Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Early Morning, Keady Market, Sister Visit, More Perennials, Kettles

Home on the Ridge

I was actually woken by the alarm this time. The late nights must be catching up with me, but you know what? Life is short and what’s the saying? “I can sleep when I’m dead”! So, on Tuesday, June 25th, I pushed out of bed even though another hour of sleep would have been pretty darn wonderful. I’ve set my own schedule so I’m the one who is responsible for keeping that schedule. No hands would be slapping me but my own if I slept in.

The lot at Keady was filling up
Once out of bed, washed and teeth brushed, I drove into town. Today, I remembered to take the bed sheets, Bill’s chair blanket and towels from his London trips. It was a quick hour and that’s a good thing because it is so warm in the Mat. I think I’ve said that before. I retrieved our clean clothes and looking at the sky and seeing some blue patches, brought them home to dry. I stopped at the bank, deposited our ‘sales’ money and my pay and drove home.

You name it, they have it
You've all been to markets before so I didn't take a lot of pictures
As I neared Baptist Church Road the blue patches were gone and the clouds were a darkening gray. Oh-oh. So, with the four of us having plans to head out at 9, I decided to have my tea and wait until we returned to hang them out. That way, I could better monitor their drying time. Bill had some toast and jam and I had a few pieces of cheddar. We drove to the Keady Market. It is only open on Tuesdays so always a busy place. Otherwise, the town would be missed if you blinked.

Some people have some neat ideas and this was one I liked in particular
There was another one I liked better but didn't get a shot
I might do one some day and this will jog my memory
We parked on the grass in the area and it was already getting filled up. We pretty much walked together but drifted here and there from each other around the tents. First in couples, then the girls and guys and then together. Bill and I found things for ourselves and then I picked up on a deal for peameal bacon that I couldn’t refuse. We love peameal bacon. Sold! We headed back home and, on the way, stopped at my sister, Gayle’s, place outside of Chatsworth.
Welbeck Shingle Mill
Gayle had offered me some perennials earlier so after checking with her that she was home, stopped in for a brief visit. John wasn’t home and we didn’t stay long enough to see him but K & K got to meet her at least. Not only did I bring home pulmonaria but also some lamium and dahlias. Yay! I’ll have to get them planted today or tomorrow. She said don’t worry about digging the dahlias up in the fall as she has a friendly consistent supplier which means I now have one in her! 😊

We left there and Bill took us (them) to see the Welbeck’s Sawmill. It is always interesting to see this old still-in-business saw mill. 

You can walk through the mill with us through these

The last time we came, there wasn't a lot of wood
Lots of logs here today
No one around but it is nice that the mill is open to the public

Seems to me like this old 'shingled' roof is lasting a long time

Kim and Ken checking things out
This was the only touristy thiing we did
We wandered around for half an hour, took some pictures and then drove home. Bill was feeling pretty sleepy but I was mostly feeling hungry. Back at the ‘ranch’ I fried a couple of eggs and had a small slice of my banana bread with butter and cheese. I figure it was okay on my keto plan since it was half and half almond and white flours used.
A couple of cutie patooties

Bill and Ken checking out the different shingles

Huge bales of shavings

Then, after a helpful conversation with Kim yesterday, I slipped into the bathroom while Bill went upstairs to lay down. The scissors were put to use while I cut between 1 – 2” off my hair. The ends need to be neatened up and nothing makes a hair style look worse than someone avoiding a trim. Thanks Kim, for the extra push and opinion to do that. I may have talked myself out of doing it. It looks and feels much better and surprisingly thicker, which is nice.

shorter but still lonog enough to put up
I tried to have a snooze with my sweeties but once I got there, didn’t feel tired. I rested a few minutes and then got up and went for a walk down the lane. I took the Sharpie marker and outlined “THE” in my sign to see how it would look. I like the look but the marker was drying out and my hand was tired, so I gave it a rest and came back up to the Suite. The boys were still sleeping.

From a few feet back, you can't see this change
When at the market, Bill and I also bought one-piece chair covers. We’ve never seen them before and the price worked for us. I am impressed!! This will save our cushions and brighten up the Suite at the same time. We’ve already decided to get another set for a change of décor. Later on when I walked down to the sign, the outline is hardly noticeable, therefore not making a difference in the lettering from any distance. I may as well save my wrist (it is an odd angle) and the marker.

This was a great idea we had!
didn't take long for these to dry
We all gathered outdoors around the table somewhere in the vicinity of Happy Hour time and our conservation ensued. I love the stories that come out and the time passed. 

Beautiful day!
At 5:30 we left for dinner, back to the same direction where we were this morning but this time to Kettles. 

Good food, good friends
It is a great family restaurant, great food and prices are pretty good too. I have one more sale pending for my life jacket but we’d already cancelled dinner out last night for the genny sale and I wasn’t going to do it again. I told him I'd let him know when we were home.

Supper was very good and there was no waiting to get a table on this Tuesday night. Sometimes, you just never know. Ken and I had the Reuben with a side ( I chose Jewels or as Kim calls them ‘tater tots’) and Ken had fries. Bill had fish and chips and Kim had the Kettle Clubhouse with fries. From the comments, I’m pretty sure everything was enjoyed. Kim and I had a doggie bag when we left. We drove straight home; the back roads and I informed my buyer of our eta. We sat out around a last campfire together and waited for John to arrive from Durham.

When we got home I couldn't find Clemson
He was on the floor at the bottom of the bed on my clothes
What a sweetheart
For now, that was our last item and he paid my asking price. All 3 sales brought forth nice customers. 😊 The fire was nice and there wasn’t any wind blowing the smoke around. The night didn’t get as cool either so sitting was comfortable until finally around 9:45 – 10 we all said goodnight. 

I wasn't taking a picture of the sky here
But if you look close at our weather vane, a humming bird sits there often
And now I see that even Chippy made an appearance
I didn’t feel too tired just yet so sat in my chair and finished my book. Bill tried to read a bit but kept dropping off and eventually went to bed.

A nice fire tonight
I sound like a broken record, I know, but these days with our company have been terrific! I don’t think I’ve used that adjective yet. The weather has been great every day since they arrived and today was no exception. 

The temperature between 65 – 77F for the most part. I’m sure it is hotter in certain areas up here on the Ridge, in town or wherever but this is perfect! We didn’t get much rain so I have a feeling I will need to water my flowers and vegetables tomorrow.

Good night from the Ridge
Thank you for coming to visit us today! You know I love reading your comments.


  1. What a great day you had! Love the old window frame idea! That's just too cute! Welbecks Sawmill looks like a fun little place to take a self guided tour, bet it smells good too! I absolutely love the chair covers! Great idea. I call them tater tots too and they sure looks good! A nice night out with friends and then home to a campfire, does it get any better!? I'm thinking not! Great sunset and glad you've had some really nice weather!

    1. It was such a fun day. Now I'm looking for a window frame. :)
      I love the chair covers too.
      We had a great visit with K & K

  2. What a fun day y'all had. Love the Keady Market, always something to see there, the sawmill is another great place to visit as well.
    Dinner at Kettles is excellent, and your last campfire there winding up a fun week with this wonderful couple.

    1. Keady is always fun to walk around. I usually find something.

  3. Another full and happy day at the Ridge! I enjoy reading your description of your days - they are always varied and it's obvious how much you enjoy it all. It's like reading someone's gratitude journal.

  4. Love the window pane. Great idea for Arizona. And your chair covers - love them too. Great color choice.

  5. We enjoy Kettles. We go to Keady Market about once a year, but it is a bit of a zoo!

    1. Keady is a bit of a zoo, what with only being open once a week.