Thursday, July 1, 2021

Pool Time! June Ends in a Dry Day

The Ridge

Wednesday, June 30th – hump day – stage 2 begins and the month ends. It was an odd start to the day. We couldn’t tell if it would rain or not. As it turned out, it was more spitting and mistiness than anything substantial. Good, we’ve had enough rain for a few days. Billy arrived at 7:30 to pick Bill and the trailer up. They were back at Meaford today to finish up.

No matter where we look over the past 7 days
we saw a rim of black clouds somewhere

But it was the white fluffies and patches of
blue that got us through 😀

I had a free day to do with as I pleased with only one morning run into town on the agenda. After my tea was done, Gibbs went in his crate and I drove to Foodland for milk, yogourt and bread. The main reason for my drive into Durham was to pick up my kiddie’s pool at Home Hardware. It fit into the back of Ptooties and that is where it still is. I’ll bring it out tomorrow and put it in the Bunky.

When I'm ready, Bill will get us a bladder of pump water

Other than that trip to town, we, Gibbs and I, hung out inside. The day was definitely cooler, at 23C/74F but the humidity was still pretty high around 95%. When the air outside seemed cool, it was mostly cloudy all day, I opened windows and then when it felt too cool, closed them. What weird weather we’re having. I was concentrating on my needlepoint and Gibbs was in and out, watching the critters and birds.

Never excited about the groceries,
Gibbs just wants the bag

I can still see you in there!

I was waiting for a couple of parcels and when one turned out to be a total disappointment (not at all what I ordered), I hoped my Norwex order would show up. When Gibbs and I walked to the mailbox, Billy and Bill pulled up to the end of the lane. As a family, the 3 of us walked up together so Billy didn’t have to turn in with the trailer on behind.

I was expecting a Puzzle storage table
and this is the package I got

Darn Chinese! Can't get an order right!!
I've emailed them and see if I get a response

It was a treat to have Bill home early and even more of a joy when Gibbs went upstairs and had a ‘snooze’ with him. That was Clemson’s gig and we both loved it when he wanted to sleep with us. We’re hoping this will become a practice for this little guy too. They slept for at least an hour and then joined me downstairs. I could tell Bill was happy. We will use the word ‘snooze’ over and over again so Gibbs gets used to it.

lunch of quiche, cheese and tomato
with a coffee

Gibbs was watching for FedEx for me
Killer dog, I hope he doesn't scare them off!

At 5:30 a white van pulled up the lane and it was FedEx with my Norwex box. It contained my order, Pat’s and Cathy’s order so I had some sorting to do. Because I received hostess gifts that I didn’t specifically order, it would be confusing without the ladies’ receipts. I got a whole mess of cool stuff and I can’t wait to try it. Yay!

Norwex arrived, now the fun of sorting our 3 orders

For supper, I cooked boneless, skinless chicken thighs in Rosy and fried Bill’s leftover potatoes on the stove. We had mixed vegetables as our side dish and I cut up some tomato. Daddy used to like tomatoes with his meal so maybe that is where I get it. 😊 While I cleaned up dishes, Bill went out and cut 1/3 of the grass on the property. The patio and berm areas look much better now. We moved the lawn furniture back in place.

Turned into a mostly sunny day

I took Gibbs out for a walk, we let him run free with his leash dragging behind him. He has so much energy and didn’t go far from us. It felt quite stuffy inside and even though the windows were open and the air was cooler outside, there was no breeze coming in. I turned the a/c back on and it didn’t take long to cool things down inside. Bill and I watched one of the ‘interesting’ shows we enjoy together, Dr. Pimple Popper. It would gross many out but we are amazed at how this little doctor fixes people’s lives.

I enjoyed this supper, love the air fryer chicken

He went upstairs at 9 to watch one of his car shows, Gibbs fell asleep and I wrote my blog. Pictures will happen tomorrow after I clean. There was another episode of D.P.P. on until 10 so I watched it downstairs. This was a great day even though I didn’t get into too much. I hope you got some relief from the heat and the rain in your area.

Lawn cut in our sitting area

One view of the sunset from across our yard

I like the way the sun sets on the freshly cut berm
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Our courier guys all carry milk bone for the doggos. My girl has gotten to know this. LOL

  2. Sooooo you are going to teach Gibbs to swim???? Cooper loves water. He would be right in there with me!!!

  3. Still hot here and getting hotter. Some of the plants in my pots are not doing well at all. I can't figure out the problem.

    Dr. Pimple Popper does gross me out, but I can see how it can be very interesting.

    God bless.

    1. We've had relief with some cooler days. It has actually been nice. :)

  4. Where's the new pizza joint in Meaford? Can't believe you watch D.P.P.!

    1. The pizza place used to be a Cafe. It is right across the road from the post office/municipal office. It is in a strip mall at the end at the street.
      I know, we watch strange things but she is a cool lady!