Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Day of Rest? Hardly! Barbecue Invitation, Canada Day Preparation

The Ridge

It was a gorgeous morning so when I got up at 6:30, I went for my walk. Strange, how I can’t seem to sleep in much even when I don’t have to work. Such a nice walk it was, down to the turbine and back. 2 miles. Each morning, each day gets easier here in our pooch-less life. I made my tea and sat at my laptop. Bill was already outside prepping the riding mower. At 7 and not before, he would start cutting the grass. Gotta respect the neighbours as they do us.

Good morning!
I finished my tea and went out to do the same thing with my mower. He made it easy by cutting up the hill into my area so I didn’t have as much to do. In return, I pulled a lot of grass from around my little flower beds and the trees up here to save him time trimming. The mulch certainly helps too, a lot of that stuff I can get with my mower. I was done first, with much less to do and came inside to make breakfast.

sitting with my pretty Mom
I remembered to pull the peameal bacon out of the freezer on time and it was easy to cut 4 slices. I had my over-easy egg on top and it was quite tasty. Just missing the sauce and English muffin which would make Eggs Benedict. Bill did dishes for me while I got ready to go see Mom. It has been just over a week so I couldn’t not go. It was a nice day for a visit, I caught up with her walking down the hall away from me. She was quite surprised and I was very pleased that she still knows me. We just never know.

Mom had this picture of my little brother, Michael on her calendar
It was taken last July and I love the smiles
We walked a bit and then returned to her room where I searched for her glasses. Who knows where they’ve ended up but at least she can see and read pretty good without them. I think her eyes and mine are about the same. I don’t really ‘need’ my glasses either, except for the reading up close part. I gave up on that hunt but did spend some time hanging up all of her necklaces. They end up off the nice wardrobe with hooks and in her dresser drawers. Also, on her hangers in the closet. I think she is co-ordinating with her clothes. 😊

And there were 2 families in the lane this time
She was very happy and calm and we laughed a lot as usual. At 10 to 12 we walked to the dining room. She insisted once more on walking me to the door and it took about 10 minutes there to say goodbye. She was quite chatty. Again, after I drove away, she was still there, so I hoped they got her to her table easily enough. Back home, I spread some black earth around my recently planted flowers but not on the big hill yet. Those plants seem to be coming along without it.

And they presented a lovely picture as they swam away

And I love this one
Bill worked in the Hangar for a while after finishing the grass and will trim in the morning. Inside I mixed the batter for a cake I’m making for tomorrow and my sweetie had a nap up on the bed. When he got up, we packed a cooler and drove to the Acreage. Donna and Gerry had invited us over for supper. We chatted, received condolence hugs and had a few drinks. It was an early Happy Hour extended through until time to eat. Donna and I had a game of Scrabble while the guys played some horseshoes.

Looks good to me!
I think at the pit it was tied, Gerry vs Mike and at the picnic table, there was no question – I was today’s champion. We both enjoyed the game and the challenge.  Gerry grilled the pork ribs that Donna had par-boiled and when they were ready, we brought out the potato salad and corn on the cob. First tasteof the corn this summer and it was delicious! For dessert Donna had picked strawberries with yogourt and/or whipped cream. What a wonderful meal and a delightful treat to not have to cook.

Donna got the vowels and I got this kind of mess

And our board at the end

Gerry looking after supper

Saucing up those ribs
I helped Donna with dishes while the guys started a fire in their pit at the front of the property. We walked up to join them and had a nice chit chat. It was a great evening. I noticed that I had received a few bites on my back and wondered when I got those. Last night, Bill and I had sprayed on the new repellent I’d received so I doubt it was then but perhaps this morning when I was out cutting grass. I didn’t feel anything biting me but you never know. I’ll be using Benadryl tonight.

And a few things for tomorrow's celebration
We said our goodbyes shortly after 9 and upon returning home, Bill plugged us in so I could bake the cake before going to bed. Tomorrow morning, I had a few things to take care of so didn’t want to be up too late. This was a good day for both of us and we look forward to celebrating Canada Day with more family. I hope you have had a great day too.
and a picture of Donna and Gerry's pond tonight
Good night from The Ridge
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  1. Sounds like enjoyed a fun day and now ready for Canada Day celebrations.

  2. A little work, a little play and enjoying friends! Sounds like a productive and wonderful day!

  3. Sounds like a great day to me! Your mom looks happy and beautiful. Love that pic of her and your brother! How far away is he from you? Dinner looks wonderful! Haven't played Scrabble in years, but I'm tempted once again! Donna and Gerry's pond looks inviting for hot days. Happy Canada Day! Hoping you have something fun in store!

    1. It was a wonderful day. I love that picture too, they both look so happy. He doesn't see her enough, he lives in Cold Lake, Alberta so 1,961 miles.
      They do have a nice pond and although it looks dirty, we swim on really hot days.

  4. Sounds like a pleasant visit to help lift your spirits.
    Your Mom looked like she was in good spirits.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Canada Day Celebration.

    It's about time.

  5. I play words with friends on my phone, and those are exactly the letters I get all the time. Makes it tough!! I just love the pictures of the geese ... keep them coming please!! I love that your Mom always wears a nice matching necklace. Like the hats we all used to wear, no one does that any more!!

    1. I love the word games on line too but much prefer the hands on person to person. :)
      Mom is always adorned with a necklace. I love that. It's where I get my 'I'm going to dress up' motto.

  6. Sounds like a nice visit with your mom and a great picture of the two of you. I also like the last picture of the pond at your sister's place.

  7. Happy Canada Day!

    Love the photo with your mom and the ones of the geese (or doose as my grandson calls them).

  8. Your mama always looks so pretty. Yesterday we also had our first fresh corn on the cob. It was delicious. Happy Canada Day!