Friday, July 12, 2019

No Overnight Rain, Happy Hour w/Friends, Campout Company

The Ridge
My phone alarm was set for 6 am but at 4 am on Thursday, July 11th what woke us up was another annoying sound. There was an Amber Alert which I’m all for but my goodness! It went off first in English, then 10 minutes later (as we’re drifting off again) in French. And then one more time 10 minutes later. Good grief!! The good news is that the grandfather and the 2 children were located safely.

Heading off to work in the wee hours
Then it was difficult to settle down but with the cool breeze coming in my window, we managed to drop off fitfully until just before 6. Bill was up first and began making his coffee. I followed, got washed, dressed and headed into Durham. I had a job to do! I was in and out in an hour and only had one visitor. That was our buddy, Rob, stopping in to say good morning. I always think that is such a nice gesture. I invited him and Pat for Happy Hour later today, which Pat later accepted by text. Yay! It has been a while since we’ve done that.

My grass was cut so Bill did the hill that met it
When I returned home, Bill was gone with Black Beauty, as I knew he would be. He had left at 7 to drive to Hanover to get his last sheet of wood for the doors and check out cheap flooring for the Hangar. I’d asked him to get my mower out so I could start cutting my grass area before it got too hot. Instead of having my tea first, I decided to get right at it. It only took me about 45 minutes and I was finished and overheated. (A nicer way to say ‘hot and sweaty’)

Even though there are only pics of Bill working,
trust me, I was too. :)
I had Avon to pay for, money to transfer for my dress and a new Avon order to adjust so sat with my tea and did that. It was my cooling down period. When Bill returned, he filled the mower with gas he’d just bought and set to cutting the front field. We were 'unplugged', which is the happening thing, heh heh, and yet our batteries were getting low with no sun yet. I did some tree and bush trimming outside and when he came up the lane, I started breakfast.

The fields always look great with cut grass
It isn't the grass that's growing now, it's those tall weeds
so it wasn't a low cut at all
Not hungry again so I really didn’t enjoy the bacon and eggs today. I need a serious change from the b & e and that is hard without the carbs. I’ll come up with something but when I’m not hungry nothing will do the trick, really. I’ll just have to feed Bill and eat later. He went back to cutting and by now, the sky was very dark and the wind had picked up. Since we didn’t get any overnight rain, I figured this was when it will start.

Our friend, Jim, asked how long the driveway actually was
Best guess is about 400' from the road to the top of our
'steep' hill
So, after doing the dishes, I plugged us in to power. Twenty minutes later, the clouds broke up, blue sky appeared in many patches across the sky and so I unplugged us again. I can play games too! I didn’t read any blogs in the morning, I had little jobs I wanted to do first. So, after a shower, I started by mixing the ingredients for Fat Bombs, swept the Suite and then made myself a coffee. Bill finished the lawn cutting and unloaded his wood and flooring in the Hangar. What a deal he got on linoleum!

I went out to the Bunky to install the hooks for our X-tra coats
Top left is a stick on hook, not for heavy items
Top right, purse hanger on a stud
Below that, a drape hook that will be covered
I should go to the garden with the hoe and remove some weeds up there but now that I’ve showered, I’ll do it another day. It will be easier after a rainfall – if that ever happens! The breeze today is wonderful, so refreshing so with all windows open, the Suite was getting a good airing out. The temperature is hovering around 70F/21C and that is a nice setting for puttering around inside or out.

And now you can see the top hook filled
this will work nicely without them being in our way
I finished the things on my list and then took a walk down the lane to check the mail box. Neither of us noticed if she stopped. The flyers will be there at least. Oh, by the way, my Avon was delivered yesterday after I left for Hanover so I’m glad I left Mr. UPS a note to leave it on the chair. I met him in Durham and figured that he would be headed my way. I’ll forgive Avon the day of tardiness, saying delivery on Tuesday.

And then on the opposite wall for the last few items
The blue blanket covers the tv which will be moving out soon
When Bill left for the Acreage to fill the water bladder for our company’s rv, I walked back down and removed the No Trespassing sign from the post down there. It is fading really quickly so I thought I’d repaint it with a yellow background and brighter red lettering. I’m not sure what Donna used but we sprayed a clear coat on it before hanging it. Gives me something to do over the next few days. And while I had my screwdriver out, I decided to hang the coat hooks (well, that wasn’t their original purpose) that Donna and I found at Salvation Army.

