Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Humid Start with a Cooler Finish

The Ridge

On Tuesday, July 20th we are able to report that Gibbs slept with us for the whole of last night. 😊 He went to bed with us at 11:30 and slept until Bill got up at 6. Now that is an accomplishment in our favour. Some of you may not think so but Bill and I have room in our king bed and rather enjoy the puppy cuddles. The crate is still where he will go when we go to work or go away for any significant amount of time without him, but he seems to sleep well with us now. Yay!

Starting the morning with some fluffy sunshine

Bill left for work and Gibbs and I saw him off in Black Beauty, back to normal. The day was gearing up to be another hot, humid one and although I didn’t check the temperature, I knew it was now or never to go for a walk. I put Gibbs in his crate and headed out, down the lane and past Turbine Lane to the gravel pit gate. It was a lovely morning with the only sun I saw covered in a hazy blur. It was still so pretty.

Before I came inside the Suite, I filled the watering can three times and watered the vegetables up on the hill and all of my potted plants. I’m glad to have it done before I disturb Gibbs. The tomatoes are doing well but I’m kind of bummed that the peppers are on the hot side. Not fiery but warm. Darn! I didn’t choose well there, did I? Inside, I had my tea and sat to finish my blog posting from yesterday.

Now, this is interesting
On my way past Turbine Lane at 7:32 am
note the position of the sun
btw, the turbine wasn't moving

The heat and humidity kept rising and other than when we were in the shade on the patio, which Gibbs wanted to do a lot, it was too hot to be doing anything out there. I took my Think Pad out to the table and worked on it with him at my feet. He was happy and I was happy. 😊

12 minutes later, see how much it has moved?

 While he remained out on his rope leash, I dust mopped and wet mopped our floors. Norwex to the rescue! I am finding it so easy to do the floors now that they will be washed more often – what is going on? Ha ha. With that done, I brought Gibbs in and I went upstairs to purge my closet (again). With Ladyfest next week, it is a good opportunity to get rid of some things that I haven’t worn since last summer. Once more, I felt that I did really good, overfilling my large Ikea bag.

The cows were all in a line heading from east
to west, 'cutting the grass' with their teeth

I’m not saying that I won’t be bringing anything home, we will be visiting Value Village and The Mission Store while together, but I’m getting more judgmental on what I’ll wear and what I want. Bill doesn’t agree but we all have our thing and mine is clothes, I guess. The bed was covered in clothes so I carried on and set out my clothes to pack as well.

Do you ever wonder what cows are thinking?
They stared at me walking by for a long time

We stay at my sister’s home in Chatsworth and we eat out every night. Packing is much easier now than it used to be because we used to (years ago) go to Montreal and go to more places and dress up more. So, less planning now which is good in one way but sad in another since it means our age is slowing us down and a change of clothes doesn’t happen as often. 😉

The family was crossing the lane

So, with 3 jobs done, I packed my clothes and lugged the giveaways out to the Bunky until then. Back inside, Gibbs and I went upstairs to have a snooze. He slept and I watched an old tv show that I used to watch. Do you remember The Match Game? It was entertaining for about an hour when Donna texted that they were planning to stop in for about half hour. That’s nice, they’d finished spreading the gravel for their new trailer at the Acreage so stopped in before heading home.

So, I walked a little faster to move them on

Bill came in about 4:30, I think, and we all sat together for awhile discussing their new home. The old one is gone and the new one should be delivered within a day or two. They are excited and we are for them too. Gibbs was typically excited too but more for the company than the new trailer. 😊 Eventually he’d slowed down, just in time for his Daddy to walk in.

A close up of their feathers, 
that is Dad in front

For supper, I planned on fish and chips since the rain that dumped on us around 4:15 may return. Wouldn’t you know that it would rain after I watered? Murphy’s Law? The sky to the north especially was looking pretty gray but the rain and thunder seems to have moved on. Both Bill and Gibbs fell asleep while I wrote my blog and we turned the a/c off and let the cooler air in through the open windows. What a change! We must be in Ontario!

The sky darkened when D & G came,
and the rain had us moving inside

Supper was good. Bill had the chips with his fish and I had 5 fries and a cob of corn with mine. It was good. We didn’t need dessert. Gibbs chose supper time to ring the bell so since he’d been out already a few times, I put him on the rope leash so he could play surveyance on the property while we ate. He’s good at that. 

Today, I got the harness on him with Bill's help
and it helped a lot with walking

He noticed the pond but didn't seem interested 
in going any further

I wasn't really going in, Mom
Supper was good

We cleaned up dishes and enjoyed the evening together. The temperature has changed exponentially since 3 pm so it will be a good night for sleeping again.

Tired right out

I had to take his bed away from him because he was
pulling fibrefill out of it
time to find him one of his own
Good night!

Today was a good day. Thank you for your visit! Comments are always welcome.


  1. Cattle are very curious animals. They were looking to see if you brought any hay. As to Gibbs ... that face!!! He just makes you want to hug him. The harness is great ... makes it easier to walk them. In no time he'll be leading you all over the property!! Cooper is a fiberfill nut. If it's in anything, he can get it out, no matter how many times I sew it up. I'm glad to see my floor is not the only one covered with doggie toys!!!

    1. People say cattle are stupid animals but they are definitely curious!! :)
      Yah, Gibbs's face gets him a pass out of trouble a lot!
      Our floors are always covered now with toys. It's a happy home! haha

  2. I wish it would rain when I water. :) We had a whopping 1 millimeter of rain yesterday. At least it cooled us down which was lovely.

    I just love the photo of Gibbs looking back at you at the pond. Such a sweet boy!

    1. I wish I could send some rain your way. Cooling things down is a bonus though too. ;)
      Thank you, Gibbs tries to get his way when he looks at us like that.Usually, I just laugh at him.

  3. Well, if you want Gibbs in your bed, I should just accept that it's your choice. Glad he's growing up anyway.