Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Cloudy and Mild, Hanging Around, Bill Works

The Ridge
On Tuesday, June 4th, I thought the clock said 6:40 so thought I’d relax in bed until 7 and get up. I’d gone to bed last night around 9:30 so was surprised I’d slept in. Next, I looked at the clock it was saying 6:00! My blurred eyes couldn’t distinguish the 5 and 6, obviously. Bill and I waited another half hour before getting up to greet the day. The gray, dull day, that is.

This was the sunrise that wasn't
A ridge of clearing was resting on the east horizon but like a blip on a computer screen, it was gone in no time. The forecast was predicting warm temps of 69F/20C and then warmer for the rest of the week. Only a bit of rain today, at some point, so that is good news. I’m holding out for some sun. 

Our pond never disappoints me, no matter what is happening in the sky
It is nice to see the winds have dropped considerably and you can see that our flag is limp as proof of that. I might have to make some trips to the garden with my watering can but the rain pails will provide me with enough. On a day like this, I'd just as soon it give us rain and get it over with.

The flag didn't move all day
Nor did the clouds except to shift around
We don’t usually expect or welcome too much company in the early morning hours but when we saw a family of geese, 9 children, coming up the grass hill beside the corral, we didn’t have much choice. 

We watched the fluff balls, which are growing rapidly, come as close as I wanted them and I opened the door a crack to send them back to the pond. If they didn’t poop all over the yard, I wouldn’t mind – but they’re kind of messy that way.

They rested while the parents checked for danger
 Bill had his shower after his coffee and got ready to head out for work. It was my day off. I’ll probably be seeing Jamie this afternoon on his way to work, as he wants to pay me for last week. Yay! At 8, I started making bacon and eggs for my sweetie so he was heading out with a full stomach. I wasn’t hungry yet so will make something later.
And stayed while their parents wandered off a bit

Bye dear
Within 10 minutes of Bill leaving, I decided at 50F it was a nice morning to hoof it down the country roads. It wasn’t sunny, a cloud covered sky overhead but it was a very pleasant walk. As always, I say a little prayer that Bill makes it safely to London. I need him to return home safely tomorrow and a kind word of ‘thanks’ to our creator can’t hurt. When I returned, I was considerably warmed so turned the heater off.

A pretty spent dandelion on my walk
I wrote some of this post, getting a head start and then made a coffee and sat with my book for a while. I’m reading James Patterson’s Cross Fire and it took no time at all to reach Chapter 12. At 11 I decided to try something new with keto. 

2 slices ready to cook

2 slices cooked, ready to dip


When I made the 90-second bread with coconut flour, it wasn’t the best taste and Shirley suggests almond flour to be nicer. However, I still don’t have almond flour in the house so thought I’d make more of the same but make French toast for my brunch today.

browning in butter
In no time, I had 2 lovely looking slices of bread. I mixed egg, milk, vanilla and a dash of cinnamon for dipping. Two slices browned up nicely in butter and because it is my own choice, finished the last of the ‘real’ local maple syrup. I use lots of butter with anything I eat and this was no exception. Hmmm, this tasted pretty darn good and I was able to get my fix for French toast. Again, almond flour might be a bit better taste but I like this for now.

Voila! French toast! I could only eat one slice
Jamie, my boss, texted to say he was stopping on his way to work to catch me up with my pay for the last week. It doesn’t need to be regular, I’m pretty flexible since this is all ‘free’ cash and don’t mind being on his schedule. I got the dishes cleaned up, brushed my teeth and relaxed, waiting for his arrival. Just before he came up the drive, I noticed the light rain spatters on my west facing dining room window. It didn’t amount to much so isn’t going to help my plants.

I let Clemson have my chair with Daddy's sweater
which he pulled off his dining chair
After I had a nice chat with Jamie and got paid, I sent a couple of recipes out to Donna and Pat before sitting with Clemson in ‘our’ chair. I had shorts on but it isn’t very warm so slipped back into lounge pants. Good grief! It’s June! It was a lazy afternoon for sure and I got some serious reading done. Feeling in need of a leg stretch, I put Clemson on his retractable leash and out we went for a walk down the lane and down North Line to the corner at Baptist Church Road.

I love the look here, Clemson moved to his Dad's recliner (with the sweater)
and what we call his 'piece of s***' chair flipped the recliner open
Clemson didn't know what happened or what to do
It was 65F/19C but still no sun. What Bill saw in London was not going to arrive here on the Ridge, not today anyway. He also said that it was quite windy there so they were getting what blew across our area over the last two days. It was a very nice walk and when we returned to the front field, I let Clemson off his leash. Who says this little guy isn’t well? Hard to believe he is almost 15 by the way he runs. I love seeing it, each time.

The robins have a nest in the corral

This fluffed up little hummer is enjoying the food i put out
Back inside, he had a big drink and crashed for the rest of the day. Oh, with the exception of telling me at 4:30 that it was time to feed him. I heard from Bill around 5:30 that he was done for the day and back at his trailer. That is always good news when he is finished in a reasonable time. He has a full day tomorrow with 2 clients so it could be a long one.

After getting his text, I got up and started my own supper. Tonight, I cooked a piece of spaghetti squash and warmed up 4 meatballs and some spaghetti sauce. It was just enough and I topped it off with a small dish of Creamy Jell-o. At 6, I turned the CTV London news on to mainly see what was in store for weather over the next few days. That was a pleasant thing to watch.

The mail box is like a fire hydrant to Clemmy
Cooked spaghetti squash

Supper is served!
I cleaned up dishes and then checked out tonight’s television programs. Did I need to record anything for Bill? I found America’s Got Talent and hit the button to record it on our PVR. Bill doesn’t get any channels on his tv in the trailer. 

And this is looking promising!
Behind me, out my window I saw the brightest sky I’ve seen all day. That just figures, doesn’t it? The day is almost over and the sun makes an appearance, however brief. Good thing I didn't hold my breath for it. 

This was a very quiet day and I have no complaints. Without moving from home, I received my week’s pay for cleaning. How great is that? I hope you enjoyed your day too!

And the most sun of the day
Thank you for your visit. It is always nice to ‘see’ you!


  1. Woohoo, it appears you're finally going to get some decent weather. I know you'll enjoy it! Love the little goslings - they're sure growing up fast!

  2. Gotta love these warmer sunny days finally arriving. No problem for us to really enjoy them.

  3. Your french toast looks yummy! Now I'm hungry.I don't know what your recipe is for the bread with coconut flour, but I know if you had almond flour it's possible the ratios may be a little different. I'd keep making the french toast! NO guilt involved there! I commented yesterday on your blog but don't see the comment this am so wanted to say how nice the Hangar is coming along..Bill is doing a great job out there! Dinner looks tasty too, gotta love spaghetti squash!

    1. The French toast was very good. The ratio for almond flour is 3 tbsp and 1 1/3 tbsp for coconut flour.
      Not sure what happened to your comment from yesterday. Thanks for taking the time, Shirley, I enjoy your comments.

  4. That's a stunning picture of the dandelion!