Sunday, July 11, 2021

An Outdoor Saturday, Family Snooze, A Good Little Puppy

The Ridge

On Saturday, July 10th, it was go-go-go right from the minute we got up at 7:30. I went for my walk and Bill and Gibbs went to the Acreage for water. I had a wonderful 2-mile walk, there was no wind and the sky was clear blue. It was a cool 10C/52F overnight but this morning by 7:30, it was perfect for a walk and I enjoyed it.

Good morning, sunshine, we've missed your

I had my tea when I returned and Bill wasn’t long after me with a bladder of water to empty into the Suite tank. While that was happening, Bill started getting things ready for his next project. I'm not spoiling it for him, he will post about it eventually. I had planned to go up on the berm to weed but when he said he’d cut up the white pipe for me, I worked on edging and weeding the garden by the Bunky instead. The white pipe won’t prevent weeds from getting in there but it will accentuate where the weed trimmer can go. 😊

Hard to tell Mom and Dad from the kids
They'll soon be flying off, I'm sure

Heading home down a familiar path

Gibbs helped – well, I say that tongue in cheek. Bill and I decided since we were going to be outside all day, together, we’d let the little guy run free. We like that he’s used to a leash/rope but we also like to get him used to his own area and see how well he sticks close to us/home. Long story short, he did exceptionally well! We didn’t worry about where he was because he was always in sight, for one of us.

I think it spruces the small garden up a bit

Too bad I didn't have enough cvs pipe for all the

He ran back and forth between us, we were doing different jobs, and never stopped for a minute. Puppy energy, I’d love to figure out how to harvest that!! When he came back from the Acreage with Bill, he’d looked like a rug rat. The dew on the grass, here and there, was heavy and he was quite soaked from his tummy to the tips of his toes. Lordy o’ Lordy. I didn’t let him in the house until he was dry. No biggie, he didn’t want to be indoors anyway.

What little moppet!! Wet and bedraggled.
He had fun with Daddy

I deadheaded the Bacopa

From 8:30 am to 5, we were outside, with an hour interlude at 2:30 where we all snoozed. We were hot and had done a lot already. Gibbs was so tired when we came inside, he actually hesitated at the stairs as if he had no energy to get up them. We laughed about that but soon stopped when he flopped on the bed and immediately went to sleep between us. No nipping, no playing, just sleep for 45 minutes. Our eyes met and we chuckled at how worn out he was. 😊

Everybody needs a garden helper, right?

He did such a good job! (in between chewing on the wood chips)

He stopped while playing in the garden
to have a conversation with EllScott, our gnome

We made a quick trip over to the Acreage for another bladder of water and went right back to work when we got home. Finally, at 5:30, I left Bill to it while I started supper. We had steak and potatoes on the Weber and I did veggies inside. While the potatoes cooked, I had a shower which felt great. We’d unplugged this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks and took advantage of the nice day, 24C/78F, and the solar panels.

Gibbs also helped Daddy, and ran back and forth
between us to see that we were both okay
This picture is deceiving, the roadway is not that close
to where Bill is standing

He took a lot of shade breaks which I was glad of

Here's a better look so you can see where he is

Supper was delicious and we had a piece of peanut butter pie for dessert. Gibbs was still very tired and did not give the usual reaction when I mentioned the word ‘supper’ and put his food dish on the counter. 

Konked out

I think he would have appreciated it if I’d delivered it to him as he lay there under the table. Finally, he moved to get his meal and walked down the hill with Daddy for his piddle. Still, no leash and he was behaving quite well.

Milkweeds are pretty

Before and after blooming

Tiger lily in a different shade

Traditional orange

A delicious steak supper

I love the peanut butter pie

After dishes, Bill got washed up and we got ready to go to the Acreage for a campfire. It should be a perfect night after a perfect day. I hope you enjoyed your Saturday too.

Fun at the Acreage campfire

It was a nice evening too

Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. Good puppy Gibbs!!! I see lots of baths in his future!!! Your garden looks so inviting and your dinner delicious. Right now I’d trade places with you!!!

  2. I can hardly wait to meet your new little baby. He is so adorable. ❤

    1. We can hardly wait too! He is getting so big and our hearts are growing too! :)

  3. When Gibbs was looking at the gnome, I wonder what he was thinking? He's just too cute and entertaining.

  4. Gibbs looks happy to be free to explore while at the same time staying close to both of you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy

    It's about time.

  5. If you wear him out that much, Gibbs will be well behaved quite fast! I think I know what Bill's project is too.

    1. I think so too!
      Hopefully you won't have to wait too long to have it confirmed. He isn't the fastest at writing a blog and he may wait until it is finished. ;)

  6. I echo others thoughts about Gibbs and the Gnome! Are you my friend? Do you bark or talk? No? How do we communicate? Can you play? I know lots of places we can play. Lol!!