This is the back of the storage shed where the coat rack sat
So, a bit of a pain for Bill when getting at things on the shelves
Now, it is empty so no longer needed except for exchanges, maybe
‘Make sure you find a stud before you start’ was Bill’s advice so I kept that in mind as I banged on the paneling and followed where he’d nailed the sheets on. After a few fumbling attempts and dropping the screw and the hanger, I got it! With the big tv in the way, it doesn’t look too neat but that doesn’t matter for now. The tv is going to the Hangar.

Inside, I finished the Fat Bombs
and put them in the freezer
On the opposite wall, I used the fancy purse hanger that my friend, Saira, gifted me while I worked in my office. Below that, about 4”, I screwed another drapery hook that would hold 3 or 4 or 5 coat hangers. That works well and the bottom hook is hidden under the top clothing. The idea is to get rid of the clothing rack we’ve had to hang our winter coats, rain coats and other miscellaneous items. So, a total of about 10 hangers.

I was quite pleased that I came up with the idea and neither the storage shed or the Bunky would need to be crammed with the rack. 😊 Patting myself on the back right now. Bill might find that my hooks aren’t perfectly straight but that’s only because he is more anal than I am. When Bill returned, we checked the item that came in the mail regarding Travel Insurance. We are quite pleased with who we are with but always open to see what is available.

And then the big Redwood came up the drive
 Bill settled in his chair with his book and I knew it wouldn’t be too many pages before he put it down for a snooze. Again, go-go-go since he got up this morning. I guess we both have been but nothing overly strenuous! At 2:20, my mixture in the fridge was ready so I spread some waxed paper on a baking sheet and rolled as many bombs as I could. Looks like 32 delightful little balls – fat & carb free! I didn’t put toothpicks in these since I won’t be dipping them in chocolate either.

A little direction with the initial swing
We were expecting Bob and Jo-Ann to arrive soon after 3 and Rob and Pat around the same time for Happy Hour. Bill would help Bob get turned around and then hopefully we can sit and enjoy a drink together. At 2:55 they pulled into the drive. Bill stood up at our end and directed Bob to pull in. What a beautiful trailer. It’s a 5th wheel Redwood and looks mighty impressive. We haven’t even seen the inside yet. They turned it with ease and backed it beside our Mobile Suite.

which Bob followed easily with the 39' beast
Within 10 minutes of unhooking, our buddies, Rob and Pat drove in. Higgins, their ‘Clemson-like’ pooch rushed to greet Pat. This was their first time here without Clemmy so I knew it would be a bit tough. Higgins will test Bill and I during their visit and bring us both wonderful and sad memories. This is what we need. He is a very loveable little guy and only just over a year old.

And a beautiful lady steps out to say hello
Most of the mess was cleaned up when I captured Jo-ann
Sorry, Jo that you blinked just at that flash moment!
It was a wonderful Happy Hour inside the Redwood, Bob and Jo-Ann are gracious hosts. She got over a ‘first’ and hopefully ‘last’ “oopsie” when she opened the fridge door and her salad bowl fell out spilling 1/3 of the contents all over the floor. Aaah no! I felt so bad but have to admit that we’ve all done it and we need to remember that they are just starting out. I remember Coca-Cola rolling out, across the floor puncturing the can.

A couple of big trailers backed in together
We got a tour of the Redwood and it is gorgeous!
They're going to love getting to know it
Bill showed the boys his Hangar with pride and Higgins explored the area. He loves it and I’m sure can smell Clemson here and there. Rob and Pat said goodbye around 5ish and we chatted for a bit until it was time to start supper. Bob and Jo-Ann have a ‘virgin’ Weber Q and table so set it up to barbecue. Inside the Suite, because of the thickness of the chops I had thawed, I opted to use Madame IP. At least that way I know I’ll enjoy them. I made a garden salad for a side and we were eating by 6:30.

Meet Higgins - similar to Clemson but different by breed
and about 5 lbs.
Still cuddly, soft and adorable
He's looking at his Mom, making sure she was close by
The rain has held off although the wind has cooled things down considerably. Jo-Ann each had to don hoodies to keep the goose bumps at bay. Chilly! The pork chops were so thick and big that neither of us were able to finish a whole one but they were tasty. 

Supper was good but the Rhubarb dessert Jo-Ann served us
later around the fire was to die for!!!
Sometimes I experiment with spices and I should just leave well enough alone. We both agreed that I’ll skip those spices next time. After dishes, we debated about a fire and with the sky looking threatening one minute for rain and then clearing the next, it was a tough call.

