Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Morning After, Tough Decision Made, Laundry Done

The Ridge

I still can’t believe that I was in bed before the sunset last night. I was zonked, I guess. It was a great day! And now, Tuesday, July 2nd I woke before Bill around 5:30, not surprisingly. At 6:30 I crept out of bed trying not to wake ‘sleeping beauty’ but he woke up before I left. Just in time for a kiss as I went out the door. It was beautiful at 65F/18C and the sun was trying to poke through the clouds. I enjoyed the walk in a sleeveless top and my safety vest.

Good morning, Pond
I saw blue in the sky this morning on my walk
but it didn't stay long
There was a conversation with Clemson during that walk so some happy tears shed before I returned. Bill and I are holding them in a lot more because once one starts…….well, you know. We feel we have done really well over the last couple of days especially. After I returned, I had my tea before sorting two loads of dirty clothes and drove into Durham. This time, to use the facilities rather than clean them. Although, I did pick up the broom and sweep the floor after loading the washers. Free gratis, Jamie! 😊

I was hopeful that today would be another sunny day 

but there were darker clouds impeding my view of that blue sky

Bill took Black Beauty in to fill up the tank and to stop at Rob’s for some assistance with our tractor tire. We also had 5 months of Clemson’s flea and tick meds to return to the vet. Hoping but not expecting a refund, we were happy we were reimbursed. Bill inquired about Clemson’s ashes and once it was confirmed that he was still there (Wednesdays they sent them out to be cremated), we made a decision that we are both very, very happy with.

We've decided to retrieve Clemson's ashes and we are picking them up next Wednesday. They are in a small little cedar box that we can easily keep in the Suite so Clemmy will be travelling south with us after all! It’s the right thing for us and we each feel a peace after deciding that. Rob and Pat weren’t home, I’d forgotten that they were staying over night elsewhere so we drove home, separately and I hung the clothes out. It may rain so I’ll keep an eye on the sky.

Going to town at 6:15 and I was escorted out
For brunch – well, almost lunch, I made nice fat omelettes. Bill had his in a toasted sandwich and they were tasty and filling. He had emptied the dishwasher before I returned home today, what a sweetie! I thought that was something I’d need to do. He worked away in the Hangar and I cleaned up the lunch dishes before going out to bring in what clothes were dry. Over half were ready and the sky still showed some sunny patches so I left the rest which were very close.

And across the front field they run
This was on my way home
I took a walk out to see what Bill was accomplishing and walked down the lane. Our little Power Shot Canon camera has given up the ghost. It has been having some issues recently and yesterday it wouldn’t remain on at all so I used my phone for those shots. Nothing wrong with my phone camera at all. It takes some great photos, sometimes better, but they take longer to download onto my laptop and I do that at that end of every day. I’ve already planned to buy a new pocket one anyway, just need to save some ‘laundry’ money.

And I risked a peek at the baby wrens in our little spruce tree
Mama was watching from the fence so I didn't get too close
No mail today – no news is good news. Bill had trimmed some of the lower hanging branches on some trees yesterday and when picking them up he forgot some with fluffies. I grabbed them and brought them up to the brush pile. Much of the fluff from the pussy willows blew off across the pond when I shook them so there won’t be new plantings from those! I took a cold drink, a yogourt and some cheese down to Bill around 2:30 or so and sat on the patio with mine.

At the bottom of the picture she looks to be working hard
Getting back into the story of my book again, it’s good but my head just hasn’t been into it for the last week. It was a humid day, not sunny but very warm. Thank heavens for the slight breeze out there, it was quite refreshing blowing across under the awning. When I saw some darker clouds moving in from the southwest, I brought the last 8 or 10 articles of clothing off the line.

Rob texted Bill around 4 to let us know they were 5 minutes from home so we cleaned things up and took the tire in from his riding mower. We also wanted to tell them about Clemson’s ashes. It was a short but nice visit and Rob helped Bill fix the tire. I must tease him that he is kind of handy to have around. Rob, I mean. They’d had a 3-hour drive returning home today from out of town so we didn’t hang around. We were keen on getting home anyway since Bill has to prep for work in London in the morning.

