Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Early Watering, Early Sunning, Shopping and Swimming with Sis, My Boys Return

On the Ridge
I first woke on Wednesday July 10th at 5 and rolled over in the hopes of more slumber. Next, it was 6:30 when I opened my eyes and after stretching, got up to greet the day. Looking out the windows as I opened the blinds throughout the Suite I was shown a wonderful looking day again. I texted Bill downstairs “Good morning, Sweetie”.

First picture of the morning
Notice how clean it is
Second picture, with some dust spots retouched

Now you can see what I am dealing with on my big Canon
I didn't remove any spots
After chatting for a few minutes, we said goodbye while he went to eat his cereal and I slipped out for a walk, safety vest donned. This was a rewarding walk. Well, they all are but today I saw the buck, doe and fawn in a closer field. No zoom today so my phone camera took the best shots. Yay! I love watching the animals and critters around our area. We are lucky to have the peace and quiet that we do and then to get the bonuses of living nature. As I stood watching, they made the trek back into the forest.

All 3 family members
This one you can kinid of see the bucks antlers
When I returned, I made my tea and sat inside to read blogs. Once it was done, I filled my watering can twice to water my vegetable garden early. I first primed the pump Bill hooked up, connected the hose to the rain barrel and filled the can that way. Good left arm pumping exercise but with the small hole on top of the can, it made it cumbersome holding it properly. The second can full, I held it under the tap on the rain barrel but it still required holding the can perfectly to fill it. It only took 2 trips today since we’re expecting rain tomorrow.

Mr. Red-wing likes the suet
There has to be a better way. I’m going to look for a watering can with a wider mouth on top. I’ll add that to my list. I changed into my bathing suit and set up my lounge chair again. Now was the better time to catch some rays, before the sun got too hot and before the sweat bees were awake. It was only 9 and after a flip at 9:30, I retreated to the shade at 10. A little bit of sun each day will prepare me for the hot sun of Cancun. I don’t want to get burned the first day.

I moved inside at 10:30 and made myself a coffee. Our big window at the back of the Suite is pretty dirty and we’ve talked about washing it for a few weeks. When I put the Canada flag stickers on for Canada Day, I gave the inside a wash. That was a poor job! Streaks were driving me crazy so I did it much better today. Now we can see out much better! I also washed the screens in all of our windows. The dust collects in the corners especially so now it is gone.

I'm just going to throw this picture of wild grass in
Not as attractive as a flowering wild flower but pretty in its own way
At 11 o’clock, it was already a lovely 75F/24C with a slight breeze. The humidity is only 47% right now so a great day to be outside. Soon time to make myself an egg or two for brunch with some fried radishes and feta cheese on the side. It doesn’t take much to fill me in the mornings especially. I have a date with Donna this afternoon, as I mentioned yesterday, and Bill is expecting to be home in good time this afternoon as well. I’ll see what time we both get home and give him an option for supper.

I’ve looked out at my suet feeder a few times since hanging it, wondering if it is in the best position. The birds I’ve seen at it are the black birds and the red-winged black birds. It swings freely so it is a challenge for them to hand onto the cage but they seem to be enjoying it. I was hoping for more eye-catching birds but really, I’m just happy that I’ve found something that our many Chippy’s can’t get at. LOL I also want to replace and find a better spot for my hanging seed feeder.

brunch = eggs, feta cheese and radishes

I made my little meal and it was closer to 12 noon. Still more food than I could eat. I should’ve stuck to my norm of 1 egg instead of 2. Where’s my little guy when I need him? Clemmy usually liked to eat the egg that we would leave on our plate for him. Every day there is something and that is a good thing. I love our memories of him. I cleaned up the few dishes and then cleaned up myself and changed into a one-piece swimsuit. Don’t want to scare anyone at the pool! I stopped in Durham on my way through and took in the bottles and cans for the $2.50 refund. Better than nothing!

On the way to Donna’s, Jamie called but he was in his vehicle and with me in mine, the connection was not great and we disconnected. He left me a text saying that he and Cheryl (& kids?) were on their way to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her parents are out there and we knew he was trying to rent a trailer that would accommodate them for 2 weeks. It is 3 days there and 3 days back. I wished them a safe and fun trip and will touch base when they return. Vacations are nice and important.

