my sweetie.

Goodbye Sweetie
He hopped in the shower and I began making him eggs and mini sausages. When he doesn’t have to leave so early to go to work, it is nice to get a good meal in him. Cereal or toast is fast for a 6 am departure but it doesn’t stay with him and by noon he is starving. After he loaded the cooler, suitcase and jacket in Ptooties we said goodbye until tomorrow night. I did the dishes and sat and relaxed for another hour.

Hmm, now what can I do with this empty table
Then………with a cleaned off dining table, guess what? Puzzle time! This one is a 500-pc. so hopefully I can finish it before he returns and if not, the puzzle mat will come in handy again. We are expecting company tomorrow afternoon but when Bill was offered a 2-day work stint, we figured it wouldn’t hurt for him to accept it since he’ll be home after supper. I can get them set up and if they are up for it, maybe get a campfire going.

And the border pieces are all pulled out separately
I texted my two sisters to make sure they weren’t going to see Mom today and then got cleaned up nice to go and visit at 11. I found her in the hallway, just sitting, quietly. She was happy to see me and after hugs she said ‘let’s go for a walk’. We walked down the halls a few times and then I began checking rooms for a table. I had a bit of a ‘test’ for Mom but something positive with the result perhaps being something we could do together.

The sky this morning
We found a table by ourselves and I brought out my colouring book and pencil crayons. She showed interest, good but then I realized the interest was only in looking at the pictures on the pages. Then confusion as to what to do. When I showed her the 3 pictures I had coloured, she was reminded of how we used to all colour together. As it turned out, after I started on a simple picture, she couldn’t get her fingers firm enough to hold a pencil.

and the purple irises are bursting even more
Yesterday there was one open
She has had difficulty with her index finger on her right hand for some time now but generally it is good and if it isn’t, she can straighten the crook by herself. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Now, I know that Mom is not even able to write letters or sign her name. One small bit of further decline due to this nasty disease. I’m sad about that yet knew it would come. It was about 11:40 when she indicated she had to go somewhere so I mentioned lunch and we walked back to her room where I could sign in as a visitor on her white board. She recalled the room as some where she stays. 

She always giggles at the camera
I didn't notice her eyes were closed or I would have taken it again
Love her pink sweater and blue beads
She seemed to remember Gayle being there but instead of yesterday, when she actually was, she thought she was still there and had asked Mom to look after her hat. Cute, and she did have a small straw hat on her cart along with her breakfast bib and a spoon. 😊 I left all 3 pieces on the window ledge of the room we were in, knowing it would get collected by staff. Mom often brings her bib back to her room.

As we were about to leave her room for lunch a gentleman resident, who saw us in there, brought the hat to Mom and slyly indicated to me that he would return the other 2 items. I guess they are used to her picking things up. I don’t know where the hat came from but I put it on one of her dolls and we took the elevator down to the dining room. When we arrived at her table I couldn’t get her to sit down. Hmm. She kept coming around her walker as if to walk with me.

Breakfast/Lunch with a coffee
After about 5 tries and many goodbye hugs and kisses, she finally said that she wasn’t sitting but instead going to first walk me to the door so she could wave at me getting into my car. LOL She has never done that before so eventually I gave in rather than causing an upset. I motioned to a staff serving drinks that Mom might need guidance getting back to her table. (translation: Mom WILL need help) So she took my hand and we zig-zagged to the big glass doors. One more hug, or was it two? And I left. As many times as I turned, she was still there waving.

No outside work being done today
I know the staff is busy enough especially at meal times that I hated to leave her like that but………..what do you do? Another indication that things are going south in her mind. I loved the hugs and kisses, over and over, but find it harder and harder to be persistent without being persistent, if you know what I mean. It wasn’t a bad visit but not the best either. She makes no sense now, conversations are like jigsaw puzzles  – even less sensible, really.

Back home, it felt quite cool and I knew from our weather station that it was dropping in temperature. I had started my puzzle before I left so when I returned just after 12, I made a coffee and put together a breakfast/lunch plate and sat to work on both. My stress reliever. These pieces eventually fall into place and I’m sad to think that Mom’s words will get to a stage where they won’t, ever again. The one good thing is that she has no idea how confusing her words are as we will always smile and go with the flow.

I love the picture of this attic - too bad there was a piece missing
I didn’t think it would happen but I finished the puzzle. That’s what happens on a rainy day. Clemson slept through most of it and finally came down around 3:30. Just in time to be a pest again. I put him off until 4:15 when I fed him. Yes Master! I chatted back and forth with my sisters on email. Plans are coming together for our LadyFest in July. We have a wonderful new experience booked but you’ll have to wait for it. I’m so excited!

