Friday, July 5, 2019

Pleasant Sleep, Peaceful Walk, Perfect Summer Day, Bill Returns, Easton Visits!

The Ridge
I woke up on Thursday, July 4th first when it was still dark outside. My blind beside me was open and so was the window so I was happy to roll over and go back to sleep. Next, it was 5:30 when I woke and checked the clock so I assume the first time was around 4ish. Light was just beginning but still, I went back to sleep until 6:30. Then, I texted Bill. “I’m awake, dear”. He called and we chatted our first time for the day.

Good morning flower
I dressed for my walk and hiked on down the lane, North Line, Baptist Church Road to Turbine Lane. No one else calls it that but I’m a namer, you must know that by now. When I returned, I was warm. Too many clothes again but it was such a gorgeous walk that I had absolutely NO complaints. The sun had risen and the sky was a pretty blue with no clouds in sight. My kind of day! I made my tea and contemplated what I would do today.

We were having company tonight and for 3 nights. Bill’s youngest, Jess, her husband, Easton and their dog, Domi. Gee, I’m never sure if I’m spelling that name right, not being a sports fan. Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing them and spending time together. Especially with little Easton. He is almost 4 months old.

Bill is bringing a trailer home for them to use this year again but likely the last time. We are going to start encouraging them to buy a tent and outfit themselves like other young families do or they can squeeze into the Bunky. There was no prep for their arrival for me, they are looking after most of their meals except for one supper that we’ll have together. After I finished my tea, I went out and planted 4 more dahlias from Gayle. I’m hoping they’ll come up this summer.

Inside, I emptied the cupboards under our dining table. We’ve noticed a lot of teeny brown ants over the last month or so and I want to see if I can see where they’re coming from. While I was at it, my head was in ‘purge’ mode but all of the items went right back in. Nothing there I need to get rid of, it is thinned out pretty good already. Once that was done, I noticed that it was already 79F inside the Suite and 80F outside so I closed things up, plugged in and turned the a/c on.

I don’t need it ‘cold’ but a nice relief from outside is all I wanted. I’d munched on yogourt and some cheese this morning and after sweeping the floors I decided that I may as well have my coffee now and wait until noon hour for something more substantial. 
lunch and it was good!
Bill and I had discussed a few times in the past how we don’t have room to hang pictures of our children or grandchildren. We have a picture of our parents and that seems fitting to me. A framed collage just doesn’t work for us in the Suite. The kids change too much and they are a nuisance to swap out.

My Bloody crane's-bill
(Geranium sanguineum)
We just decided not to put any up and instead keep small photo albums plus folders on our laptops (and external drives). BUT there is one framed picture that we want, besides one of the two of us. I printed off 4 different pictures of Clemson, the little bum was such a photogenic character. I’ve put one in a frame with the others behind it. We can change it out easily at any time and print more off since I have so many.

Then it was time for some food. I fried a healthy slice of peameal bacon and an egg. With some feta cheese on the side, it was just the thing. No carbs, just good fat, protein and very filling. Bill only had one client this morning so we were both hoping that it would go smoothly and that he would be on his way home soon after lunch. We’ll see. I cleaned up the few dishes and planned on getting into another Lee Child story.

My Common Lady's Mantle
I also have a journal of sorts that I’ve jotted down key points in our life since we made the decision to go full time. Nothing too detailed at all, my blog posts keep that journal. It hasn’t been updated for a while and I found it in the cupboard this morning. Now is a good time to catch it up. Clouds are moving in but only big white fluffy ones so no threat there.

For anyone who is a member of RVillage online, I just got a notice that the Durham gathering has been cancelled. Good grief. I’m sure you got the same notice. I was chatting a week or so ago with Canadian Hellie. He has advised that even if they are the only ones at the Conservation Area, they are going. We just might take the jaunt in anyway since it is so close and maybe make a new friend!

The dahlias I planted a few days ago are thriving - Yay!
I went for a walk down the lane to bring the flyers up and by the time I got back up here, I was glistening with sweat. I guess it is called glowing. Anyway, it is not a day to be outside to sit in the sun and especially not to work. 

And that is Chippy's bum
He is doing a Cirque de Soleil on the feeder
We have no substantial shade so other than staying inside, there was nothing else on my plate. The place was clean, so I sat with the crosswords and word searches from the Spotlight and the West Grey Newsweek.

