Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Different Monday for all of Us

The Ridge

Sunday night, I went up to bed at 9 when The Good Witch was over. My show was on and since I’d previously caught up on all the recorded episodes, I was up to date. I said goodnight to Bill and Gibbs, who was by this time feeling better after eating his dish of supper at 8, and slipped upstairs to turn Why Women Kill on. We close the door between the rooms so the tv is not a distraction. Especially when both tv’s are on.

Getting ready to head to work

It would be a good day for 2-wheelin'

I heard movement downstairs just as it neared 10 o’clock and my show was ending. I figured Bill was coming to bed. He’d taken Gibbs out for his last piddle and the next thing I knew, Gibbs was coming up to see me. Bill lifted him up to the bed and went back down and closed the door. "stay with Mom for a little while", he said. I was happy, actually, because I was worried about him all evening and Bill knew that. He seemed better, still a warm little nose, but he cuddled into me and/or the blankets and rested. šŸ˜‰

A different mode of transportation today

Bill joined us later, I don’t know what time, and I left it up to him whether he put Gibbs in his crate or not. We both want him to sleep with us but is it too soon? Will he settle down? Apparently, yes. I think it was 2:15 when they got up and Bill took him out. I’m thinking Gibbs was either restless or maybe Bill had to get up. I was pretty much in dreamland so I’m guessing. After going outside for a piddle and poop, he went into his crate for the rest of the morning until we got up at 6:45. Not a peep.

So, today, Monday, July 19th Bill was taking Jazz to work. We agreed that he wouldn’t take it to the job site because the parking and chance of upset when moving vehicles around could be risky. However, there is a Forest City Flyers (his London RC club) meeting tonight in the big city. It will be a special meeting because the property that their field is on has been sold by Ford and purchased by Amazon. That update hopefully will be discussed in the hopes they can still rent it at a decent cost.

There could also be discussion regarding rules about Covid restrictions and of course, flying if anyone wants to before and after the meeting. Bill won’t be flying, for obvious reasons. He loves the London club and knows many of the regular members whom he has known and flown with for years long before I met him. I wanted to support his decision BUT I worry about the 2 ½ hour drive AFTER a day of work in this heat, especially, not to mention the drive home in the dark.

Bye sweetie!✋

If he took the car, he is more likely to get sleepy and his wife won’t be by his side to keep poking him. šŸ˜Š On the Yamaha, that won’t happen and he is anxious to get out for a ride anyway. The challenge was in what to take. Lunch for work including liquids, clothes to change into after work, jacket, chaps, just in case it should be cool on the ride home. Chances of that are slim but 16C/64F on a bike is cooler than you think. I would need my leather jacket, he may not.

I snapped a picture of the sun's reflection
on my way to Durham

So, Gibbs and I said goodbye to him at 7 (my he looks good in leather on a bike!) and then I left the little guy in his crate and went into Durham at 7:15 to clean the Mat. First job there was to clean out the Lost and Found box. So much stuff has crammed it full and none of it has disappeared over the last 3 weeks. Time to get rid of it. I don’t usually sort through it, so just piled it into a plastic garbage bag and set it in the locked room for disposal. A lot of it was mismatched socks etc. šŸ˜† I find them all the time stuck to the inside of a washer.

Gibbs and I sat outside under the awning later in the afternoon

I found a few decent things my size (which means my sister’s sizes too) and threw those 5 pieces in the washer and brought them home to dry on the line. We’ll be having a mini exchange at LadyFest next week and maybe someone can put them to use. Next week! Holy cow! That is coming up fast! šŸ˜Š Bill texted when he arrived at work and then again to check on Gibbs. I guess I worry so was pleased Bill kept in touch. I’m happy to report that he is back to normal and ate a good breakfast. All things are normal again. Gibbs, I mean.

Our little chub bum

Gibbs's selfies

Bill reminded me to take him in for an up-to-date weigh-in at the vets. He needs his flea and tick meds for this and next month and he hasn’t been up to the 10 lbs. yet, where he needs to be to get them. So, we took a drive back into town and Gibbs weighs in at 12.6 lbs! He has just been growing like crazy and he is a solid little mass of fur! Ha ha. He’s healthy, obviously, and although we worry about what he gets into, the free run is really good exercise for his chubby little self.

Time for a snooze!

