Thursday, July 25, 2019

Home Sweet Home, Morning Jobs, Afternoon Visit

The Ridge

I know the reason for Amber Alerts and fully support them BUT when you have your phone beside the bed because an alarm has been set…………..well, you know where I’m going with this. The good news, of course, is that they found the 2-year-old, safely. The unfortunate news is that Bill and I were zombie-like when we crawled out of bed at 6 on Thursday, July 25th. The alert went off 3 times, one of those times in incomprehensible French.

At the end of the lane, on my way to work
the sun greets me
Needless to say, although I could have gone back to sleep and worked later, I wanted to get in to town and clean the Mat early. Sometimes, I’m my own worst enemy. I woke myself up very quickly, as usual, and left Bill making his coffee. The Mat wasn’t too bad other than the 2 recycling bins and the garbage. Excuse me, but we’ve ALL learned about how to recycle, haven’t we? I spent 10 minutes separating garbage from recycle and replacing bags because cans and Timmy cups are tossed half full.

And a second picture
The rest of the cleaning went well and quickly. The biggest surprise was when Rob tap-tapped on the front door, which I now make sure is locked until 7 am. It has been a couple of weeks since we’ve seen them so I thought it very nice that he stopped around while on his walk. I even got a Buddy hug! Back home before 8 and Bill had just nicely returned from filling our water bladder at the Acreage. I made my tea and read a few blogs.

He wanted to cut grass but not really cut grass. That means, he wants to cut the tall spindly weeds and leave the grass alone. The only way to do that up here in our ‘living’ space is to use the rider and set the blades up high. I’m not sure if my mower blades lift that high and the grass is already turning brown. I was pleased to see him do that area for me, his Hangar area and Corral Hill first.

He came inside for a second coffee and then went down the lane to the front field. Out there, at least, the grass was growing and green so he could lower the blades. When I heard him coming back up over an hour later, I prepared our bacon and eggs and that was around 10. I wasn’t overly hungry but ate it anyway knowing it would sustain me through most of the day. I should have and could have gone outside but my energy level seemed to be dragging today and I stayed inside.

After breakfast I treated myself to a
Bullet Proof coffee
I’ve bought a few articles of clothing this summer so yesterday, while sitting at CanAm, I decided it was time to purge again. It is never enough in Bill’s eyes but I weeded out about 15 or 20 pieces of clothing. There will be more going out as I’m sure more will be coming in after Ladyfest with my sisters. It’s my hobby, something I enjoy. I was outside reading the last few chapters of Mind Prey by J.S. when Rob texted to see if we were home for a visit. Of course!

I'm happy to say that we DO have baby robins
I watched and hoped he'd turn my way to show me his belly

It was so nice of them to come out so we could hear about their trip to Indiana and we could fill them in on our past 2 weeks. We had a nice Happy Hour together and when they left, I realized that I forgot to get a picture! The phone was right beside me. When they arrived, Pat and Rob gifted us with a nice block of our favourite cheese. We can’t buy Tillamook here and we thought it was the perfect thing to bring us. 😊

Love this cheese! Thanks buddies!
I did get a picture of their Edge as they left
Around 3:30 or so Bill showed them the Hangar and they said goodbye. 

Bill's Hangar looking cute down here in the gully
Nice to catch up where we left off. I made myself a tea and finished my book. It was so good near the end that I had a hard time doing anything else. May as well get it out of the way! I hadn’t started writing anything on my blog post for today so I sat at the table and did that. Bill came up from the Hangar after putting the first coat of paint on the trim Bob gave him. It was 5:30 and soon time to start supper.

We need to do a bit of trimming down the sides of the laneway
I walked down for the mail
If you look in the middle, you can see where the geese
have made a path to the water
We both worked on a Toronto Star crossword and when we got stuck, Bill started the one from the Grey Bruce This Week paper. At 6:30 I prepped burgers and Bill lit the Weber. Just bacon, cheeseburgers tonight with all the fixings and I decided to have the last sesame seed bun. Oh my, it was quite tasty. We cleaned up dishes and Bill went out to the Hangar and I finished my post and downloaded the few pictures that I’d taken today.

I've never noticed these berries along our lane before
They come up as Tatarian honeysuckle on my app
You probably knew that already
Today, I thought it was special that Pat asked to see my two new dresses and when she entered the Suite, she walked over to our entertainment centre and said “Hi Buddy” to Clemson. I’m sure they feel a void when they come here. That prompted me to post the following picture. It’s been a while since I’ve featured our little bum. This has been a good day. After being away, it was just what I needed, and I actually added to my ‘clothing exchange’ bag.

We still miss him everyday
but we are getting braver at it
Good night everyone
I hope yours was a great day too! Thank you for your visit today. I love hearing from you at any time.


  1. Isn't Amber Alerts something that you setup on your phone??? I haven't set up those alerts so I don't get my phone ringing at all hours. I do see the alerts when I log on to my laptop in the morning though. Can you not turn off those alerts on your phone?

    1. Hi Ruth. Thank you!! I turned the volume down but only after the 3 and last time. Duh.
      We've searched and found the setting on our Samsung phones. I appreciate the help.

  2. My phone is set for messages only. No loud alerts. Love how green and beautiful it is as long as I don’t have to mow. Lol. Hello little bum!! We miss you and the pics of you running down the lane. Sweet dreams little guy.

    1. We went searching from Ruth's msg. No more alerts!
      Aah, you made me smile with your note to Clemson. :)

  3. My phone is shut off at night, we have an alarm clock to wake us up before 5 am so no problem here.
    Nice that you got to see Rob and Pat again and they brought you a treat. We had fun with them here as well.

    1. We have an old clock radio with an alarm but our phones are easier for us. We use the clock radio only for the digital time in the dark.
      It was great to see Rob and Pat.

  4. I can put my phone on silent at night but the alarm will still ring.

    1. That's perfect, what I need. :) I'm not very tekky so until I'm told I CAN do something, I don't search too much. haha
      Thank you.

  5. Love the pictures of Clemson :) That got me when you said that about Pat saying "Hi Buddy"....We love Tillamook cheese too. Something about it, just better than others! The factory is in Oregon, you guys should visit sometime. It's been years since I went on a tour. Then of course, cheese overload! The grass is looking great and so green!

    1. I know, me too. I'm sure there was a tear in her eye too.
      I didn't know that's where the factory was. They bought it in Michigan which was surprising that it is sold that close to us. No ice cream though.

  6. It sounds like you've found a solution for the alerts being pushed through. I'm sure it is rather disconcerting but at least you didn't call 911 to complain like so many others. That makes me shake my head, what if it was a member of those individuals families? Compassion seems to be something lacking in our world these days.

    Nice pics of Clemson!

    1. Yes, I should have thanked everyone for the suggestions.
      Complaining to 911 about that? How crazy! I have a volume on my phone if nothing else worked. LOL
      thank you, Clemson was very photogenic. :D