Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Early Work, Heat Sticks Around, Small Indoor Jobs and Projects

On the Ridge
I woke after a wonderful sleep on Wednesday, July 17th. A smooth lightweight sheet is all we need on these warm nights. It was 5 am and glancing to my right as I rolled over, Bill was facing the other way, sound asleep. I teased him about sleeping at the very edge of the king bed. He used to say it was Clemson or me that kept pushing him that way. Ha ha, now he says that it is a habit. I rested until 5 to 6 and then got up.

And the families were gathered in the lane
He wasn’t totally ‘out’ so after I got dressed, washed and brushed my teeth, I crept up to say goodbye. He had no reason to get up so I’d hoped he would drop off again. It was 6:10 when I had opened all blinds and the outside door and left for Durham. I’m spoiled now and my wish as I drive is that I can get in and out before any customers arrive. It just makes it easier although I can still work around them if I have to and have done so.

i counted 22 before they headed for the pond
There are a couple that limp, :( with bad legs
I was out of there in an hour and on my way home at 7:30. I was hot and sticky even though I’d propped both doors open at 7. Today, I recovered some change from one of the machines to feed a washer and to retrieve a box of soap crystals. There were two of the damp mop heads that needed washing so they were swished and rinsed as I worked. When I leave, I do my final walk through and can’t help the pride I feel at leaving it sparkling and clean. 😊

Without a Nutri Bullet, I tried Jo-Anne's recipe for a Bullet Proof coffee
I used regular salted butter and my hand blender

It was very good and I'll make it again
Back home, Bill was up and in his Hangar. I knew he would be. I know now to stop and wave as I go by, whether returning from work or from a walk. I gave him a scare a week or so ago, him not knowing I’d returned. It is going to be a hot day. Forecast is for a high of 81F/28C feeling like 87F/30C. There is no wind to speak of today, the anemometer is reading 1 mph. No strenuous jobs today! Inside, I made my tea and sat reading blogs and comments.
Our Hazel

When Bill came up for a coffee he asked me to walk down when I could. It is nice when he wants an opinion for something he is trying to work out. That reminds me of a little story from Bridgette’s childhood years. When she was 3 or 4, her Dad was building a one-room music studio in the basement. At the bottom of the stairs he called up to me “Honey, can you come and give me your opinion?” Bridgette (we used to call her Hazel from the tv show of the 70’s) ran to the door and called down “I’ll get it Daddy, where is it?” Makes me laugh when I picture her little self in long dark ponytails. 😊

The baskets are upside down here
with the shelf liner cut to fit
I took them outside to glue it on
The scratches from one piece of the metal frame
Back in the Suite, I dusted the entertainment centre, our hutch, some cupboards, the coffee table and the wood up in the bedroom. This prompted me to start another project that we’ve talked about. We have seagrass baskets on the lower shelf of our coffee table. These are so handy. We have our RV cards in the box in there plus my photo books. Sometimes it is a catchall to ‘hide’ things when company arrives.

spray adhesive, wonderful quick stuff

Back in place
The baskets are put together with hard wire and that has poked through over the years, enough to scratch our shelf. Crap! We’ve been gifted the shelf liner by our friends, Brenda and Randy, so now going to put it to good use! Thank you, guys! Bill brought me up a Spray Adhesive that I can use outside to glue the liner on the bottom.

Now, it is all back together

Another project I need to get at is fixing my little Welcome sign I made at Glen Rose RV Resort in Texas. I bumped it a while ago when straightening the Kokopelli blanket on the couch and lost some petals. Now, since I’ve found a better place for the blanket, yay! I also found the dropped petals. I’ll use my portable glue gun to re-affix those. Then the floors need to be done again and then maybe it will be time to relax.
Bird feeder ready to hand again
Before I started any of those things, other than the dusting, I made us breakfast. I was hungry again and had my egg benedict without the sauce. I love it even without the sauce and without the English muffin underneath. We did dishes and Bill went back down to work in the Hangar. He needed my help to help pull his rope back through. The only digging left to do is up on the east side of the lane alongside my flower garden.

Breakfast was yummy
We did good getting his two cords pulled through last night and now with the rope pulled taut in the tube he has access to them at either end by pulling the rope. When we’d finished, he ha power without having an extension cord running along the ground. I was pretty much done for the day so after walking down to get the mail, I missed my little sniffer, I sat in the shade while Bill finished cutting and painting boards for the door catches.

The ropes are tied and taped at Bill's end to the power cords

My job was to pull it through the 100' of tubing
Here, finally is the beginning of the cord

Time to plug in!
I found a piece of plexiglass in the Bunky so wondered how easy it would be to paint it. Basically, just puttering. I got cooled down nicely, as much as possible on an 83F/29C day. The breeze has picked up but only occasionally. It feels nice in the shade or inside near a window. I busied myself with some picture sorting this afternoon while Bill dozed and did some more blogging.