Madame Instant Pot building up pressure
I had pulled a pack of 2 chicken thighs out of the freezer this morning. It will be an IP supper tonight with leftovers for tomorrow night. I do love my chicken. At 5, I started the process and turned tv on for background noise. I can only take so much of the radio, even if it is SiriusXM. NCIS reruns are on every evening so works well while I’m busy doing other things. 

Bill called at 5:30 indicating he was done work and it was almost the same time that Madame IP beeped. With 5 minutes of release time, my supper was ready.

I had cooked some asparagus in the inner pot on top of the chicken and then made gravy with the onions and liquid in the bottom. Supper was yummy. The asparagus was a little over done so maybe next time I’ll steam it instead but it still tasted good. You can’t serve me bad asparagus unless it is underdone and crunchy. I enjoyed my meal and have the same leftovers for tomorrow night. Bill won’t be home to eat with me so that will work out perfectly.

Delicious, quick and easy
With the dishes out of the way, I sat and finished my post. Surely not much to take pictures of today so I apologize for the long narration. This wasn’t a great weather day but the rain is good for the gardens and my newly planted radishes. A visit with Mom is always nice and I managed to complete another puzzle. I hope you had a good day too. Clemson is out of sorts again, trying my patience and I have to remember how much I love the little bum. 😊

The awning wasn't out because of sunshine
Each time Clemson went out, i took shelter here
Good night everyone!
Thank you for your visit!


  1. I like my asparagus underdone and ever so slightly crunchy!

    1. A little underdone is good but some restaurants go overboard and it is hard.😊

  2. Ha! The asparagus Me too!!!! You are doing the right thing with your mom. Just play along so to speak. My mother had no patience with my dad and was determined to make him understand when it was never going to happen. Hang in there.

  3. Do you know where I could buy the inner pot for the IP? I am trying to use it more and think if I cooked the meat and veg at the same time that would be helpful. I do live in Ontario. It was searching for IP ideas that originally led me to your blog!

    1. Hi Karen. I got lucky and found the inner pot in the States at a second hand store. I think you can buy them on Amazon but I've never actually searched. No matter how you got here I'm happy you are reading!

  4. You will never regret the time you get to spend with your mom as I am sure you and your sisters understand from the loving care you give her. My mom (89 years old)does not have dementia or Alzhiemers (I am embarrassed I do not know how to spell it)and lives with my ever patient sister. She does well but their world just becomes so small. All we can do is show them love.

    1. Thank you for your supportive comment. The smiles and giggles make the hardships worth it. I'm glad she doesn't know what is going on at this stage.

  5. It is sad to see our mom's go down hill like that, we had quite a few years of that with my mom, just patiently go along with it.
    We like our asparagus that is very thin and crunchy, not soft.

    1. It sure is. Mom was the strong hand in the family and Daddy the softie. :)
      I agree that soft is not the best way to eat it but I still enjoy it. I'll steam it next time.

  6. As sad as the situation with your mom might seem, be grateful that she is in good spirits and easy going. It is so sad to see a person, especially parents, deteriorate like that. Keep the good memories of her in your heart. I know how you must feel at times.
    Your experiments with the IP are getting better and better I noticed.

    1. Thank you Marlene, we are all taking each visit into our hearts and that is why I take pictures with her. i didn't have enough with my Dad.
      The IP and I are getting along pretty good! I love it!

  7. I like the way you and your sisters try to visit mom on different days, that way it seems she gets more visitors. I know it's hard on you to watch the decline :( Just keep enjoying the good days. I wonder if fat crayons would be easier for her to handle? You are quick on the puzzles for sure! Dinner looks yummy along with your brunch. The pic of you and mom is adorable :)

    1. Thank you, even though she doesn't remember when we visit it is much easier for her if she doesn't have more than one person to focus on too. :) I love her laugh and happy smiles. :) Fat crayons might work but she still can't seem to grip them. :(

  8. My grandmother suffered from dementia/Alzheimer's when I was a young mom, busy with work and family. I wish I could/would have spent more time with her and it's something that really bothers me today. I think it's wonderful the time you and your sisters are able to be with her.
    Seeing your desk/table again makes me hope that I'll have one of those in Bentley by the end of the year. I look forward to having the use of a table again versus a full-time desk. Lol!