He likes his little doggie
although it is a chew toy

At home, I had my coffee and warmed up some soup. I debated on what to get for supper until I remembered that it will be just be me, so that decision just got a bit easier. If I can figure out the zucchini pizza crust, I’ll make myself a pizza! Gibbs and I shared a very quiet day. It was just too hot to be outside for doing anything. It’s 27F/81F with an added air quality warning from the humidity. We sat under the awning on the patio for about half hour and I had to come in, not much of a breeze. The little guy was quick to follow.

There was a whole lot of haze in that sky today
This was when we walked down to the mailbox
and brought the bin up

Inside, he sat at the base of the stairs. *hint hint*. It was around 4 and I could tell he was missing his Daddy. Every loud vehicle he heard, he watched the laneway when we were out. šŸ˜Š Sweet. I gathered that he was looking for a snooze and once I mentioned it, he hopped upstairs and we settled down. I read and played my online Scrabble-Go on my phone while he jockeyed for the coolest spot to lay. I was surprised that he slept for an hour.

This is the same sun but the reflections are on the west
pond this time

While up there, at 4, Bill texted that he left work and was headed for London. When we came down at 5, I started on the pizza. The recipe I chose went well, I was feeling very positive even though I had to scramble for toppings. The thing I did wrong was not making the crust as thin as I’d like so it didn’t get crispy. The good thing is that there is enough leftover for 3 lunches for me and I’m getting my pizza fix! It tasted pretty good.

The pizza looks and tastes pretty good but next
time, I need to roll them thinner

Bill texted again at a few minutes before 7 that he was safe and sound at his meeting. *sigh* Gibbs and I went down to the mailbox to place a card and pick up the recycle bin. He had a little upset in the house with some liquid throw up but seems to be fine otherwise. He eats all of his supper and his ‘dispensing’ system seems to be working just fine as well. šŸ˜Š I wonder where he’ll sleep tonight? That will depend on Bill when he gets home and how tired he is. I think I know the answer to that!

Waiting while I prepare his supper
He's so patient!

I did the dishes and sat with Gibbs to watch some tv of my own choosing. This was a very lazy day but a good one all the same. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be quite as hot so I can do some more weeding or trimming outside. Today reminded me of when I was alone with Clemson and Bill was driving to CanAm. I'm glad he isn't doing that anymore although I wish he wasn't working every day.

My stay at home reward!
Chapman's peanut butter cup and chocolate ice cream cone!

Update: Bill got home safe and sound around 11 pm so Gibbs and I went out to greet him as he parked Jazz and helped him bring his day’s gear inside. I’d made his lunch for him so he didn’t have to do that tonight or in the morning. šŸ˜‰ Thank you God for bringing him back home to us safely.

The sun goes down through the treest
another pretty one

the Waxing Gibbous Phase of the moon
(I had to look it up)
It was so pretty when the clouds weren't hiding it
but I'm not good at moon photos
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. The haze and red sun and moon are from the forest fires in the north west of the province. We could really smell the smoke this morning.
    I took the drive with my co-pilot last evening to find some high ground to get a photo of the sun, but it was obscured by forest. We parked beside the river so she got a good swim to cool her down. She is a Lab after all, so I had a hard time convincing her to get out and hop in the back where her towel was. She had been riding around in the front seat, grrrrr.

    1. Oh, thank you, I never thought of that being the reason. It is beautiful.
      Funny about your Lab wanting to ride in the front seat. ;)

  2. So glad that Gibbs is feeling better. I was worried about your little sweetie. His face makes me smile.šŸ’“ Glad that Bill made it home safe and sound.

    1. Thank you Loree. That is so sweet of you.
      I was happy when Bill got home too. :)

  3. Gibbs is pretty good at selfie’s. Cooper had an upset tummy too. No idea what causes it, but all us doggie moms worry. It’s hard not to worry bout those motorcycle guys, but they enjoy it so much!!

    1. He is, isn't he?
      this little guy just scrounges for things to put in his mouth, it's scary.
      Yes, we worry about them and our motorcycle guys! :)

  4. Happy to hear that Gibbs is feeling better and Bill made it home safely.

    I'm lousy at taking photos of the moon too. Partially because I can't get the camera to focus and secondly because I'm rarely up that late. :)

    1. thank you Maebeme, Gibbs is better again. ;)
      I don't understand enough about the aperture stuff etc. so leave the perfect pictures to the pros. ;)

  5. Glad Bill enjoyed his trek to London with Jazz.
    Gibbs extended illness was probably due to Bill's absence.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. I never thought of that about Gibbs's sickness, but he sure did miss him. :)

  6. Glad Bill got down and back safely.

  7. Glad Gibbs is doing well and Bill made it home safely.