And he did his best to get the seeds out

He really was persistent
The new Lee Child book is called A Wanted Man and I believe Bill has already read this one on my Kobo. I prefer the hard copy and it caught my attention from the get-go. Before getting too involved in the story, I called Smitty out in B.C. If you remember, she is Mom’s airforce friend who visited in May. Smitty met Clemson a couple of times and fell in love. She always mentions him in her calls and her letters so I needed to call and let her know. A heart-wrenching conversation ensued but it had to be done.

Bill returns with the little trailer

And makes an easy swing around
Bill left London around 3:15 and arrived with a 19’ Ascend travel trailer at 5:30. He made good time and had even stopped in Dorchester for a cold drink and a nibble. I think Bill said that the traffic on the 401 was backed up so he was glad to go that way. We got the trailer set in place, plugged in and turned the a/c on for them. Jess doesn’t have sleeping bags so I’ll put some sheets and pillows out there for them to use.

Hi there, Easton!
You cutie patootie
Sitting with my Grandpa
I doubt they’ll need blankets! I put some dishes, silverware, towels, dish clothes, detergent, soap and most importantly – toilet paper in the unit. Bill drove to the Acreage to get a bladder full of water for them and anything that was left over we could empty into our tank.

Matt and Domi play ball
I lit the Weber around 6:45 and started grilling 2 large honey garlic sausages. I’m not a ‘griller’ but I wanted to give Bill a break. He hadn’t stopped since he got home. With the last of our potato salad and more devilled eggs, we consumed supper and then got a nice phone call from dear friends of ours in London.

Easton was watching Lethal Weapon 2
A young Mel Gibson does it for anyone

and then things settled down
Jim and Sharon have been friends for a long time and we so enjoy any time we get to share with them. They wanted to personally let us know that they were so sad about Clemson and that touches our hearts. It isn’t easy to talk about him but I have to admit that the days are getting easier. Putting his picture in the frame today might make us sad, seeing it, but he deserves a place of honour on our entertainment unit.

Aah, a diaper change does wonders

Much better
After dishes, we just relaxed until Jess and Matt arrived shortly after 8. A bit of hubbub while they unloaded the dog, Easton and their stuff and then the rest of the evening was visiting. The heat is a good thing but the humidity takes a lot out of us. Even though I wasn’t physically active for much of the day, it wasn’t a late night for me. Easton has grown by leaps and bounds and was a joy to see again, as were his parents.

Domi finally rested
It is a good day when my sweetie comes home and although one family member is still present only in our hearts, life is still good.

And we said good night around 10

Thank you for visiting us today.


  1. Easton is growing!!!! Such a sweetie! I just love all your growies!!!! Inspires me to plant more.

    1. He sure is! Jess says in 4 months, from 19 1/2" to 25". He is such a happy baby.
      I'm happy about the dahlias because the ones I planted 2 years ago did nothing.

  2. Easton sure has grown, such a cutie! I change my family photos at Christmas time every year and don't find it that big of a chore ... plus it gives me a chance to clean the glass in the frames as well :-)

    1. He really has grown! Good for you! I guess I was too lazy to change the pics. I used to put the date and names under the glass too and made it more difficult than it needed to be. Cleaning glass? haha

  3. Gotta be loving this wonderful weather we have been waiting for. Enjoy the time with the family.

    1. Thanks George. Weather and family - what else do we talk about more? :)

  4. Enjoy your time with the family. What a cutie Easton is!

    1. Thank you. Jess and Matt have made the effort each summer to come and visit since we've arrived up here. that means a lot. Now with Easton, even more of a reason!

  5. I do the same thing with photos....put the new one in front of the old and then when I change it I can remember the past with love. I don't have one but my friend has one of those digital photo frames that rotates the pictures...thinking about on for myself.

    1. We have a digital photo frame too but an old one. That means the pictures are never very clear when they show up. this way works best for us. I have that frame in the 'give away' pile. :)

  6. What I have in our RV is one of those digital electric frames. You put what photos you want on either a flash drive or a USB card and plug it in. Set your programming functions and it runs all by itself changing the picture on whatever time rotation you choose. I have one in the house and one in the RV. I think you can get them at Best Buy. They can be a little pricey, but go with at least a 10 inch one so you can really appreciate the photos.

  7. Easton is so cute :). Thanks for sharing the pictures.