Monday, July 29, 2019

Not Much Rain, Clothes on the Line, Car Detailing, My Son Visits

On The Ridge
On Sunday, July 28th we woke up around 6 after a wonderful sleep. I know I had to close my window at one point, stopping the beautiful breeze, as my face was getting a light shower. Then later, I woke again and heard the rain on the roof but it didn’t last long so I opened my window again. We got up around 7, nice and leisurely, and Bill made his coffee.

You can see the rocks that came up from that area
He is covering the trench here
I had sorted our dirty clothes last night and Bill loaded them in Ptooties for me. I took a water and my purse and was headed into Durham by 7:30. The laundromat looked so clean with the exception of one washer that had had clothes in it when I was there yesterday. It is a machine marked “Use for work soiled clothing”. Someone did and there was loose dirt in the bottom so I wiped that out while waiting for our 2 loads to wash.

Bill was happy that our hand pump is working well
and I watered the garden on the hill and all of my
Filling the watering can was easier this time because I could secure
it better beside the plant
Because pride is a good thing, I swept the floor in the spots that had debris from detergent or the open doors. When I left there, I drove to Foodland to pick up a few more groceries. I love that even on Sunday they are open at 7 am. When I returned home, Bill was digging the last 15’ of his trench. The section up here by the Bunky was all that was left and it was a bit shady in that area. He started soon after I left and had a couple or three feet left.

I pulled up close to the Suite where I could hook up the vacuum
under the garage
He took a break when I returned and I had my tea with him. Back to work! I hung my clothes and Bill finished the trench work. Not an easy task so he took his time. Donna inspired me to clean Ptooties after hearing how she washed their vehicles yesterday at the Acreage. So, I got the polish out and cleaned and vacuumed her out. Amazing how a good wipe down makes her smile. We came inside around 11 for showers and I made us each an omelette for breakfast. Lunch, I guess since it was closer to 12 when we were eating.

She's all clean, see the smile
Last job for me was to get the California Duster out (don’t read this, Jim!) and just give the outside a wipe. We don’t have the liberty of water like many do so have to do what we can. After finishing the SUV, I went over the truck as well. I’m happy to say that both Ptooties and Black Beauty look 80% better. The dust from the gravel roads between here and The Acreage is unavoidable. We do what we can! :)

Patrick and Chaela arrive
It was around 1 o’clock when our company arrived. Patrick, Chaela, Nathan and Molly piled out of their Honda and received greetings. Once Patrick parked, he proceeded to get their tent trailer set up. I’m a firm believer in both ‘campers’ helping in this process so I felt that I was a distraction when Chaela started visiting right away. Patrick has come to this ‘camping’ thing naturally as it is born and bred into his blood. 😊 I can tell he loves it and I was hoping Nate would get into it more but he preferred to wander into our Suite rather than getting his hands in on the set up.

Setting it up
It is a hot day so I had moved chairs and our patio table over to the shade of our biggest cherry tree. We’ve had a few Happy Hours there recently. Chaela played a couple of games of Jenga with Nate and I brought our clothes in off the line, folded them and Bill and I took turns putting them away. Around 3:30, I could sense Nate getting bored. He is 9 and has just spent time with 3 or 4 other children so I’m sure there is a void here. There just isn't much to do here for a child on their own. 

We sat around and chatted until eventually Bill moved inside for a snooze. Patrick and Nate went into town for a few things and it was then that we went our separate ways. Chaela took Molly, their Golden Doodle inside their trailer for a nap and I moved inside the Suite. Bill went down to the Hangar to work on a plane after he woke up. I began prepping supper.

A tense game
I washed the last of our potatoes. We don’t eat them much at all and they are getting soft. I buttered them and wrapped them in foil and spiced 6 chicken thighs and got Madame IP out. Lastly, I filled a stock pot with water for the corn. The kids were cooking out there in their tent trailer. Patrick has purchased a small portable a/c and it was running but with the heat of the sun and no shade on them, I invited them inside the Suite.

Nate helps Grandpa dry the big pots
Molly is the type of dog that just settles down and being she doesn’t shed, we don’t mind having her inside. She lays down on command and is very content. We chatted while I made supper and Bill lit the Weber and put the potatoes on. We were seated at the table by 6 and supper was really good. With a lot going on, I didn’t get a picture. After loading the dishwasher, we moved outside as the air had cooled considerably.

And a nice picture of Nathan and I
Patrick and Nate had picked up a small plane kit at Foodland so they went out to fly it but first a tour of the Hangar. Bill was encouraged by Nate’s excitement to get his electric Timber plane out and flew it until the battery died. That was fun. Nate calls him the architect. He’s great with the big words and it makes me chuckle. When the bugs got too annoying, we sat at the patio table for a while before the chill air sent us inside around 10. It was a good day. We turned the a/c off and opened windows for the night.

And Molly poses for me
Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Oh dear ... now I have to go clean out my jeep. LOL Take Nate out around the pond and see what he can find. Show him how to track things, although maybe he already knows. I love that you play games. It always makes the time go by faster. Molly is a cutie!

    1. Sounds like I need you here to entertain Nate. I'm out of practice! I wish our pond was nicer and easier to get to, but it isn't.
      We enjoy games, I grew up with them.
      Molly is adorable.

  2. Nice to get things done and have Patrick visit with the family, enjoying fun times.

    1. We had a nice visit and the kids are just starting this camping thing together. It is fun to watch. :)

  3. Nice to have family drop by and they even bring their own beds and food. You got quite the set-up to accommodate RVs of all kinds. Your car looks like it came out of the showroom!

    1. Welcome home. We do enjoy visitors - when is it your time? :)

  4. Enjoy your visit! I agree with Nancy, a trek around the pond would be fun.

  5. How great they came to visit! Your car looks beautiful, nice and shiny! Nate is certainly growing up, he's adorable! Love the pic of the two of you on the couch!