Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Work Calls, True Empty Nesting, Yard Puttering, Sunbathing Time

The Ridge

The night’s sleep was a bit restless for me and I think for Bill too. Seemed we were tossing and turning more than usual. Perhaps it is because he had to get up for work early and I was thinking of the empty Suite for a couple of days. Who knows? We were up together around 5:30 on Wednesday, July 3rd and since he’d had his shower last night, he had no reason to rush.

As we were leaving for work, the sky was lovely
 We were both out the door at 6:10 and I followed Black Beauty into town and waved once I reached the Laundromat. It didn’t take long to clean and I was walking out of the Mat in an hour as one patron arrived. The day is going to be a hot one so I’m glad that work is done early. Back home, I made my tea and sat at the laptop reading friends’ blogs. I’m behind on many but at least I caught up on yesterdays.

Looking out our back window watching the sun rise
Around 8:45, I sprayed on my girlfriend’s homemade ‘Pest Away’ as I want to give it a good test this morning. I still am getting bites but I don’t spray it on every time I’m outside either. I went outside and lugged a bag and a half of black earth into the wheelbarrow and pushed it to the bottom of ‘the hill’. This is the hill we’re trying to kill, remember?

Looking down at the dark patches of earth you can see the green
plants surviving this time
When I open these bags, they are so hot inside that the moisture clumps the dirt making it a challenge to scoop out. So, I played ‘Wonder Woman’ and emptied them into the wheelbarrow. Then, with gloves on, used my hands to break the clumps and scoop it on the hill, surrounding the ground cover that I’d planted last week.

Same hill, different angle
I do think what is there is taking root but a little help can’t hurt. Small clumps of dirt still rolled down the hill to my feet so I was up and down more times than I expected to be.

And I just about missed the first Moon Flower bloom!

Once done, I cleaned stuff up and with some dahlias left in the wheelbarrow, found a new place to plant some more. Not today though, at 10, it was already getting too hot. I was drinking water like crazy, all you ‘Mommas’ will be happy to hear and I had some yogourt and a clementine when I finished. My coffee was like a reward around 10:30 too and I settled outside on the shaded patio for a while. I’m finding it hard to put my book down.
Water from the freezer as Mama Pat suggests 
I changed into my ‘Cancun’ bathing suit and laid out on my webbed lounger with cushion and quilt to make it comfortable and kept an eye on the time I was out in the sun. One side and then the other. Once done, I moved into the shade of our small cherry tree for some relief. What an absolutely beautiful day! I took a couple of walks down the lane, once to retrieve mail and one to stretch my legs. I feel very honoured now, with the mail that came.
I'd moved to the partial shade
From Service Ontario, I am being informed that with my 65th birthday coming up, I am now eligible for free prescriptions. Yay! Not that I get many prescriptions at this stage, especially with shopping in Los Algodones for my shingles meds but still! I’m automatically enrolled in the Ontario Drug Benefit program. Not only am I grown up but I’m also soon to be an official senior citizen! 😊 Gotta be something good about that, right?

The little sweat bees are the only ‘critters’ pestering me today. Pest Away almost attracts them so I had to spray Off in the air around me to deter the little pests. Finally, at 4 o’clock I gave in and moved inside. I put the lounge chair away for the day and can sit on any of the other chairs later. It is warm inside so after supper, I probably will. The a/c might be switched on later for sleeping unless it cools down considerably. Right now, it is registering 83F/28C so very warm outside and in.

And who says turtles don't move quickly?
I hope this works for you

For supper, I have sliced a pack of the peameal bacon that was in the freezer. I’ll have a couple of slices for supper with potato salad and some devilled eggs. Yup, still eating those! So, after hearing from Bill that he was done work around 6 and set up in his trailer, I started frying up the bacon and getting supper ready. I like to think we're eating together. He’s had a long, hot day and I’ve just been lazing around all afternoon. I feel kinda guilty but I guess I worked a bit this morning too.

Supper was good, a nice summery meal. I’ve thought about the little bum a lot today, but didn’t dwell on him. To be honest, with being lazy outside, I didn’t miss having to check on him inside to see if he was off the bed to go out.  Eating supper though was a different story. He wasn’t at my feet begging or he wasn’t outside at the bottom of the steps looking up at the door to be lifted in. That was a pang I wasn’t expecting so I just went with those tears. He's worth it. I miss him.

There were 3 pieces of apple cheesecake so I had one
for dessert and saved these for Bill and I another night
It didn’t take long to do the dishes up and then I went outside for a walk around before settling to finish my book. Jack Reacher has to get out of this one, like he always does but I just don’t quite know how! It is a page turner for sure. I read for a while until Bill texted and asked about my post. Woops! I better get at it! The last couple of chapters can wait. I just had to download pictures from my phone, which can be a slow process sometimes. 

this was shortly after a haircut
Clemson had just turned 8 years old
This has been a good day and a quiet night. I hope you have had a good one too.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It seems to work that way. You're fine for a while then BANG it hits you and you're a mess. I had such a moment just about 15 minutes ago. I have those digital picture frames, where you put pictures in it and they rotate every few seconds. Well there he was, sitting almost exactly where I was standing and BANG it hit me and the tears came. Like you I miss my Jackson very, very much. Hang in there.

    1. Hi Ruth. I seemed fine all day and you're right it was BANG. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awwww look at that little face. It’s a tad too hot to lay out here, even at 8 in the morning!! I know you’re in Canada, but happy Fourth of July and happy free prescriptions!!!!

    1. Happy 4th of July, Nancy! Celebrate like a big girl should!! :)

  3. I was thinking about you, Bill and Clemson today. Of course, you miss him terribly. It would be like losing your arm or leg and then just saying "Oh well"...just not going to happen. Take care...

  4. Gotta love this amazing weather and that we can take advantage of it as well. Gotta love our drug deals now and att the senior discounts as well.

    1. Absolutely!! It's what we've waited for!!Nice to have prescriptions paid for when we need them. Yay for 65!

  5. Well that is a nice benefit of turning 65! Ours isn't quite that good, but sure is better than what I'm paying now! I'd say you earned your nice afternoon and I know how you love the sun! Glad you're getting some good weather to enjoy. Adorable picture of Clemson :) I know how you miss him and you just have to go with the tears and the wonderful memories. Hugs to you!! Dinner looks wonderful, perfect for a summer day!

    1. Nice to get the drug benefit for sure. Something to be grateful for turning 65!
      I don't think I have a bad picture of our little bum. All good ones, especially now. :)

  6. Lovely photo of Clemson! Those moments are reminders of the great love you shared, tears help wash the pain of the loss away.

    Sounds like a lovely day in any event.

    1. Crying has always come easily for me - I never consider tears over Clemmy as a regret so I appreciate your supporting words. Thank you.

  7. Wow you get free prescriptions when you turn 65. Must only be in Ontario, certainly not in BC and Alberta. Love that photo of Clemson.

    1. Yes, it is nice. I guess I thought that you did too. :(
      My brother is in Alberta so I hope he remains healthy then as well as you!

  8. I for one have saved a lot of money on those free prescriptions!