Cooking on the virgin Weber
Bob and Bill were outside starting the fire and we soon joined them with chairs. It was a nice evening with lots to share and entertaining watching Higgins enjoy himself. He has a lot of Clemson’s attributes and habits which I got a kick out of. Only a couple of times did I feel emotional but that is all good and part of the healing. 

to have a fire or not to have a fire
forgive the dust spots again, pls
Who cares about the weather when
you're this goofy?

And Bob offered to take a picture with me in which prompted my
"I never think of it" hubby to do it
We stayed up and outside until 10:45 when Higgins was dropping off to sleep in Jo-Ann’s arms. We got the hint.

Higgins is a bit of a heart stealer too
This is something Clemson seldom did
Sleep on the grass
Goodnight, Higgy!

What a wonderful day! I hope you can say the same. Thank you for stopping around for a visit too!


  1. Awww Higgins is a cutie pie. I have the same problem with breakfast. I'm so tired of eating eggs and bacon, plus I'm still not convinced all those eggs are good for you. If you find an alternative, let me know please?? I just love your fire pit area. Not that I need any more heat around here, but it would be nice to have a fire now and then.

    1. He is adorable and it is good for us to have a little 'friend' around for a while.
      I've tried just my plain high fat yogourt or a couple of pieces of cheddar and/or some walnuts and maybe a clementine (tangerine) do the trick for me. That's only when I get the feeling of hunger, usually between 11-12. So far, I like that.
      We like the firepit some nights with company only, usually. The screens are bad so we need to either replace the whole unit in the spring or just the screens.

  2. Higgins is a cutie! Love that name too! Are Bob and Jo-Ann full timing it or planning to? I use egg beaters instead of the eggs, because I have high cholesterol and trying to keep it down. Can't stand egg whites! A few stores here have a yogurt called 2 good (i'm thinking)'s tasty and only 2 grams of carbs but it doesn't fill me like the beaters do..Nice to have the company and their beautiful rig. A good fire with friends is always nice!

    1. We love the little guy, he is a heart stealer but it is good that he belongs to someone else too. Good for us.
      I enjoy the peameal bacon better than regular right now but the eggs just don't do it for me now. I like yogourt, cheese, and nuts and they are all high fat and filling.
      Nice to have a fire with friends. They have a beautiful rv for sure.

  3. Another productive day ending with relaxing with Friends.
    Higgins is a cute puppy. We enjoy other people's pets so we don't have the heart ache or responsibility when we travel.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler weather.

    It's about time.

    1. It is chaulked up another great day and we love getting to know these two, er three. :)
      Loving the association with a small puppy, so similar to Clemmy but not.

  4. Oh my....looks like a wonderful day! I have to tell you how gorgeous The Ridge looks...all of your hard work shows!

    1. Oh, thank you! We love it here and are proud to keep it looking good. :)

  5. Nice to have Bob and Jo there to join you and show off their New Redwood, they sure are beautiful trailers. And breaking in the Weber Q, I have forgotten what they look ,like new lol. Have too much fun there.

    1. Beautiful trailer and getting to know these two is a real bonus. Lovely couple and Higgins is a heart stealer. :)
      The Weber Q is no longer a virgin but looks it!

  6. After your grass cutting your property looks like a golf course, very beautiful and good job. You guys really think that by eating a yummy breakfast with a little carbs will make you gain weight? Maybe try and see that it will not matter, just saying... You are right that little Higgins is looking a lot like Clemson, so adorable. Have fun with the company!

    1. Thank you Marlene. About breakfast, yes, the cereal and toast goes straight to belly fat, we've noticed a difference for sure in avoiding those carbs. At least for us. We eat enough carbs throughout the day in other things, in small amounts that if we can avoid them at breakfast, we do. :)

  7. What a great day! Ending with good food, good friends, and a cute puppy.

    1. Truly it was! All of the above and Higgins makes us smile. :)

  8. Patsy, you always get me with your food. I need to know what a fat bomb is?

  9. As I was looking at your pictures my eye stopped when I saw the white afghan in your bunkie. My mom made one identical to that and it too was white. When we went full-time I asked my aunt (my mom's sister) if she would like to have it. My mom made it for their dad, and he passed away before she got it finished. I can have it back if I want it - which I will at some point.
    How fun to have guests pull in with their RV for a visit. I would love that!
    There is something about newly mowed and trimmed grass that just gives me a happy feeling.
    Enjoy your visit with your friends and Higgins - I love the name!