Thursday, July 18, 2019

Moving Rocks, Puttering Morning, Afternoon Visiting

The Ridge
I was awake at 5, dropped off and then awake again at 6 on Thursday, July 18th. No sun out there when I opened the blinds but it was 65F/18C and was supposed to be another hot day. Bill was awake but just taking it easy in bed when I kissed him goodbye and went for my walk.

There was a light low-lying fog off in the distance as I looked across the farmer’s field. He’d cut a lot of hay last night but still has a patch left to do. It was a nice walk with a lovely breeze yet I still came back feeling the heat. 

The light brown in the middle has not been cut yet
Bill told me to have my tea that he was going out to move the rocks that were dug up for his trench. Well, that didn’t seem right so I changed into my old shorts and went out with gloves to help.

We've covered the trench and removed the rocks
Bill sprinkled grass seed over the area so we hope it rains now
It didn’t take us long, 30 minutes maybe, and I’m glad I went when I did. I’d have had my coffee and he’d have done it all on his own. Some things I can help with, others I’m useless. The sun eventually showed force and popped through the cloud covering around 8:45. With 89% humidity again this early, we hoped it would later dissipate. My fingers are sticky on the keys. We remained unplugged so will close some of the east facing blinds to keep it cool inside.

So, above my dining window, I had a ceramic turtle
It isn't a heavy thing and was secured with velcro, top and bottom
As we were sitting at our laptops, a turtle ornament, that I had purchased last summer in Durham that was velcro’d to the wall over my window, let loose and fell. It hit my head and bounced to the floor breaking one of the ceramic legs. 

A unique find in a Durham shop
Might have knocked some sense in to me on the trip too, who knows? The heat must have released the adhesive and it let loose. I found some Command strips in our junk drawer and re-affixed the Velcro with the added support of the small hook.

These are handy for lightweight jobs
Bill needed a couple as well for hanging a couple of things in the Hangar. I also glued the leg back on and hope it secures well enough. This would be a slow, puttering morning. The biggest jobs were done, well, except for more trench digging tomorrow morning and we had no where to go this morning.

Furry Gnome's post encouraged me
Quuen Anne's Lace on my morning walk
At 10, I called Bill in for his breakfast and not feeling like the traditional meal again, I had 2 pcs. of bacon, a clementine and a high fat plain Greek yogourt. I made another B.P. coffee. He had moved the big tv from the Bunky down to the Hangar so yes, I will probably never see him now! Ha ha, just a joke between us. 

A sneak peek now with the big tv
His little space down there is so bright and pretty (sorry, Manly) that it will be a very nice space for him to work on his planes etc. I’m happy for him. Now, I’m getting excited about MY little space! I sent him back out and I cleaned up dishes.

So, I'm claiming a little bit of my space now with the tv gone
These items on the table will also go to the Hangar
once Bill is done cutting and sawing
They were his Dad's and are delicate
I went to the Bunky and painted a bit more on that piece of plexiglass. It’s a good piece to mess around with and no big deal if my artistry isn’t worth showing. I’m certainly no artist!! I sat out there for a while with a nice breeze blowing in the north and west windows. As I held up my painting, I realized that its ‘beauty’ (putting it mildly) increased by holding it up to the lighted window.

Gramma Rose and Bill and I watch Beth paint rocks
After the noon hour, we drove to visit our friend, Rose, who is staying with her daughter right now. Rose and George are our hosts and dear friends who live in Lake Havasu during the cool months. I’ve written about them before. George is home in L.H. dealing with a couple of issues, waiting for a surgery date. Rose is kind of on stand-by but getting some family time with her grandchildren during the wait period. 

And after I put ponytails in her 4 dolls' hair,
and then her hair, she fed her baby Mermaid
When we arrived, 20 minutes after leaving home, Rose and her 5-year old granddaughter were sitting outside. It was very nice to see her again and we shared hugs all around. What a delightful little girl Beth is. She was slow coming around to us ‘strangers’ but eventually, with a little attention shown to her interests, I think we hit it off famously. I truly enjoyed the time spent with her with her dolls, her rock painting and then gathering eggs.

Rose asked Beth to gather the eggs from their 12 hens
Beth asked me if I'd like to go with her :)
Isn't this an adorable picture?
Bill and I had taken our swimsuits but Beth wasn’t overly interested in going in the pool so a couple of hours after arriving, we said our goodbyes. We were quite comfortable in the shade on the patio so didn’t feel the need to cool off.  I like to think that if my daughter had had a girl, she would be like this young lady and we would hit it off in a similar fashion.

I was shown how to go about it
Here she is blocking the hole to the henhouse while she does her job
Back home, we had a snack of cheese and a Fat Bomb. I made a tea and we stretched out in our recliners. I felt hot and uncomfortable, now where is that pool? I think we both dozed for a bit with blinds pulled and windows open but the breeze wasn’t coming from the right direction to cool it down inside. Around 5 or 5:30 I went outside to the King’s chairs in the shade and then eventually into the Bunky where I could stretch out again.

A Basket full of 25 eggs today!

And I bought a dozen from Beth
Plugging into power is a last resort but I have a feeling after watching the weather forecast for the next 2 days, we’ll need our air conditioning. Bill lit the barbecue and grilled a long link of homemade farmer’s sausage that Bob and his friend prepared. Bob gave it to us before they left on Sunday. It was wonderful! My favourite kind of sausage is farmer’s sausage and this one passed with flying colours.

Thanks Bob! It was delicious!
Topped with sauerkraut, mustard and a salad on the side, we enjoyed this easily prepared supper tonight. No dessert for either of us since Bill has bloodwork at 7:30 in the morning and needs to fast for 12 hours. Good thing we’re full! 

Lots of Dogsbane along my walk
And a close up - it is so pretty!
Common milkweed
This was a great day and after dishes, I took a walk down the lane to get cooled off in the shade of the bushes along the way. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day too.

Walked to the end of the lane to get cooled off
The sun doesn't show up but it is to the right of the church
Good night! Stay cool!

Thank you for your visit to the Ridge today.


  1. It was another great day, you got a few things done and a nice visit with Rose.

  2. Ahhh poor little turtle has a broken wing. Glad it was fixable. Oh to have chickens again. It was always my job to gather the eggs, but they never produced like THOSE chickens!! Those look awesome!!!

    1. I used to gather eggs when I was very young too and I'd visit my cousins and I loved gathering the eggs. They had to do it every day so didn't enjoy it like I did.

  3. The sneak peek at the Hangar is looking good! All that heat you're having..we're getting it too here. Seems that everyone is being socked this year. How nice you got to spend a little time with Rose. Beth is adorable and I really like the pic of her walking to the hen house. :) Nice to have fresh chicken eggs! Dinner looks simple but yummy :) I don't know what I'd do without my air conditioning...turn it on :0

    1. It was a really nice visit with Rose and Beth. That little girl stole my heart. :) My fav. picture too.
      The a/c went on tonight. :)

  4. According to the forecast it would seem you are in for a heat bomb so that a/c will get a workout I'm sure. On the other side of the spectrum I woke up to single digit temperature of 9C. The heat is coming though so I'll enjoy the cooler temps while they last.

    1. 9C! Wow, that sounds refreshing but we hate to complain. It will pass. :)

  5. You sure take some great nature shots Pat! Those early morning walks sure give you the best views of the day.
    I love the Hangar work Bill has done.
    Enjoy the early part of the day and stay cool in the afternoon!

    1. Thank you Dave. Coming from you that means a lot because I know you take a lot of pictures too.
      Bill has really made the Hangar a man cave. Within walking distance so he can't get away from me. haha