The entrance to the Hanover Aquatic Centre
Donna and I went to Salvation Army in Hanover first where I dropped off the donations I had. Of course, we poked around as I had a few things I was looking for. We found 3 hooks that I can use for hanging our hangers in the Bunky. They will take up a whole lot less space than the coat rack that we’re using now. From there we drove to what I call ‘Donna’s Consignment store’. Fashion Fables Boutique is a very special ladies store.

I loved it and the gal running it today was a very positive, helpful young lady. I see why Donna raves about it. Most of the clothing was high quality bearing labels that I find in the Ladies store here near Durham but at 2nd hand prices. Right up my alley! I tried on 3 dresses and walked out with one. Each one was lovely, all under $30 and I’d have brought 2 home had the one not been too big. I’ll go back for sure.

a huge pool with more than one lifeguard on duty at all times
Lastly, I drove us to the Aquatic Centre with directional assistance from Donna. We were a bit early so waited and watched from an upstairs viewing window. The main pool, hot tub and small pool were jam-packed with little people. I’m so glad ours was an adult swim for a peaceful hour. Kids are great but not for us and not in a pool. That’s why we all have choices. ¾ of the way through our time, we got out and took 10 minutes of extreme sauna heat. That was all we could handle before hopping back in the pool to cool off.

That was a fun afternoon with my big sister and during the drying off and changing process, I had a call from the Durham vet that Clemson’s ashes were ready for pick up. Bill had arrived home around 3 pm and we decided that I would stop and pick them up on my way home. That was tearful but I tried to be brave (without a lot of success) as she handed them to me. Bill was waiting for me when I drove in the lane and we opened the cardboard box together.

Clemson is home where he belongs again
All we can say is that it is a beautiful little cedar box holding some very special ashes of an incredible little memory. Clemson, now you may rest in peace, back home here in our Suite, forevermore. It was the right decision.

I was hungry so Bill lit the Weber Q and began grilling our mild farmer’s sausage. Inside, I cut up my garden radishes and green onions plus the last of Carol’s leaf lettuce and some green pepper. A sprinkling of shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese completed the salad. I think we’ll be having some dessert tonight! It is nice to have Bill home again. I had to admit that I felt empty yesterday afternoon and last evening. All is well again. 😊

Supper was good topped off with Creamy Lime Jell-O
We did the few dishes up and Bill went to the Acreage to get a bladder full of fresh water. I put the chairs and my bike away, closed the Bunky doors and brought the towels and my suit off the line. Just in time, the rain spattered around, cooling me off as I worked away. It didn’t last more than 5 minutes and Bill would be sheltered in the trees so may not have even noticed over there. 

The geese are still hanging around
making it difficult to determine parent from child now
I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as I certainly have mine. A refreshing swim and some shopping with my sis, my sweetie returns home in great time and we got our little bum back home with us too.

another untouched capture on my dusty Canon
and instead of showing you the sunset tonight

I'll share our portion of the rainbow
Who got the other half?
Good night y'all from all 3 of us here on the Ridge
Thank you for stopping by to see what we’re up to. Your comments are always appreciated whenever you wish to leave one.


  1. Don’t count chippy out yet!!! Lol. Nice you can keep Clemson close by. Love those little puppies.

    1. haha. He was on the ground under the suet feeder eating the scraps. :)
      Happy to have the little guy home.

  2. Just keep in mind that it doesn't matter how much sun you get before you go to Cancun you still need to limit your exposure over the first few days, the sun is so much stronger that you will burn.

  3. A fun day you had with Donna, and now with Bill home and Clemson there you are all together once again.

  4. I expect the chipmunks will figure a way to reach the suet at some point, they're persistent!

    Glad you have Clemson home with you - I'm sure just looking at the box will bring smiles of sweet memories.

    1. You're probably right but so far, he hasn't. heh heh
      Thank you, we are too. He gets a good morning and a good night wish each day plus a couple of touches in between. ;)

  5. Sounds like you did have a good day. The box is beautiful and I'm sure you made the right decision to bring him home. Glad you found some "new to you" clothes..always the best kind! Nice you got to spend some time with Donna..sisters are the best. Nice Bill is home too!!

    1. It was a great day, topped off with bringing Clemson home and having Bill back. :)