Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Going to Different Jobs, Clemson’s Birthday

The Ridge
Bill’s alarm woke us both on Tuesday, July 9th at 5 am. I dropped right back off after he got up and woke with a start at 5:30. He was getting dressed and getting his breakfast. Good, I didn’t miss him. I had my alarm set for 6 anyway as I had work in town. He left around 6:05 with the trailer, taking it back to CanAm. That meant taking the truck again. Not the best plan for conserving fuel but it pulls the Ascend better than the SUV.

Bye sweetie!

The Mat seemed to need a lot of attention today but I managed to get ‘er done in an hour and a bit. I put the sheets and a couple of spare pillows (for donation) in the machines and even dried them in 10 minutes. I was there anyway and for .50¢, it was worth it to me. I left for home at 7:40. I shouldn’t have stayed up last night to watch all of Cast Away, but I did. It was 11 pm when I turned the bedroom tv off and rolled over to sleep. Bill was downstairs reading and watching the same movie so I’m not sure when he came up.

The sun also rises
Today would have been our little bum’s 15th birthday. Now he can celebrate it up in heaven with Bill’s Dad where neither of them has any health issues. Gosh, I can’t believe it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since we said goodbye. The days have gone so fast and relatively easy. There are many moments during each day where he is missed terribly by both of us. You just never know what triggers a few tears but we are doing well. The support of friends and family has been phenomenal, thank you all.

I put this collage together a couple of years ago
so the pictures are old but featuring our little love bug
After my tea, I felt done in and thought that maybe a nap would be the ticket. I usually need more than 6 ½ hours sleep so I stretched out in my recliner. I guess there is such a thing as trying too hard and shutting my eyes doesn’t always mean I’ll drop off. The mind keeps going. I’m better for the rest and after 15 minutes was up again. I had some yogourt around 10 and took a coffee and my book outside. I didn’t have many chapters so sat there until it was done. Great story! A Wanted Man by Lee Child.

I pulled my bike out of the storage shed and rode down the lane
and down to the corner at Baptist Church road.
Who knew it was an incline? Phew! Coming back was easy!
One family was going for a swim
It was getting warm so I moved the King chairs into the shade beside the Bunky and plugged in Donna’s palm sander. The arms, table and seats were the only things that needed attention so I concentrated on those white areas. This fall before we leave, we’ll cover them with a tarp so the snow can’t get on those areas. 
They really need some help
Then I stained them, first one coat and then after a shower and a break of about 2 hours, did a second coat. They look better but the stain has gone really watery, not making a very thick coat. Still better.

a little better and at least the bad spots are covered
Inside the Suite, I lifted the scatter mats and swept. We debated removing the mats for easier cleaning since we mainly bought them for Clemson. Then decided against it, for now, since we’d just bought the kokopelli ones this past winter. I slipped into my bathing suit as this will be a nice day for some tanning in the Cancun suit. I saw the mail lady stop at our box so will walk down a bit later. It is probably just the first delivery of flyers.

I am also waiting for an Avon delivery but not sure yet what day to expect that. It is just a small one for myself to keep my status and account active. Business is slow! Ha ha, actually, I don’t have regular customers so anytime I get an order from my sister or my niece, it is a bonus. I caught up on today’s blog post and then hunted for a book. The weather is too nice for a puzzle inside but I located 3 that I’ve tucked away under the bed for the next chilly wet days when I’m alone.
And the other families were playing in the road

Sandra Brown is always a good choice of book; this one is Unspeakable. I was outside in the lounge chair for about an hour and then I took a walk down to retrieve the mail. It was worth the walk on a hot day, something for Mom, not just junk. On the way back, I took a leafy branch and swept goose poop off the tracks in the lane. It is always a challenge to walk straight without stepping in any! It looks better now until they perch themselves there again.

Bill called around 3 and told me that he was done for the day so that is a nice easy one for him. He had to deliver and set up a travel trailer to a park towards Sarnia and then bring a 5th wheel back to CanAm. He uses their trucks when asked to do this. I’m glad he’s finished early for once. Tomorrow morning he has another delivery but I can’t remember where it is going or what it is. I sat in the shade until shortly after 4 before coming inside.

Even though the babies are no longer babies, they still swim in a line with Mom and Dad
I have a few things outside to put away and close up before the sun goes down but that won’t take me long. For supper tonight, a chicken thigh to warm up and gee, I don’t know what else I’ve got. I do have some leaf lettuce, green onions, radishes and green pepper so even though that isn’t my favourite salad lettuce, it’ll work. I had some cheese and yogourt for an afternoon snack around 2:30 but will be ready to eat around 5:30.

