Monday, July 8, 2019

Hangar Looking Great! Laundry and Bunky

Home on the Ridge

It was a good night of sleeping for me but Bill informed me that it wasn’t for him. He’d twisted his back somehow yesterday so was uncomfortable throughout the wee hours. 😟 At 6:30 I got up and joined Bill downstairs. It was sure a change in temperature from the previous days! I believe it was 49f/10C and my decision wasn't because of the cooler weather but I just wasn’t up for a walk this morning.

There was a lot of haze in front of the sunshine
to start the day
Instead, I had my tea with Bill and then after he put the garbage and recycling bins at the road, we drove into Durham to do a couple of loads of laundry. Once the machines were loaded, I walked to the Royal Bank and deposited my pay. Cha-ching! Bill helped me unload the clothes and we drove to Home Hardware. He needed staples for his gun and I always wander down the bird feeder aisle. I’ve never had a suet feeder so since they were a good price, I picked one up with the suet.

And the sheets were a little damp but dry when we returned an hour later
This is something that Chippy may ‘try’ to eat but he won’t be able to. Hah! The little piggy eats more seed than the birds do around here. I hung the clothes and Bill went down to insulate the doors to his Hangar. He needed my help at one point but mostly he works away on his own. He hits a snag and then figures it out. Ken W. the big doors are almost done and now he’s working on the little one. He needs another sheet of that material to finish the big one.

This is either a picture of the recycling and garbage
a picture of Bill's Arizona tattoo
Inside, I made us Keto pancakes so we could sample that ‘free’ syrup. 😊 As usual, it was delicious and the pancakes were very filling. I emailed my siblings about my last three visits with Mom. Some of them live far away and don’t see her for months on end. It will be difficult for them to actually see it and hope they also find her smile rewarding enough. I sent Bill back out with the offer that I would clean up dishes. I have nothing pressing on my plate today.

It is a gorgeous day and I decided go through the Bunky and see if there is anything purgeable. I have a couple of ideas that I’d like to try and implement once the tv is gone and a few other things. I walked to the mailbox a couple of times, once to check on the garbage pickup. That’s odd that they haven’t picked our stuff up yet or the neighbours. We did see the truck go by in the opposite direction earlier this morning.  

I’m so impressed with Bill’s Hangar and when he is pleased with how something works out, that makes me even happier. In the Bunky, I feel that I, also, made great progress. I went through all of the vacuum bags we have for sheets, pillows and extra comforters and blankets. Why do we have so much? I guess I’m trying to accommodate with a summer set and a winter set for the futon plus a blanket or two. I also like to have even a second set for summer in case we have an extra trailer here like we just did or like last summer.

Bill's Hangar flowers must be getting more lovin' than
the rest
They are thriving!
Still, way too much/many so I filled our old laundry basket full with stuff until it was overflowing and emptied 3 X-large vacuum bags in the process. Yes! I love that! Then after tidying up, I was able to reorganize my paint, gift wrap(bags) and sewing containers. That looks way better!  I moved Bill’s pillow and sleeping bag out into the truck for him and will check with him about a blanket as well. I survived my last (& first time really alone) so I’ll let him go again. Ha ha.

I'd have to hunt through pictures to show you the old plastic table
But trust me, this one is 100% better
After loading the ‘give away’ stuff and the bag of empty alcohol containers in the SUV, it was around 3 when I finished. Soon after Bill finished for the day too. I poured us a Caesar and cut some cheese for both of us. He opted for some Ritz crackers with his and then we sat and relaxed. It was a good working day because it was stuff that we wanted to do. I hadn’t even planned on cleaning the Bunky and look at what I accomplished!

We read our books for a while. First Bill drifted off and I continued reading. Then when he woke up (kind of), I had to close my eyes too. Just a little puppy snooze. At 5:30, I began sautéing our chicken thighs in Madame IP. Today, when they were done cooking (10 min.) and done with the Natural Release (10 min.) I took them out and crisped them up on the Weber with some sweet and sour sauce.

My suet feeder 
A new experiment for me
Supper was yummy. With Caesar salad and Bill had some mushroom soup rice on the side, we had a tasty filling meal. I have one thigh left for my supper tomorrow night so that worked out well. We took care of the dishes and settled in for the evening. We’re not sure what the delay was but late afternoon our garbage and recycling was picked up. Bill was bringing Black Beauty over to the Suite so drove down to bring the bins back.

And the chicken was delicious yet again
The day was a really nice summer day. It started out cool but warmed up nicely by 9 and reached our high of 76F/25C. There were minimal winds so our awnings were out for the afternoon when the sun moved to the western sky. It helps to keep the Suite cool. Bill had his shower and I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I’m not bad at the Wheel but can usually only get a few of Alex’s responses on any given day. Oh well, it is fun trying.

This was last nights sunset but I bet tonight's is a pretty close replica!
Good night from both of us!
I hope you’ve had a good day. Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Do the pancakes taste like regular ones? Been looking for something besides eggs. I always love getting rid of stuff and organizing. Makes you feel accomplished.

    1. the pancakes almost taste like wheat germ pancakes for some reason but I really like them.
      It does feel good to get rid of 'stuff'. I meant to do that today but got lazy so tomorrow it is!

  2. A busy day for the both of you but you can be happy with your accomplishments.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler weather.

    It's about time.

  3. Nice to get those things taken care of and a feeling of accomplishment.
    Cooler weather but still very nice here too.

    1. I'm happy for the cooler temps, more of an outside working day.

  4. I went through my first round of serious purging prior to listing the house for sale. As the months go by, I'm finding I've kept too much stuff. But it does feel good to reduce the amount of things. Have a great day!

    1. That purging business never stops once you start. I've purged each spring/summer after we've moved into the Suite. :)