Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Home on the Ridge
Another wonderful morning here on The Ridge and today, Monday, July 1st, is the 152nd birthday of Canada. That is awesome! Today, we celebrate all across the country, not only with a holiday for most of us but some of us are with family and/or friends or both! The next best part is that the weather is gorgeous!! We started a tradition in London in our sticks and bricks home quite a few years ago.

A gorgeous day rising!
  We invited Bill’s sisters, their spouses, Dad and Marilynne. No young’uns. We always had great weather and could eat outside on the patio with the exception of one day it rained at supper time. When we moved up here in 2016, we tried it again and the weather was nasty so we were all huddled inside. It was still a nice visit but not as pleasant as we couldn't get outdoors and show them the Ridge. It was their first time here and it was difficult for Dad to get up our trailer steps. The following year we scheduled it but Dad wasn’t well and one of the sisters had a wedding to go to, I think. It was cancelled and not repeated.

Clear sailing, literally clear
Today, Bill and I have planned to start it again. There will be one less of us but we know we’ll have room inside, had the weather been wet or cold again. Tadah! It’s not going to be either of those! I went in to work this morning at 6:15 and did a thorough cleaning. There were 3 customers who came in as soon as the door unlocked at 7 so my last 45 minutes were slowed a bit, sweeping and mopping around others. No problem, it was nice to see new faces.

I dropped Pat’s egg dishes off on the way home and then set to work cooking potatoes in Madame IP. That was fast and I avoided the dirty potato saucepan since the pot only had water to wipe down. Into the fridge they went to cool and I started dessert. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Crumble – now doesn’t that sound delightful? No, it isn’t keto but it isn’t terrible either.

Bill put the sunshades out but other than keep the Suite cool,
we never sat under it, having enough shade under our little trees
I peeled and cut the spuds when cool enough and chopped radishes, green peppers and green onions from my garden. No garden peppers, yet, although I do have one on a plant! On my way up the drive earllier, I stopped to blow up red and white balloons and hung them around the property. Just because I can! 

These were taken this morning, the day after, so deflated
A few on the mailbox, the point of the corral, the weather vane and the Suite had a few and I placed a few flag films on the windows.

Marilynne brought snacks which we all enjoyed
L-R: Carol, Bruce, Liz, Brian, Marilynne, Bill
Bill puttered around in the Hangar, painting and placing trim to fill in time and I spent the time indoors. You know how a host(ess) is in charge of planning food, dishes, concerns herself about seating, drinks, glasses etc. etc. Well, it doesn’t feel that I stopped and lastly, I swept through the Suite and moved Clemsons bed and things up onto our bed. I think everything was ready. At 1:45, Bill said there is an old car coming up the drive, it’s Liz and Bruce!

Isn't she a beautiful car?
Bruce proudly drove his Dad’s ’58 Ford Fairlane up the drive and parked. He inherited this 3 or 4 years ago and what a beaut! They stepped out garbed in Canada Day clothing, Liz looking cute with a flag in her hair. One year, they both came with Canada Day sunglasses with flags on the lenses. It is easier for me to wear red and white than it is for Bill. Other than his Christmas t-shirt, he doesn’t have anything in either colour. Maybe next year!

After he came so close, we started tossing him nuts from the snacks
We sat until closer to 2:30 when Carol, Brian and Marilynne drove in. The gang was all here! More celebratory attire, I love it! Red, white and gray was the theme of the day. The weather was perfect and we moved from sun to shade according to our body requirements. Bill and I were so relieved to have great weather so we could sit outside. 

While we were walking, someone made himself at home
This was after we returned to our chairs and I had covered the dish
We did a walk around to my garden and Bill’s Hangar before the Weber was lit and Bill started grilling burgers and dogs. We were entertained by the 3 or 4 chipmunks running around our chairs and feet.

Little devil but he's so cute!
This wouldn’t be a fancy meal as it was all about the time together. Dad was missed and so was Clemson. Both were mentioned periodically in conversations but we didn’t dwell on either. We all have wonderful memories of the two of them and I smile, because they are together again. I had potato salad made and blended the dressing for the Caesar salad and along with devilled eggs, there was plenty of food. My no 
carbs diet went out the window so I could celebrate the holiday in typical fashion!

Liz and I had the hot dogs and I really enjoyed mine!
The cheesecake crust was a little hard so I forgave anyone who left some on their plate, which only a couple of us did. Other than that, everything turned out great and our company said their goodbyes after pictures at 7:30. 

Aren't we all patriotic?
I should have got my tripod out to get a self-portrait but my mind at that stage was lucky to remember a picture at all. I was starting to come down from the day and reflect on how well things went. I was too busy enjoying the company that I forgot a picture of all the food! 

And Bill with his 2 sisters on the left and b-i-l's and step Mom on the right
I think he said he was the rose between two thorns here
Hmmm, they disagreed
 Bill loaded the dishes in the dishwasher and plugged us into power to get those done up. We sat for a while in our recliners, Bill watched a movie and I just rested, dozing off and on. I’m ashamed to say that with the sky still blue and light, I went to bed at 9. When my boss ‘chirped’ a Happy Canada Day message at 9:10, I didn’t hear it at all. I told you I was tired! Bill answered for me. I thought that was nice of Jamie to think of us today.

And even the Ford fits the theme

Loved the car
 An awesome day and I hope we can continue this in the years to come. I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day as well. Thank you so much for stopping around.


HAPPY CANADA DAY from the Ridge!


  1. What a fun day y'all had and perfect weather for it as well. Nice to have everyone together and enjoy the day. Nice pictures.
    Love the '58 Ford, I had a '58 Ford custom 4 door I traded for my first motorcycle.

    1. It was a great day. If we'd all only kept the cars we drove years ago.........

  2. That's a great day! Love the car, what wonderful shape it's in. The pics of all of you (minus u and Bill) are great. What a patriotic group you are! Glad you all had such a wonderful day and a great tradition to restart. Marilynne looks wonderful! Glad the weather was perfect...just meant to be!

    1. We had a great day indeed. Company, food, weather and a beautiful car too! :)

  3. Happy Canada Day! What a great way to celebrate. I love your outfits and that car!!! Awesome!! Your chipmunk buddy is a keeper!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. I love that they all get into the celebration. The car is beautiful. More time and we could have gone for a ride.

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend Canada Day. Wow what a nice car!

  5. Glad to see you had a great Canada Day Celebration with everyone including the car in theme.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. What a wonderful way to spend Canada Day! You all were certainly patriotic in your attire. I, like Bill, own nothing red. I'll have to pick something up on sale now that it is over for next year. :)

  7. Wow...beautiful family, beautiful weather, beautiful car, beautiful setting, great food and love. You are all blessed.

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