It got up to 79F/26C today but felt hotter than that when there was no breeze. The flags or the trees hardly moved all day. Gorgeous day! I touched up the polish on my toe nails and tried some on my fingernails. Not crazy about the colour so wanted to try it once more before giving it away at our next exchange. I’m still undecided. Donna and I made some plans tomorrow to go swimming at the pool in Hanover. She has some free passes so that will be a nice change.

The salad was better than I thought!
Supper turned out good, better than I expected. Eating alone is not a fun thing for me. I prefer having Bill across the table. Food tastes better that way! 😊 The chicken thigh was yummy and the salad was pretty good too. Hopefully that will sustain me until tomorrow morning’s tea.

The Suite was warm inside, 88F/31C so I had windows open and both fans going. It has dropped to 84F now at 7 pm so that is a good thing. After the news, I watched Wheel of fortune and Jeopardy. After that, I don’t know. I’m planning to post my blog early and settle down for the night. I might have to sit outside to cool off. Where’s my Pest Away? 😊 That was for you, Brenda G.

and it looks like a great week coming our way!
Sorry for the lack of pictures today
Good night from the Ridge
This was a good day. I got a few things done and got into a new book. Looking forward to the rest of this beautiful week.
Thank you for your visit!


  1. I admit I must have missed the post about poor Clemson so was taken aback when you mentioned him in heaven today on his birthday. I am so sorry for your loss. Dogs are absolutely our best friends on this earth and he gave you many good memories. Hugs for you and Bill.

    1. Thank you Lorne. It certainly wasn't expected, we thought we'd have a couple more years with the little guy. :(

  2. Cute pictures of the little “bum”. Not so fun eating alone but keeping busy makes time go by faster. You must have a great tan by now!

    1. Thank you. I need to gather more recent pics of him and do a newer collage. :)
      Working on the tan so I don't get burned in Mexico.

  3. Always enjoy your pictures and the pictures you have posted of Clemson are special.
    You know as always I am catching up...your newest grandson is certainly a cutie. Those pictures on Bills shoulder are precious and the little feet so cute.
    Then I read about your visits with your mom. It brings it all back such a hard thing to watch someone you love slowly disappear. I remember so many times just sitting with Tom's mom had no idea what she was talking about and hoping the smiling and head nodding was enough. Tom and I also understand the shorter visits.
    Your chairs look so nice all spruced up. Sounds like you are really enjoying your "Madame IP". Take care. (((hugs)))

    1. I know you don't mean to but your comment brought tears to my eyes. It is only because your words are always so heartfelt.Thank you, Deb and Tom.
      No one knows (we didn't) how difficult it is dealing with a family member with dementia until it happens to you. Your experience is bang on. I nod and smile and think 'is she okay with that?' Liking the hugs.

    2. I'm going thru a similar situation with my Mom in the rest home. Some good days but then many not so good days. She's been there for 5 years now.
      Your collage of Clemson and you all was very nice.
      Don in Okla.

  4. Nice that we can enjoy this wonderful sunny summer weather, outside all day long, Does not get much better than this.

  5. Happy Birthday in heaven sweet Clemson! Beautiful day it sounds like! Dinner looked yummy! Love the collage you made a few years ago..sweet!

    1. Thank you Shirley. It was a lovely day to celebrate a little doggie's birthday. :)
      I'll make a new one one day.

  6. Yes....Happy Birthday Clemson. I'm sure goose poop is annoying but the geese look so cute. I remember on a trip to Yuma I went to visit an old family friend. She was in a home because of dementia. There was no way to have a conversation so, like you and Deb said, you smile and shake your head. When I left I cried. On a happier note, your dinner looked delicious.

    1. Thanks Elva. I really don't mind the goose poop down the lane and we really DO love watching them.
      I'm sure there are many stories of this horrible disease and from my end, I appreciate everyone's support and tales of their experiences too. Makes us feel not so alone with it.

  7. Happy Birthday in Heaven to Clemson. The collage is lovely and such a nice tribute to your little "bum".

    Sounds like a great day! If this house ever sells I'm looking forward to days like that too.

    1. Ah, thank you.
      You will indeed have many relaxing days ahead. Fingers still crossed here. :)