Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturdays are Good

The Ridge

It was a sleep in day, on Saturday, July 17th, although it shouldn’t have been. I had a laundromat to clean and laundry to do. That changed though when Gibbs and Bill came back to bed at 5:45 and when the little guy settled down, so did the adults. 😊 It was after 7:30 when we finally got up. Bill sorted most of the clothes and monitored Gibbs (kept his attention) while I slipped out at 8 with the basket of clothes.

My first pictures of the day were late morning
but worth the wait!

From 20' away, my camera caught her beauty
quite well

Only one customer in the Mat and even though the sky was a light gray mass overhead, I’d decided to bring the laundry home to hang dry. We knew it wasn’t going to rain and the warm air and wind would dry them during the day. Bill had done the dishes while I was gone. We were just lazy last night in more ways than one! My boys were waiting outside for me and last night Bill and I agreed that we were going to block up the skunk hole and let Gibbs run free. He is happier that way and he needs the exercise he gets running around the property.

Now here is a different view of the Ridge
from the berm garden

Whether we ‘unblock’ it at dusk will be determined yet. We aren’t 100% sure that is where they are so if they dig to get out, we’ll know for sure. My soaked rags don’t seem to be doing anything, at least there are no footprints. I’m not surprised. From the time I got home, it was pretty much go, go, go, for all of us. Bill went in to the hardware store to get things he needed for that ongoing project, and then we both had to go back when he needed to exchange something. Woops!

Gibbs helped Daddy with his job

I can’t quite remember in which order, since the morning zipped by for me, but we had bacon and eggs for lunch and Bill had a snooze upstairs. Gibbs wouldn’t settle down so came down and slept downstairs. I believe it is too hot up there for him and there is definitely more air down here on the floor. Bill shouldn’t take it personal! 😊

And did what he could to 'prevent' me from doing mine

But let me just say that my worker sure
took a lot of shade breaks

After dishes, we set to work. He worked away at his work and I went up to the berm to get rid of the dreaded weeds. This is a hilltop garden I don’t mind digging in. Guess what Gibbs did? Yup he ran back and forth between us, helping and supervising where he could. Ever tried hoeing and weeding a garden with a 4- month old crawling all over, under and around you?

I’m sure he thought he was helping by digging in the area I was working in…………..At one point, when I sat to make it easier on myself to gather the pulled weeds, the little rascal took that opportunity to sit on my lap. Only a couple of times did I have to raise my voice and send him to Daddy. I have 3 gladiolas that are just taking hold and they are fragile. The hostas and lilies are not so it didn’t bother me when he ran in and around those plants but my glads are different.

He did keep an eye on predators though
while I worked

Without tying Gibbs up, I knew there was no use in me trying to week my vegetable garden. He would trample those precious plants and that would upset me. So, it was time to call it a day for me. It was 3:00 or later when I came in and poured Bill and I a cold drink. Happy Hour, Bill called it, so we sat under the awning and rested. Bill put his things away too and puttered away down at the Hangar ‘for fun’.

Caught on camera
with no advance warning
A taste of my own medicine?
Looks like we were both taking a break here

When Marilynne called, I listened for a while and then came up to bring the clothes in off the line. Gibbs still was running back and forth, wearing himself out, Good! A method to our madness. 😊 He has fun and to be honest, so do we, watching his antics. He is getting good at knowing his boundaries but then just as we think that, we find him reaching farther and farther over the edge to the decline. And suddenly, his great hearing is not working.

My 3 gladiolas are in different stages
of growth, odd, eh?

I gathered him up, by tricking him of course, and we came in. When he crashed, I had a wonderful shower and then sat and started my blog until Bill came up at 5:30. It was going to be burger night, even though Bill had that last night, he didn’t mind. But then I remembered the leftover spaghetti in the fridge. With a salad it would be great and save us from too much work. One of us would be manning the Weber Q and this will be easier.

The big sprayer wasted no time at all in the field
of winter wheat behind us

Gibbs was slowing down too
and shifted some gravel under the Suite to
find a cool spot to lay

I’d picked up 3 books in town today, two from the book exchange box and one from the end of a driveway. A lady I bought candles from years ago had small boxes spread down both sides of her driveway with free stuff. Of course, I had to stop and peruse. A book, rolling pin socks, a ball for Gibbs – heck why not? 😊 So, it was time to get supper started and I was hungry for it. It was 6 o’clock and we were eating within 30 minutes.

Bill's choice for the Hangar

And this one is mine
Both swivel and are comfortable

Leftovers with salad
Easy peasy

That was filling and we decided to wait to have our dessert until later. Or a snack. After dishes, Bill fed and then took our sleepy Gibbs out for a piddle. He is worn right out. We watched a movie together, a Christmas in July movie. I can’t believe I just said that but it is true. Some of these movies are pretty good and I’m enjoying a few. I worked on my blog as the evening progressed since I finished my book last night. I have yet to decide what’s next on the reading list.

All new authors so it will be interesting

This was a great day made only better by the email I received. If you remember earlier in July, I had received an item from China that didn’t at all resemble what I ordered. It has been an ongoing process of dealing through PayPal to either get the correct item or to get a full refund. The vendor originally offered me $9 USD (I paid $25.98 USD) to resolve the issue. I denied that yesterday and today got this final email from PayPal. 😊

It's nice to get looked after when someone
screws with you and your money
However, I still would have liked that puzzle table!

I guess I should attempt to make the Mini puzzle
that I got instead
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. That is good news on your refund, it's nice when things work out in your favour :-)

  2. Glad PayPal straightened that out for you. It's probably a racket they run on a lot of people. My only trick to get Cooper back is to run AWAY from him. It works!! Love how Gibbs HELPS his daddy!! As always, your garden looks beautiful and green. I have to say it's nice here right now as the desert is greening up from the rains.

    1. Thank you, it does work with Gibbs most times too. We've learned that chasing him doesn't work at all!! :)
      I remember the first time we saw the 'green' desert, blew us away. ;) Lovely.

  3. Your gardens are looking lovely. Love how Gibbs tries to help you both. He sure enjoys being outside and hopefully the skunks have decided to move along.

    Good news on your refund.

  4. Hopefully the Skunks have moved on.
    Always fun watching Pets or Kids as they learn to play.
    Congrats on the Refund.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the coming weather.

    It's about time.

    1. We're doubting the skunks are living there after all. Just not 100% sure.
      Thank you, the refund settled things but I would have liked that darn table!!