Sunday, July 14, 2019

Slept In! Foggy Morning, Friends Depart, Empty Late Afternoon

The Ridge
 On Sunday, July 14th I woke at 5 and rolled over all 4 ways until 6 when I last looked at the clock. It was too early to get up on a day off especially! Bill was still sound asleep. Next thing I knew, it was 7:30 and the space beside me was empty. After getting up and coming downstairs, Bill told me he’d only been up 20 minutes so we both slept in a bit.

Foggy across the pond and on North Line
It felt warm in the Suite after last night’s cool down but we had closed our windows before going to bed around 10:30. I looked outside and it was too foggy across the area and the pond to go for a walk. I couldn’t see North Line so I made my tea and joined Bill until he headed down to the Hangar. Jo-Ann was outside with Higgins so I took my coffee out and sat at the King chairs. With her drink, she soon joined me.

back window - no sunrise
We looked at some of her pictures of Arizona from 2014 and then took Higgins for a walk to Turbine Lane. She made me work this morning! She really moves and this ole gal had a time keeping steps with her. It was good for me though and once I got the groove, coming back was much easier. She said she was trying to ‘rein’ it in too! Higgins was a good boy and used his ‘new to him’ retractable leash.

And then by 8, the fog was gone

And the sky was gorgeous
Last night, a lot of Clemson’s things moved to a new home, a new puppy and we feel really good about that. Setting up a new trailer is the perfect time to have duplicates of things and when you have a pooch, he needs duplicates as well. Clemson liked Higgins when they had their first meeting in June so we know he’d be happy to share his stuff.

so, we followed Higgins down the road
There has to be a setting on my phone camera that I'm missing
The selfie pictures are blurry
We sat with the boys for a while outside when we returned until 9:30 when I made Bill his bacon and eggs.

The guys were chilling in the shade when we returned
They had finished laying the flooring in the Hangar last night and it is looking mighty fine! I’m happy because Bill is happy and that is putting it mildly. Bob was a huge help in getting that project to 95% completion. Awesome! After breakfast, we all hopped into Black Beauty and drove over to the Acreage. Gerry had invited us over to show Bob and Jo-Ann their summer haven.

No b & e for me today
Instead I had this filling brunch on a pretty plate
Higgins curled up on the car bed we gave him
Bill filled the water bladder as well and we’ll use it either for washing a vehicle or two and/or topping up our fresh water tank. At least we have it on hand and he was able to show Bob our easy procedure for getting water. They liked Donna and Gerry’s Landmark 5th wheel, made by Heartland as is their Redwood. The Acreage received praises too and then we sat with Mike at the pond. None of us was more surprised (or should I say shocked?) than Jo-Ann when Higgins walked to the end of the dock and jumped in the pond! A squeal from her got our attention.

The little drowned rat
Bob emptied his pockets, and so did Bill, prepared to jump in after him. He’s just a little guy but also smart and turned around swimming to the dock, saving both guys from getting wet. It was scary, comical and so cute all at the same time. Jo-Ann was afraid he’d do it again so we put him on a rope that Gerry had. Now, soaking wet, he looked even more like our little Clemmy.

Mama says 'No more water, Higgins'
The guys all got a kick out of Higgins' swim
Clem did NOT like water and the only time he swam like that was when Bill took him into the pond about 6’ out and let him swim to shore. Let’s just say we were all entertained today. 

Roped in, he chewed on a stick and dried quickly
in the hot sun
Soon enough, we headed back home and our company began packing up. Oh, after a group photo on my funky tripod and phone camera. All the grumbling we endured from Bob and Bill about taking a picture. Good grief! This is memory making time!

Still blurry but a nice picture of the 5 of us
They were ready to pull out around 2:30 and I asked ‘were they not wanting to dump?’ Oh yes! They may as well, instead of going to a park in Tavistock. This was another ‘virgin’ project so it was good that Bill could help show Bob the process. The first time is always a bit intimidating so it went well and he learned for the next time. We waved goodbye as they went down the laneway. It was a great visit and we were happy to get to know them better.

Easy fold-up steps
For some reason, Bill and I felt kapooped so came inside with our books. Well, I tried sitting outside first and the sweat bees drove me nuts again so that didn’t last. I moved inside and relaxed. We read, dozed, read some more and then around 5:30 we got the ‘arrived home safely’ text. Now we can really relax. We certainly hope they come back and we would like to accept their invitation to their cottage at Turkey Point soon. I’ve never stayed at anyone’s cottage (without our own rv).

Higgins waits in the shade 

Jo-ann closing hatches
Bill went to the Hangar to do a bit more sanding for his base board trim and then at 6:00 after I took a walk down the lane, he lit the Weber and grilled burgers for supper. I debated the bun but went with it in the end. It was a filling burger; no salad was necessary. For dessert, no rhubarb custard tonight, we finished the last two Creamy lime Jell-o dishes with a Fat Bomb. I need to pester Jo-Ann for the recipe for the rhubarb dish, loved by all of us.

And Higgy and I stayed out of the way and
took selfies
After dishes, Bill went down to primer his wood pieces and then called it quits for the night. I’m not showing you the flooring intentionally, once it is done Bill can take pictures and write his own post. This was a wonderful day although we were saddened to say goodbye. The time spent with them and little Higgins was A-1. I had a sweet cuddle with him on my lap while the hooking up process was going on.

all hooked up
Ready to go on his new bed

He kept his eye on Jo-Ann but only a couple of times seemed like he wanted to jump down. I think he was tired out. I hope your day was a good one too! The weather was absolutely perfect reaching a high of 77F/25C and hardly any wind to speak of all day. Let’s have a repeat tomorrow!

see ya, guys!
Come back again!
Good night from the Ridge
Thanks for stopping around today. Drop me a line if you wish.


  1. I knew Higgins was going to be an entertaining little guy. I was laughing at his swim time and had to tell Jerry why I was laughing. Fun times!

    1. He was the best little guy to have for a visit. And he likes us too!

  2. Never say never to a new lil puppy! It has been 5 years for us and we are still saying no but in the back of my mind I am saying maybe if the right one came around...:)

    1. I know, that is what everyone says. Whether the conveniences that we're now seeing will win out over the love we know we'd share could just take the right one, like you say. But nothing before we have a winter under our belt. :)

  3. That would have been a shock when Higgins jumped off the dock but it was good for a laugh. Your fog pictures always look so pretty :-)

    1. Poor Mama Jo-Ann was worried. Rightfully so, the first time, I would have been too! :)

  4. Higgins is a cutie for sure! He looked sad to be leaving in the last 2 pics :) That was funny him going for a swim..LOL. Just like little kids, you've got to watch them every second! I'm glad you enjoyed your company and it seems they've learned a lot from both of you. Can't wait for Bill's posting and pictures of the Hangar.

    1. Higgins was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the time with him.
      Bill will need some encouragement so I'll keep on him when he gets it done. Getting close!

  5. How funny Higgins jumped in the water. That's what Cooper would do. He loves to splash around!! Scary though!!! So nice of you guys to extend the hospitality and teach them about their rig at the same time.

  6. Higgins was sure entertaining. Cute watching him swim back to the dock.
    I think Bill helped them a lot. It is nice to be there for someones first questions. ;)

  7. What fun with your visitors! It would be fun to have a place where people could stop by with their RV for a visit. Who knows - maybe we could add hookups down the road.