Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Taking Care of Business, Helping a Friend, New Toys

The Ridge

On Wednesday, July 7th the day started out pretty normal. Bill up first with Gibbs and then Gibbs joining me in bed for about 45 minutes. He isn’t the handful that he once was so I was able to drop back off to sleep until it was time for me to get up. That time was 6:45 and when I was washed and dressed, I came down to feed Gibbs his breakfast early. After Bill left, it was just a few minutes later that I pulled out as well.

Let's start off with a couple of Gibbs selfies
He can be very lovey dovey

A quiet laundromat this morning so I quickly got things cleaned up. There was a load of clothes in one dryer and when I checked the time on it, well, let’s put it his way: I was in and out before it even shut off. I was there for 50 minutes. LOL It only takes about 25 minutes max to dry any load so people don’t seem to mind wasting their money at the Mat.

These are from yesterday

A regular customer came in as I was finishing up and she told me that she’d just gotten her second jab (Phizer) on Saturday and had one day of discomfort afterwards. That told me the same story we’ve heard with the Moderna shot so we felt better about our choices. I had my tea and an egg, bacon, radishes and cheese. Gibbs went into his crate (not so easily because I made the mistake of saying ‘are you going to look after the house for Mom?’ BEFORE he was in) after a chase plus a couple of treats. I left the house at 10:45.

Lined up for our entry to the P & H Centre

Bill was meeting me there. This hub in Hanover has been offering non-booked appointments to walk-ins for over a week so when we arrived (with scheduled times) we were surprised that we were all in the same line. Hmpf, that’s weird. However, Bill was already in line and when I got to the end of the line, he told me to get up in line with him. I’m sure I got some pretty snarly looks but he’d asked one of the staff directing us if that was acceptable. Ha ha, I just sprinted up and didn’t look at anyone. 😊

When I was seated in Chair #13, I was
still very confident and positive

It took an hour from beginning to end but unfortunately, the only vaccine available to us (over 18) was Moderna. What the heck, we shrugged and took it. We could have the same side effects with either one or have none. We’ll just have to see. We said our goodbyes to each other and Bill went back to work and I drove to Walmart. I’d stopped on the way at Dollarama, because I had a few extra minutes, and found some new chew toys for Gibbs but needed some groceries too.

At home, there was my Norwex package in the mailbox
These will be our napkins, using less paper towels
for the environment 😃
My small part

Walmart was busy, as usual, but I was in and out very quickly. Gibbs had been in his crate for 3 hours so I was quick to take him out for his piddle. His ear was wet from the water dish which emphasizes the fact that he has grown and is maybe getting too big for this crate. He drinks a lot so we’re hesitant to take the self-dispensing water dish out but that may be what we’re going to have to do.

A couple of Gibbs' new toys

He liked his new toys and while he played, I printed off our bloodwork requisitions from the doctor. Now to figure out how we get it done in these Covid times. M wanted me to pop over once more to help him fill in his application for CPP (Canada Pension Plan) like I did for his Old Age Security pension but left it up to me as to when I did that. At 3, I left Gibbs to run free (with everything out of reach) and nipped around the corner. It only took 45 minutes and I was home to a good little boy.

It turned into a cloudy cool day but we still didn't
get any new rain, just what fell overnight

Bill was home just before 5 and after catching up, he dozed, Gibb dozed and I started my blog post. Again, I don’t have many pictures today so this could be boring for many. 😊 For supper, it was something hamburger-ish but I have yet to decide. I’ll have to check some recipes online for something a little different. Okay, zip forward to 6 o’clock and I have a Hamburger casserole in Madame IP. I got the recipe from Donna a while ago and it was a nice quick fix for tonight’s supper.

Just before dishing up supper, Gibbs wants to go out
for a piddle

Supper was great and Bill had his on a warmed bun with ketchup, typical of a ground beef meal. I could have added salt when it was cooking but easily did that on my plate. Yum. Neither of us needed dessert and maybe the last glass of the Merlot in the bottle helped fill me up. It might also dull any ensuing aches from the jab if there were to be any. After dishes, Gibbs got his supper and I took him out. Boy, has it ever cooled off outside! 15C/59F is quite a change from yesterday.

What an easy meal!

Delicious, if I do say so myself!

I sat on the step with him and he was quite comfortable. Bill went down to the Hangar for something and when he came back he took a picture of us. Unless it is a poorly photographed selfie, I don’t get any of me with Gibbs. 😊 We came inside and I finished my wine and my blog. This was another great day and we are fully vaccinated. Some may not agree with our decision but we are quite pleased to have them behind us. Who knows what doors it will open for us in our future travels?

I actually like this picture of me
and Gibbs' smile takes the cake!
Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our day.


  1. Glad you had your shots. Though some people might not be glad for you, for me I can't imagine why, but I think the difference between Pfizer and Moderna is neglible. Writing from the USA, I know people who've had each one. I had a bit a of reaction to the second Moderna, but only for a an old person, I'm glad I wasn't one of the 140 who have died from it in our small county. Meanwhile, Gibbs is beyond cute. And are those cubed potatoes in that hamburger supper?

    1. Thank you, we are also glad to have both vaccines. It opens up things for us as we move ahead.
      Gibbs is a cutie for sure, and knows it! Yes, there are potatoes in the stew. :)

  2. Gibbs is one very lucky dog with so much attention, even sharing the bed. We are so lucky here that we do not need a dryer, just one hour in the sun and everything is crispy dry, also has natural UV light to kill any bugs. Good to hear you had your vaccine, i will get my second shot of AZ tomorrow. Dinner looks warm and heart, I like mince usually pork. Yes, Gibbs looks a bit goofy with that cute smile

    1. Gibbs can be a little nipper sometimes but he is used to the routine now, getting up on the bed. ;)
      Good luck with your 2nd shot, hope it went well. :)

  3. Feels good to have the vaccines done. We had Moderna and felt a bit tired the next day.
    That's a great picture of you and Gibbs. You 3 are lucky to have each other. He makes me smile every day!💖

    1. Thank you Loree. We think our slow day today was good and due to an after effect too.
      We feel very blessed to have Gibbs, two wonderful little doggies, like you two with Freddy. 💕

  4. Gibbs is just getting cuter and cuter! Nice that you're able to help M with his pension stuff! Dinner looks yummy, sometimes easy is best :)

    1. He is, isn't he? He has really grown but keeps his sweet little face. :)
      Easy dinners are a bonus for sure!

  5. Hope you've no ill effects. Puppies are just the cutest things on earth!! Cooper is pretty happy I've been spending more time with him ... and surprisingly, he's a MUCH better puppy since being by himself.

    1. Thank you, just sleepy today as a family. :)
      I'm glad Cooper is enjoying his Mama time as I'm sure you are too. They are so adorable.

  6. Glad you were able to get the vaccines. I'm sure it will make it much easier to travel south this year.
    That Gibbs just gets cuter every day!

    1. Thank you, travelling is the main thing for us getting the shot although opening up the country is also important!

  7. You need to get Bill to take more pictures!

    1. Ha ha, that's like changing the man I married! :)
      But thank you!