This is the rope that I pulled through last night
Today, Bill pulled it back through and left about 4' at each end
I’m into my book but not too far yet and when I thought of reading outside, an overpowering feeling of exhaustion came over me. I went upstairs and rested for close to an hour but if I dozed, it was only for a very few minutes. It was warm up there, even in the windows occasional breeze and my leg was achy for some reason. Downstairs again, I joined Bill.
If you look on the side of the wall, the tubing rises up the wall
to the outlet on the Hangar
Also, his lights are now on, powered by a switch

a closer look
He'll build around it to keep water and critters out
Supper plans had been for burgers but I didn’t feel like that tonight. So, not for the better of our health or our weight, I suggested bacon and cheese on buns. Bill introduced this quick cheap meal to me when we first got together. We were living in a 2-bedroom apartment and had his 4 girls every other weekend from Friday night to Sunday night. We needed to feed them and feed them on a budget. Support payments were killing us.

Back to tonight’s supper. Bill agreed, although we don’t have an oven which is how we used to make them – on baking sheets. No worries, we have a Weber Q and we’ll make it work. We had hamburger buns to be eaten before they go bad and after freezing, they are never the same in my opinion. I buttered the bun halves while frying up 1” pieces of bacon and Bill cut cheese. On the grill mat, we toasted the buns before loading them up.

Playing in the tiger lilies, they are really tall!
They were very filling and I didn’t eat as many as I’d planned. The last one was a little over toasted so I just ate the toppings. Mine also included sliced olives just because I love them and because I can! We cleaned up dishes and bill disappeared down in the Hangar. I finished this post and sat with my book. This was a busy enough day and I felt that we accomplished a lot.

And the sky did this a few times today but no rain fell
A couple of my garden plots are very colourful

Tomorrow morning, we will get out early and pick up the big rocks that Bill has unearthed. I guess we better another good sleep tonight! I hope you had a great day and enjoyed this wonderful hot weather. The humidity has dropped considerably today, thank goodness.

Our geese are still hanging around 

This one is sad because the last guy has a bad leg
I missed the sunset tonight
Good night everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It is good to stay busy. I am painting the interior of a house we have built and sometimes I think I am too old for this and most times I think I need to stay physically active. It is a tradeoff for sure but worth it.

    1. You're right about keeping busy. As long as we don't push toooo much, the activity is good for us. Let's try not to think that we're too old for things! haha

  2. Since you didn't give the recipe for the bullet proof coffee I had to look it up. Turns out that's supposed to replace breakfast. Are you just using butter and no oil or what? What's your recipe? Your flowers are looking good.

    1. Sorry Bob! I use a cup of brewed coffee and 1 Splenda pack (personal choice) and instead of the oil, I use regular butter. Some recipes call for MCT oil or clarified butter (grass fed) but I don't have those things in the Suite. I like it and I'm not even using cream, which I love and is good fat for us. Blend and enjoy!

    2. Hey now I think butter might be classified as cream. :O) Good to have treats to enjoy.

  3. Getting this all done , the hanger is looking good too. That cheese and bacon on the bun is a nice treat we have not had for a long time.

    1. Things are getting done while Bill isn't working at CanAm. They have slowed down considerably.
      We enjoy the cheese and bacon buns. :)

  4. I laughed at your story about Bridgette, so cute :-)

  5. Your day certainly was busy starting early! Pulling the rope reminds us of when we got electrical to the bunkhouse :) Good going Bill! Your flowers are looking so good! Love the pic and story of Bridgette! Too cute! Dinner looked easy and yummy. The last pic is sad looking at the goose :(

    1. Good in this heat to start early with the jobs, eh? So you did the same thing with the rope and power cords. Smart guys! Bridgette was and is a cutie pie.
      Dinner was good although now I have to work those carbs and guilt off! haha

  6. The hangar is looking good. How nice to have power. I've never tried bullet proof coffee. The idea of butter in my coffee isn't appealing!! Your flowers are looking beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you. Bill has worked hard on the Hangar and finally things are paying off. :) I love butter and can eat it alone anytime I feel a hunger pang. It's good for us!
      I'm pleased with my little flower gardens.

  7. Cute story about Bridgette. My granddaughter Lindsay looked a lot like her at that age. The flowers look beautiful.

  8. I laughed at the Bridgette's comment...very helpful young lady! The colors of all the flowers are lovely, I'm sure they brighten up the yard so nicely.

    1. She kept us on our toes, that's for sure!
      thank you, I do love the bright colours of my flowers. :)