Friday, July 5, 2019

A/C-less Night, Clean Mat, Hot Day in the Awning Shade

On the Ridge

We were in bed last night by 10:30 and had decided to leave the a/c off since there was a nice breeze coming in the windows. We slept well, just a sheet needed. At one point the breeze must have turned cool (or seemingly so) as I closed the window beside my head.

Pond picture for Deb D.
On Friday, July 5th the last thing I really wanted to do was go to work in a hot laundromat. Not because of the work at all, just the heat. No worries though as I was up at 6 and out the door by 6:20. It was almost 6:55 when I opened the door to the first client. He’d tried the door a couple of times so I saw no harm in letting him in. I’ve seen him in there before and he is a nice man. Then, soon after, a familiar elderly lady came in to do her laundry.

Almost my favourite picture of the day
I was out of there shortly after 7:30 and nipped down to Foodland for some items that Bill couldn’t get at Costco. It was disappointing to hear that they didn’t have the cream cheese blocks and especially his Zero Coke. After grabbing some cream cheese at Foodland, I was disappointed that their Z. Coke wasn’t on sale this week. Darn! Bill can drink the Diet Ginger Ale that I’ve put in the fridge. It looks like we’ll need a stock up on all soda before too long.

Easton's little Sun Dome (that's what Jess calls it)
Donna is handy to have around so I texted her about the pop at Independence. They will be out to the Acreage tomorrow and she kindly offered to pick it up for me. It is a good price at 2 – 12 packs for $8. Bill worked in the Hangar and when the kids got up, they joined me on the patio in the shade and the breeze. It was 75F at 10 am so we knew the a/c would go back on. Soon after, I made our breakfast of peameal bacon and eggs. It was tasty, as always.

I think he likes it
We sat outside and chatted about this, that and the other. Easton had a nice little snooze in his little ‘pen’ although I know there is another name for it. Cute ideas now for babies, stuff we’ve never seen before. He slept for over an hour, surprising Jess. I guess the fresh country air does that to him! 😊 After Bill and Matt went to the Hangar to put a sheet of plywood up, I carried Easton down to get the mail. Jess joined us and Domi came for the walk. I should say run. He doesn’t ‘walk’ anywhere!

and he was soon having a little nap before lunch
We were all pretty hot by that time and Bill cleaned up in the Hangar. J, M, E & D went inside their trailer around 2:30 and we came inside the Suite. Time for a munchie (cheese, yogourt & clementine) and then a snooze. We must have crashed really hard because Jess texted at 3:15 and I totally didn’t hear the phone, which was right beside me on the window ledge. Our weather station is registering 86F/30C and that is exactly what has been forecasted for today. Good thing for the wind today, even though we’re keeping an eye out, the 6 mph gusts (which isn’t a lot) are flapping the awnings every once in a while.

Daddy on feeding duty
For supper, we are having hot dogs and beans. Yup, old fashioned weiners and beans are on the menu tonight. Neither of us felt too hungry and although they grilled on our Weber beside our company’s steak, we had just enough. I offered Bill the remaining bun but he declined in favour of less food. Plus, we’re leaving room for dessert later. I also have some creamy Jell-o in the making so blended that together as another option.

Jell-o for another night
At 6, Bill lit the bbq and it didn’t take long to grill our cheese dogs. I had the bun as Bill declined it. Supper hit the spot and for dessert, we each had a piece of that yummy cheesecake. After sitting out of the fridge this afternoon, the crust was soft, the way it should be. Matt grilled their steak and Jess brought Easton over while they ate. He chose that moment to fuss, naturally. Bill held him and they watched tv while I did the dishes.

I love you, Grandpa
After hiccups and some giggles with Gramps, he fell asleep on his shoulder. I moved him to Clemson’s quilt on the floor and a different species of ‘little bum’ remained sleeping for about an hour.  When Jess and Matt came over after their supper we sat together and watched some tv. The temperature outside started dropping but not very quickly. It was still 79F at 8 pm. And only going down to 75F overnight. We may have to leave the air on tonight.

and sound asleep on Clemson's homemade quilt
I love the little 'big' feet
This was a great day. We didn’t get too involved in anything; it was simply too warm but that’s not a complaint. I hope you enjoyed your day wherever you are. I hope you have air conditioning!

and dessert was yummy
Good night from the Ridge

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  1. We are having a very nice summer also...under a 100 degrees so far!...HA! Love the little one. It sounds like they fixed the lock on the front door of the mat?

    1. I'm glad. Not above 100 yu say? Wow! :)
      He is such a good little guy.
      Well, I can't tell. Sometimes it locks and as soon as I open it from inside, it pushes a latch and doesn't lock again. Other times, when it is past 7 am, if I have to manually lock it, it won't unlock with the automatic system. LOL Jamie says he hasn't done anything with it. Funny but at least I can lock it myself until 7 if I choose to.

  2. Gotta be loving this weather just what we have been waiting for. It was hot here then a heavy rain for a bit cooled things slightly.

    1. oops, I stopped to soon, looks like you have been enjoying your company and the new Grandson as well.

    2. It is hot but unfortunately humid along with it. Makes us thing of Arizona with none!
      We had no rain here but saw you were in the line for it. Overnight was nice with 70F so great for sleeping.
      Easton is a happy little fellow.

  3. Glad Easton is getting to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma!! What a cutie he is, and apparently a very good boy since he's napping!! I'm hanging in with the hot weather. It's got to get better sometime!!

    1. I wish you a bit cooler weather, we are getting some tonight. :)
      It is nice to let Easton get to know us for sure!

  4. Easton is certainly growing and getting cuter by the day! I can't believe all the stuff they have for babies now a days. I remember having a wind up swing for my they're battery powered and go so many ways..gotta say I think I'd rather have the wind up :) Nice he's spending some time with you two! Sounds too warm for me there :( It is nice that you get to the laundromat early and get that done before it's too hot or too many machines going. Enjoy the day!

    1. We've noticed such a change in Easton since the shower in April. Such a heart stealer. :)
      I agree about the gadgets, there was nothing wrong with ours.

  5. Little ones certainly rule the roost don't they? But oh such fun to hold a snuggling little baby. Have with Easton and his parents.