Looking out my dining room window, our flag
was caught but it looked great for around Canada Day
We got caught in some rain on the way home but it was only heavy for a minute or two and it petered out. When we turned into the laneway, Bill had to stop Ptooties while we examined the situation in front of us. Mrs. Yertle was obviously digging and perhaps laying her eggs in the middle. We waited a while and then just took the chance that we wouldn’t freak her out and drove overtop of her. Looking back, Bill said she hadn’t moved. It takes them so long to find the perfect spot, we didn’t want to disturb her. It would be nice to know that one of them finished laying eggs. 

You never know what you'll see here on The Ridge

Look closely at the birdhouse in the bottom corner

Still looking?
 For supper, we decided on a simple meal with hot dogs and devilled eggs. There was leftover potato salad so along with a hamburger and a couple of the eggs, that would be his supper for tomorrow. We sat and relaxed for a while inside since we weren’t hungry enough to eat yet. At 6:30, after a few chapters in my book and a couple of cat naps, Bill lit the Weber Q. We were eating by 7 and cleaned up shortly after 7:30. 
Yup that little sparrow was in and out
building a nest
Tonight, the air feels cooler but the flag is still stuck to the electric pole so the cooler air isn’t from an increase in wind velocity. Bill brought the cooler in and he began prepping his meals for tomorrow and Thursday. It plugs into power and keeps things cool on the drive and in his trailer in the city. That way he doesn’t have to unload things into the fridge.

digging in my mulch for materials

Nothing looked too threatening all day and between the overnight 2-hour rainfall and today, my vegetables got another watering. Yay! That also makes it easier to pull the weeds. And after a full day of clouds and 10 minutes of sunshine, the sun popped out through the fluffy clouds. It was almost 7 pm. Regardless, we had a great day today and I hope you did too!

And the sun poked out at 7
As I sat on the patio, my flowers and the goldfinch on the feeder
inspired me to snap another picture
Good night y'all!
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  1. I’m glad you chose to keep Clemson’s ashes. I have Mandy’s in a beautiful tin. Cute little sparrow. All I’ve been able to attract are the biggest wasps on the planet!!

    1. thank you, Nancy. I guess we just needed a few days to think about it. :)

  2. So sorry about Clemson. We have our Maltese (13) ashes and he will be buried with the first one that passes away. He's also in a little wooden box with beautiful carving on top. Currently sitting on the mantel, always with us.

    1. thank you. We feel really good about our decision and he will be with us always too.

  3. Good decision about Clemson.
    Glad you didn't get hit too badly with today's rain.
    Be Safe and Enjoy this wonderful weather.

    It's about time.

  4. I have been gone a few days but glad to read things are going normal after the passing of Clemson. It is important to take the time you need. Bringing the ashes home will give you time to decide what you want to do. Maybe when you are ready every time you find a beautiful memory you can sprinkle a little bit...I am thinking that is what I want with myself. Funny you mention about Bill emptying the dishwasher. There is nothing sweeter than coming in and your sweetie has done that!

    1. Thank you afcg. We love the idea of having part of him going south with us each year. :)
      Small things mean a lot.

  5. Unfortunately, I have several urns over the years with our beloved pets inside. It's sad, but I always tell them that I won't leave them there and I will bring them home. So here they all are. Dogs and cats alike.

    1. It was quite a discussion but a few days of grief and we made the right decision for us. :)

  6. Nice that you will have his ashes to travel with you and all those wonderful memories.

    1. Yes, thank you, George. Now he can continue our journey with us!

  7. I thinker's a great decision to have Clemson with you :) Everything is so green and your flowers are lovely! You do have a green thumb! Cute the little bird found his own special home!

  8. We have our little Zsa-Zsa's ashes in a little urn in a little box right above our bed. It may seem weird to others but we like having her close. We bought a small travel trailer right before she died because we thought when we took trips she could go with us and it'd be easier. Then she died and never went in it! My husband said "damnit, she's going with us anyway" so we take her little urn with us on our weekend trips! It give us comfort as she was so attached to us especially in her later years. Maybe someday we'll spread them but not right now. I know exactly how you feel and how much comfort you'll have knowing the little bum is right alone with you. :) Colorado Girl

    1. Aah, its sad that Zsa-Zsa didn't ride in the trailer before she passed but so special that your husband said she was going! :) Love that.
      Not planning on spreading Clem's ashes but of course our minds could change later down the road. Thank you. :)

  9. Sounds like you made the right decision for you and Bill about Clemson and that is the one that counts.
    Always enjoy your pictures of your pond. How cute that the sparrow is building a nest in that birdhouse.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Deb and especially for the special message you sent today. :)