Thursday, July 15, 2021

A Slow-Moving Thursday

The Ridge

On Thursday, July 15th Bill left for work at 7 and at 7:30, I’d fed Gibbs, let him out and was on my way to work as well. There is nothing exciting to report about the hour at the Mat, just a couple of customers doing their laundry. I could tell that Jamie had been in the previous day as the change was all removed from the machines. There are little tell-tales (invisible footprints) that indicate his presence. Just the movement of the broom in the lockup. šŸ˜Š

I love this. Gibbs hops up here while Daddy
gets his boots on - a morning ritual
He doesn't pester with the laces quite as much now

I was out of there before 9 and stopped at The Water Store to fill up the RO bottle. It was already very humid and I had turned the a/c on in the car, still trying to cool down from the laundromat. One ceiling fan and front and back doors propped open didn’t do much to air it out. Back home, I was greeted by Gibbs. At the door to the Suite. Woops! Once more, I didn’t get the latch on his crate closed properly. I had to laugh as I’m sure the look I got was pride at his accomplishments.

Ooh, I had a delicious cherry yogourt shake for breakfast

He hadn’t gotten into anything but my flip flops were out in the middle of the floor. He would likely be fine out of his crate but I’m not ready for that yet. I brought the water bottle to the ‘basement’ and took the a.c.v. rags to the skunk hole. The hole itself is very small but I tied the bag to a tether (so I could pull it out and re-soak the rags) and pushed the bag in as far as I could with the hoe handle. I’m not feeling very positive but it’s worth a try. Then, I sprinkled flour at the entrance to watch for footprints.

The trees are really blowing today

The wind sock is dancing too

Gibbs and I sat outside for quite a while, as I drank my tea and he was very attentive to everything while sitting up on my lap. When the wind picked up and the hammock and cushions started moving, he began barking at the ‘monsters’. Then the thunder, which rolled across the sky like bowling, had him barking at that too. šŸ˜Š He was protecting me, I’m sure of it.

Even Gibbs' long hair was blowing in the wind

The sky looked really stormy quite a few times again and it seems Hanover, Chatsworth, Owen Sound and Gorrie all had a couple of heavy downfalls. It dropped very few drops until at one point, after we’d moved inside, the large drops wet the patio mat. Then it quit. Seems most of the rain and storms missed us up here again. Yay! It rained a couple of times, for about 2 minutes tops, and that was the bulk of our rain up here on the Richard’s Ridge.

My flowering raspberry has blossomed!
I was well into my book so sat at the table and kept an eye outside. I wasn’t surprised to see Bill walk in around 2:30. Gibbs and I had heard the truck door close so the little guy was waiting at the door for him. He does bark when someone comes but we’re trying to stop it from continuing. I’m not doing really well with that……..yet. Even if it is us returning home, he barks and jumps up. I’m sure he’ll grow out of most of that but we are still having to work at it. šŸ˜Š

Still waiting for the first Cone flower
to bloom

The plant is at least 36" tall

The sky looked like this a lot toay

The geese are hanging out in the neighbours field
With that many adults now, I'm glad our grass is poop free

Bill dozed and so did Gibbs, I can’t believe how tired our pooch was. He slept much of the afternoon. At 4, I made a tea and sat with my book, getting close to the finishing pages so it’s getting harder and harder to put down. At 5:30, I got Rosy out for the chicken nuggets, prepared to cook corn on the cob and reheat some rice. We are getting tired of the rice, so I bagged the rest up and put it in the freezer. I will be happy for that one day when I want a fast supper.

Brown headed cowbird

More rain off and on graced our sky during supper and after, luckily in between the bell ringing. Bill saw that we needed water, seems like we are going through it quickly these days, so I offered to finish dishes while he nipped over to the Acreage. Gibbs wanted to sit outside and wait for him so I put him on his rope leash. 


The evening wasn’t going to be a dry one, at least until 10 we are expecting more and possible storms. Then, hopefully it will move on to where others need it!

Let's try something new!

Dessert! (not keto) but good all the same

This was a pretty quiet day but a good one. Oh! I forgot to mention that I made another batch of IP Cheddar and Broccoli soup. I needed something for lunches and it is yummy.

The evening sky
Good night

Thank you for your visit. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Can you just see the look on Gibbs face when he figured out the door wasn’t locked?

  2. Rain would be lovely here but that's not happening any time soon. But I did see there was a tornado that hit Barrie, ON yesterday. No one needs that!

    Smart little Gibbs, he's quite the character.

  3. The cheesecake looks amazing! That Gibbs is a smart boy! I would love cheddar and broccoli soup, but it would have to be in the winter or fall..just can't do soup when it's over 100 degrees.

    1. the cheesecake was so rich but for a treat, we enjoyed it.
      the soup is good for me because I find it hard to come up with lunches for myself, keto ones. :) But I sure understand the hot meal not being a choice in those temps!

  4. I saw the new pizza joint Bill's been working at today. I knew the owner of the previous restaurant had moved away.

    1. If you eat pizza, you'll have to check it out once it's up and running. I love pizza!