Sunday, July 18, 2021

Keeping Things Busy or Things Keeping Us Busy

The Ridge

On Sunday, July 18th we were all able to be lazy with nothing else on our minds. No cleaning, no laundry, no work on any schedule. So, it was another 7:45 am rising today. The sky looked mostly clear when I opened the blind and I thought I might go for a walk early. I didn’t. Bill asked if I wanted my tea and I found myself saying “yes”. 😊 I know better than to put off my walk until ‘later’ because ‘later’ seldom happens.

Starting off with last night's sun before it set
I just noticed now how it seems to be sitting in the branch

The pictures didn't do it justice

It didn’t matter, it felt good just to laze around for a wee bit. Bill did dump our black tank this morning, which was not a pleasant chore since our macerator gave up the ghost. It broke making it unusable. Unfortunately, it meant manual dumping from our tank to the outhouse using half pail fulls. I felt bad to see Bill having to do this so we decided right then and there to order a new one from Camping World. They had the best price.

Over Bill's Hangar
It was a lovely red

And across the sky to the southeast, the clouds
reflected the colour

After he finished and had things away, I let Gibbs off his leash and I went out to the Bunky. He tried to help again by checking out everything I was moving and sorting through. I made great progress, piling things on the futon that will be going to the auction. We haven’t decided which auction yet but have it narrowed down to two of the better ones. Bill took Black Beauty over to get a bladder of water to top up our tank and to use for that continuing project. 😊

Gibbs finds the little crabapples and plays with them
We watched him with them but never saw him eat one

It was a hot, humid day but with the breeze I was quite happy with the way it turned out. With the Bunky cleaned and Bill had taken the time to hang my full- length mirror, I brought all of my paint supplies out to the patio table under the awning. It was still early in the day, just noon hour and we’d had our lunch. He went to the Hangar and puttered away on his stuff and I carried on painting rocks. I was enjoying myself and we both kept an eye on Gibbs.

My daisies are looking awesome
now that they have room to spread

I had quite the gallery going on here
and fully enjoyed the afternoon

At 4:00 Donna and Gerry arrived at the Acreage and we’d offered to help them move their wooden steps/stoop away from their trailer. They have sold it and are getting their new one some time this week. Exciting! We stayed for a beer (the guys) and Gibbs ran free. We’re not sure if it was there or earlier in the day that the little guy got into something that upset his tummy but he fell asleep in my arms and later dragged around. He was a bit sick but nothing came up so we watched him all evening.

It was a good burger and I even ate
the bun - tsk tsk 😃

He nibbles on so much crap out there, even when tired up, and it is so hard to be ‘on’ him all the time. He slept at our feet while we ate our cheeseburgers for supper and we kept checking on him. If he is no better in the morning, I’ll be taking him to the vet. I sure hope he is okay. Now, we’re feeling bad about letting him run loose. He has been on the go all day. After dishes, Bill packed his lunch and a backpack. Tomorrow will be a different day so check in and see what's going on. 😉

A few secrets on some rocks
I painted 12 rocks today
Good night!

This was a good day with the exception of how our little boy is feeling. I’ll keep you informed. Thank you for your visit!


  1. Never good when the Macerator goes down. When you get the new one maybe Bill can fix the old one as a spare.
    Gibbs could be feeling the heat and not drinking enough.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, the macerator is a key item. If the old one can be repaired he will repair it.
      Gibbs was better today, but not 100%.

  2. Aww poor baby Gibbs. Hope he's feeling better. I'm surprised Bill isn't feeling queasy after that yucky job!! Happy you had a nice day!!!

  3. Oh poor Bill! Can't wait to see D and G's new trailer! Always exciting. That burger looks awesome! I did for the first time buy keto buns at Walmart. First time i've seen them. 50 cal and 1 net carb..they are yummy! $5.00 for 8 so I freeze the rest and take out what I want. Hope Gibbs is feeling better this am! 12 rocks wow!

    1. I know! 10 pail trips back and forth.
      If lice to see a picture of your keto buns. I've never seen them.

  4. I sure hope Gibbs is feeling better today. Yuck, Bill's job could not have been pleasant. It reminds me of my childhood - we didn't have a flush toilet until I was 17. And someone had to carry the pail out to the outhouse, usually Dad, but I know I took a turn or two.

    1. Thank you, better today and slept well last night.
      I remember my girlfriends family's had the pail system when i was a teenager. I felt wealthy because we had toilets.

  5. You should bring some of your painted rocks up to add to the rock snake here in Meaford. They're trying to build it all the way to Thornbury.