Saturday, July 20, 2019

Oppressive Heat for One More Day, Swim at the Acreage

The Ridge
It was around 5 when I first woke on Saturday, July 20th and needed to answer nature’s call. I’m sure you needed to know that, you’re welcome, but then I went back to sleep until 7:15. I didn’t hear Bill get up at 7. He slept pretty good too. We had the bedroom a/c on around 75F/24C overnight with the bedroom door closed and that was great for a perfect night sleep.

I sat outside until the sun burst through
making it difficult to read on my laptop
Bill was just finishing his coffee when I made my tea. I took my laptop outside and read a couple of our friend’s blog posts from yesterday. It was cloudy still so easy to do, but once the sun came out, I had to retreat inside in order to see the screen. Bill needs more transparent red covering for his plane and he kicked himself that he didn’t know that yesterday when in Owen Sound. It meant another trip but first a phone call to make sure the hobby store had it in stock.

Hungry for breakfast at 10 this morning
I made us breakfast around 10 and while Bill got cleaned up, I did the dishes. Next was a Bullet Proof coffee and I thought I’d try it without a packet of sweetener today. Hmm, no, not enjoying it as much so added one. Much better. I was going to make us a few dessert items so got the only pack of cream cheese out of the fridge to soften. In the meantime, I typed the information out regarding Mom’s finances. I like to email my siblings an update each summer so they know her standing. With that done, I pulled recipes out of my Word docs for things to make.

My shasta daisies are tall and pretty
Donna texted that she and Gerry arrived at the Acreage and that the pond water was very warm. We’ll go over after lunch when and if Bill gets back from O.S. I needed to go on the hunt for my water shoes since I wore Bill’s last time and he is possibly going for a swim with us. When Bill came in, he knew exactly where they were so that’s great. As it turned out, Bill couldn’t get an answer at the Hobby Store so abandoned that idea.

This doesn't look so appealing but trust me, when rolled into
little round balls and frozen, they speak for themselves
I made up a Raspberry and Lime Jell-o and they are in the fridge. I used the cream cheese to make a batch of Fat Bombs and that mixture is in the fridge too. 

I didn't have enough cream cheese to make it creamy today
but we'll still enjoy the sugar-free, low carb treat
Next, I decided to make 6 dishes of I.P. keto custard. We haven’t had that for a while. We had run out of after supper treats and these 3 things will give us a choice. None of them fattening or filled with carbs and I feel great about that! Guilt-free munchies!

And 6 custards are ready for cooking
When the custard finished its 9 minutes of cooking, I turned it off to start the natural release. While that was happening, I changed into a bathing suit suitable for pond swimming and some tanning too and got our towels ready. Bill doesn’t always swim but I’m hoping he will get in to cool off as well. I brought the pool noodles to the car and waited for him to finish priming his shelf board and for the custard to finish. It was around 1:30 when we were on our way.

Donna was in the pond and Gerry was making his way down the ladder. It didn’t take Bill to get his shoes on and join them in the water. It doesn’t look like a swimming pool but it is water, it is wet and quite refreshing. We tread water or float on our pool noodles and never have to touch bottom, which in some places is away down there. Maybe 6 or 7’ at its deepest, I’m not really sure. We all swam around and got cooled off before retreating to the king chairs.

Gerry going slowly down the ladder and Bill swimming across
from the other dock
Bill poured me a Diet Mountain Dew and he had a Zero Coke and we sat to dry off. The clouds had moved over and there was a great breeze every once in a while. Donna and I like to work on difficult crossword puzzles together. I always think that she is better at it than I am but together, we each contribute to the New York Times puzzle equally. It was a great visit with no pressure for them to cut grass or work while we were there and we finally headed for home around 4:30.

Sitting after our swim
Back home, Bill went to paint the dried boards and I emptied the cooler and hung our towels and my still damp swimsuit on the line. Tonight, for suppers it is leftovers. There are two small chicken thighs with a few potatoes and carrots. I’ll cook some mixed veggies for Bill and that should be good for the meal. As you know from above, we will have dessert of some sort tonight and sit and relax for the evening.

And supper was just leftovers but wonderful!
It was certainly a non-exercise day for me today. I barely got a mile and a half of walking in but I did swim a bit so that counts for something. Not much, floating on a noodle, but something! It has been a nice leisurely day and I hope you can say the same. Now at 5 pm, the darker clouds have moved in and I’m thinking this is where the rain will move in and take some of the heat and humidity away when it leaves. We received rain as I was starting supper but all it amounted to was sprinkles, one downpour and then sunshine again. Of course, there was a rainbow!

It isn't a brilliant one, but it is a full rainbow
The good news is that it left us with cooler temps, in the 76F/25C range. We're celebrating that. :)

When I zoomed in, it almost disappeared
Have a great night!
Thank you for your visit today.


  1. How fun to have a pond!! Swimming with the geese and turtles!!! Love that custard. Guess I’ll have to make some!!!!

    1. We don't touch bottom because of the guck from the geese and the turtles! haha
      Enjoyed the custard last night. so good!!

  2. It was so nice to read your post tonight. It just reminds me that life goes on and family is the best. As with Bill's dad's passing and even little Clemson we had the most amazing day today of celebrating with love my younger brothers passing today. But you know what... it is all good...all about love and family. Things are never perfect but when the air just vibrates with love and memories what more can you ask for? I could use a sweet pic of your mom soon..

    1. Hello afcg. I'm so sorry to hear of your brother's passing. There are no words for the grief we feel but after losing our Dad's, my brother in 2011 and Clemmy we know that we have no choice but to move on and enjoy the life we have been given. Who knows how long we'll be here? I'm glad my post helped in some way. I'm going to see Mom today so will get you a joyful picture if I can! :) Hugs to you and your family.

  3. It was a wonderful relaxing hot day, nice that you could enjoy the pond in this heat.
    The rain we had later sure cooled things gown here.

    1. It was very hot here so nice to get into the pond.
      It was a good storm, not tons of rain but every bit helps!

  4. We had cool weather yesterday, I don't think it got much above 20C, but warmer temps expected today. It's lovely there is a pond to take a dip in nearby.

  5. Busy but very nice day here. Temperature is a relief!