Sunday, July 7, 2019

Baby Easton Goes Home and Takes Mommy and Daddy Too, Summer Swim

The Ridge
On Sunday, July 7th I woke around 5:30 and rolled over to Bill who was in a semi-sleep state. We both got up at 6 and made the bed. I was out the door into the Laundromat by 6:25 and worked for an hour. The Mat wasn’t too bad at all with machines just needing a basic wipe. I like those days! I wanted to be back in good time to say goodbye to Jess, Matt and Easton. Our company was leaving at 8.

Good thing Easton and Domi  ride in the back seat
Jess brought everything but the kitchen sink!
That was no problem for me and by the time I returned they were mostly packed and there wasn’t room for anything else in the back. We said our goodbyes and I got a picture of the new little family. Oh, and yes, Domi too was in the back seat with Easton for the drive home. Domi has calmed down considerably since their visit last summer. It is about an hour and a half to Stratford from here so a nice drive in which I’m sure our grandson will sleep. 

Couldn't get a smile out of the little guy this morning
Bill finished emptying the trailer and because of dog hair, I shook and hung the sheets and quilt on the line. I will take them in this week on one of my work days and get them washed – minus the dog hair. Now that I know how hard it is to get hair out of the washing machines, I’m extra careful. We never had to worry about that with Clemson, our precious non-shedding sweetheart. One of our main reasons for choosing him at 6 weeks old.

Domi is ready to go too
While I was gone, my other sweetheart had hooked up the pump to the hose and water bladder and watered my vegetable garden. Then he moved the truck around a couple of times to continue watering my flower beds and new plantings. That is not a small chore, they are spread out all over the area up here. When he finished that (he can’t slow down, I tell ya!) he hooked up the Ascend and pulled it over to our dump ‘station’ before parking it against the back of the gravel area. He will be taking it back to CanAm on Tuesday when he goes to work again.

Bill watering my plants for me
Breakfast of peameal bacon and eggs was ready for him when he finished. We did dishes and then I cleaned up and went to visit Mom. My visits aren’t a full hour any more and there is a certain amount of guilt I harbor over that. Today’s was about 40 minutes and it was tough. Her spirits were certainly great when I found her down the hallway, walking. Her face lighting up at seeing me "what are you doing here?" she asks with her lovely smile. 

Pumping water from the bladder
She talks steadily, which is nice, but there is no sense to any of it. No sentence is complete with her loss of words. It is heart-breaking. I smile and don’t even try to fill in words because I don’t know what she is trying to say. I chant a mantra to myself “patience, like she’s had raising us” and try not to, but still watch the minutes. It is just my patience that gets tested, tried and true. Today, at her table, she actually sat and let me go to the door myself. She searched for me though, as I walked, so we waved at least 6 times before the final door closing. 

watering the hill - now that was slick!
On the way home, I met Black Beauty as Bill headed into town for some screws and to fuel up. There is a large garage sale on #4 highway which I’ve stopped at often but today decided to again. I’m looking for a couple of things for my eventual ‘she-shed’ so stopped. I found one of the items and for an easy $2, I was happy to replace a low plastic folding 14” x 20” table with a taller wooden one. The shape isn’t the same but I’ll make a round one work.

Back home, I made a coffee and sat here for a few minutes. Then I changed into a swim suit and drove over to the Acreage. Donna and I had planned on an afternoon swim. Now where are my water shoes? I couldn’t find them but I know they’re here somewhere. I did find Bill’s and they fit me fine so I took them and a pool noodle over to see Donna. Bill wanted to continue working on the doors in his Hangar. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Jamie stopped around this morning on his way to NewMarket to pay me
and he gave us a bonus!
A full bottle of fresh local maple syrup
Donna and I sat chatting for a while until the heat convinced us to take a dip. It was no where as muggy as yesterday and there was a slight breeze. The water felt wonderful. We floated around in the water for maybe 30 minutes before getting out and stretching out on their gravity chairs. Gerry was puttering around splitting cut logs for their fire pit and then joined us once he called it a day’s work well done. It was around 3:15 when I headed for home.

I've been meaning to get a picture of this tree for weeks!
I pulled some of the long grass and weeds in the flower garden and that was made easy from Bill’s early watering. The ground was pliable. I also picked some more radishes; they were bursting up out of the ground. Not huge, but a nice size for salads or munching. I stretched out on my lounge chair until my swimsuit was completely dry and while Bill worked away. Feeling that the sweat bees were just there to pester me, I moved inside with my book. I think they like the new spray I got.

And because I don't have a lot of pictures...........
you get it closer
At 6 I was getting hungry, not having eaten since breakfast at 10 so Bill lit the Weber and began grilling burgers. I was going to avoid the bun but with only 2 left, figured why the heck not. That’s why the tummy bulge isn’t going anywhere. I talk myself into these things instead of out of them! But on a summer day, a burger is quite satisfying loaded with the works. We enjoyed them very much and each had a Creamy Lime Jell-o for dessert. Yum!

And this close up isn't as clear as I'd hoped
The reason for the shape of the tree
The hydro lines run through it
With dishes cleaned up, I decided to leave the sheets and quilt on the line overnight. A little dampness won’t hurt them and they’ll be sure to be aired out for washing on Tuesday morning. We got the garbage ready for morning pick up and I sorted the laundry for tomorrow. We’ll take a run in and get Bill’s shirts and work pants washed along with whatever else is in the bag. Hot weather, we don’t wear much that’s for sure!

And a simple burger for supper
with Jell-o dessert
What a wonderful day this has been. Perfect temperatures, the end of a perfect visit with the kids and a nice swim with my sister. How was yours?

And it's time for another old picture of Clemson with his temporary
house mate, Link (Jess and her cat lived with us for awhile)
Good night all!
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  1. Maple syrup - yummo!!!! I never think about dog hair til I wash Jessie’s blanket. Takes me 20 min to clean the dryer!! What?? Clemson didn’t chase the cat???

    1. I love maple syrup too. Domi's hair brushes off when we touch him. Not fond of that at all.
      No, Clemmy never bothered Link. Cute, eh?
      He has chased the neighbours cat out here on the Ridge though!

  2. Replies
    1. I know, I'm glad they left it, it would be a great shade tree.

  3. What an interesting tree the power lines created! I love pure maple syrup - yum!

    1. Interesting way to avoid the lines. Maple syrup - aaah, nothing like the real thing.

  4. What a nice day, after company leaving and getting in for a swim, love that last picture.

    1. Perfect day all around! First swim in Donna's pond was so refreshing.

  5. Bill is so much like Ken it's ridiculous! They just can't stay still :) Guess I'd rather have that then some who just sit there and do nothing :) Thanks for sharing your cute little family with us! Baby Easton is adorable and they grow so quickly. Just think how big he'll be by the wedding! What a sweetie Jamie is to bring you your $$ and the syrup! Thinking he's liking having you as an employee and friend. Nice you got to have a swim, the trees are really interesting! The last pic is too cute!

    1. I've thought that those two are so alike as well. Rob is the same, they just can't stay idle for long at all. I would rather that too. :)
      I'm teasing Jess that Easton will be walking at the wedding. Ha ha not likely but she's reading all kinds of stuff that isn't good for the baby. Bridgette walked at 9 months and Easton will only be 7 months old. The swim was great and I guess Jamie appreciates me as an employee (although he says he's not my boss!) and us as friends. I like that. Love the last picture, too. They got along just fine except when Link would hide around a corner and jump out on Clemson! haha

  6. Clemson was just a little guy...or that cat was big!

    I'd say you both keep busy!

    1. Both. Clemson wasn't very big (11 lb.) BUT Link was big too. :)