Monday, July 15, 2019

Lovely Day, Laundry, Visiting My Mom, Bill Digs, Quiet Afternoon

Home on the Ridge
We woke before the alarm at 6 on Monday, July 15th. Bill had offered to come to town to clean the big dryers with me and we took 2 loads of laundry to do as well. The Mat wasn’t too bad other than the main floor needed a really good damp mopping. It must be detergent that spills and leaves such a mess. Bill loaded the washers and we had to do some scrambling for change since the coin machine wouldn’t take my $20.

A little peek at the pond on our way into town
Bill set about opening big dryers and sweeping out the lint while I emptied the lint drawers in the small ones. I washed counter tops, washroom and washers in the time he dust-mopped and damp mopped all the floors. We worked well as a team and when the hour was up, we were done and I had our clothes folded in the basket to take home to the clothesline. It was 7:40 by the time we were in Ptooties and on our way home.

The pipe will start here (in the ground)
Back home, I made my tea and Bill went to the Hangar for a second coat of primer, I think. I lose track ofwhat he does. I got caught up in reading blogs and it wasn’t until Bill came in at 8:30 and mentioned the clothes that I remembered I hadn’t hung them yet! My memory, I swear!! So, I did that right away. It won’t take them long to dry as at 10:30 it was 69F/21C. Not much breeze to blow them but no complaints here either.

down this hill (doesn't need to be buried here)
Bill needs to dig or have a trench dug from the Hangar up across the lane and into part of the area to the Bunky. This is for a Big O black tube to feed his power cords through. They need to be below the ground but accessible to remove at any time should it be necessary. Not an easy task but he went out to feed the cords through before I started breakfast. After we both had peameal bacon and eggs (yup, me too) he began digging in the shade.

I was hungry for eggs today

this part covered leading to the driveway
I cleaned up dishes and went out to see what he was doing and to give him the typical ‘wife-warning’. Be careful and take breaks and drinks often. He is trying to save money by doing it himself, if possible. With a visit to see Mom on my 11 am agenda, we decided that he could carry on in the drive (the hardest part) and I’ll drive down Corral Hill to get out. I took a few pictures and then left for Durham at 11:05.

This wasn't easy but not as hard as we thought it would be either
I got up to the 3rd floor and found her down past her room with her walker. It looked like she was quite confused, looking into different resident rooms and saying “I don’t know where I’m supposed to be”. It put in perspective just what her world is like and that must be very scary for her. She was calm and just kept moseying along when finally, she looked up and saw me. After the initial glance from a distance, she moved closer and recognized me. There it is, the smile that makes the visit all worthwhile.

We remained in her room and her conversation was a little improved from my last visit so that was good. I walked her down to her table and although it is harder to get her moving, she stayed in her chair and waved as I walked away. I saw Aunt Mary looking my way so ducked behind the pillar and bent down to say hello. She hasn’t seen me for a while but set her glass down as recognition dawned in her face and eyes as well. She reached for my hand so I’m glad I stopped.

These new devices always set her off in giggles
Mom was still looking for me and waving with one or both hands until I reached the door. The love I feel from and for her across the heads of the other diners is too hard to describe. I just know that it is right for me to go each week to see her and feel that unconditional emotion. One last wave and she turned away with a smile to speak to her table mate. 😊 I drove home and was able to drive up the lane over the covered O pipe. Bill had just finished digging for the day since the area was now sun-filled.

Inside, we sat with a cold bottle of water before he went out to putter in his shed again. Outside, it is 75F and in his Hangar and in the Bunky, a comfortable 64F. That is what the insulation does. We both felt tired, even though I haven’t done too much, and were ready for a snooze around 1 o’clock. I read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

We’ve made plans, during the morning hours, to have Bill’s daughter visit one morning and for lunch and also for good friends from London to come for an overnight Bunky stay. It is nice when they can look ahead and pick a suitable day that works for them. That gives us time to choose as well from their options. They missed last year so we are happy to have them coming this summer again. As Bill kept himself busy, I did some reading and then walked down for the mail.

And the trench across the lane is finished
and the pipe burried with the cords in it
My book was getting close to being finished so shamelessly I admit that I devoted a fair bit of time to that today. We did each have a snooze, relative to how much work we’d done. Meaning, Bill’s was a lot longer than mine. I brought the clothes in off the line and we took turns putting our own clothes away. My book was done by 5 and around 5:30 I got Madame IP out to cook chicken thighs and a thick pork chop for Bill.

After sautéing the 4 items, I removed them and added water to scrape the bottom. Cooking for 12 minutes, the lightly spiced thighs and chops took priority space directly on the trivet and then I placed 2 large cut potatoes and 3 carrots in large chunks on top. We haven’t had potatoes for quite some time with our meals so I decided to have a treat for supper tonight. I wish I could say that we don’t like them, but I can’t.

Bill had the pork chop with corn

I had the chicken thigh with carrots
When the time was up I let it go to Natural Release for 6 minutes before releasing it manually. I grilled the meat on the Weber for 5 minutes each side with some barbecue sauce and boy was our supper ever good! There are a couple of small thighs left but hardly enough for another 2-person supper. 

The clouds took over late in the afternoon
We relaxed after dinner with some reruns and watched the last half of Ice Age:The Meltdown. Love these movies. The air outside was still registering 76F/25C and inside at hefty 80F/27C.

This was a good day and we both took care of some necessary things. Laundry, Mom visit, trench started and some painting. There were a few sprinkles of rain but ain’t it the truth that if you want it and need it, you don’t get it. Well, that’s living in Ontario anyway. I hope you enjoyed your day. At 8:15, the air cooled by a couple of degrees and we got some gentle rain. I hope it keeps coming down.

The sun is drawing up water
and the rain fell mid evening
Good night everyone!

Thank you for dropping in!


  1. We feel for Bill! Last month we had to dig a very long trench across our site to bury the power cord for the shed so we know how hard it is to do :-)

    1. I'm a weakling when it comes to that stuff so wasn't any help to him.
      He did awesome!

  2. I hate the digging part, but when you get it done, it’s like OH YEAH!!!! I did chicken thighs in coconut milk, curry powder and peanut butter. Weird, but in 12 min cooking and 12 min slow release, it was awesome!!!! So very tender!!

    1. Except for my gardens, I don't do any digging. It is nice that this wasn't as hard as he thought it would be.
      chicken and peanut butter? Did you coat the chicken with the curry and pb and use 1 cup of coconut milk instead of water in the bottom? Interesting!!

  3. Another good day getting things taken care of and enjoying this wonderful weather.

  4. It's great you had such a nice visit with your mom. While she may be a little confused, at least she isn't angry and she obviously loves to laugh!

    1. Thank you, yes you are absolutely correct. We'll value these moments while she is laughing her way through the disease.