Monday, July 5, 2021

An Easy-Going Day with a Bit of Cleaning

The Ridge

On Monday, July 5th Bill was up with the alarm and soon on his way to work at a cottage on the lake. It is forecast to be a scorcher of a day (for us) so I hope they take it slow and dip in the lake if they need to! 😊 I left Gibbs in his crate at 7:30 and drove to Durham to clean and fill one of our RO water bottles. I was happy to have that small job done.

What started out as a clear sky, changed before
I got home from Durham

Back home, I had my tea outside with Gibbs and then emptied the dishwasher from yesterday’s dishes. I called North Line Small Engine Repair to schedule a pick up for Bill’s Cub Cadet. They are now certified C C dealers so that is great. Being just down the road, it was an hour and a half later that Rob, the owner, backed up the lane with his flatbed trailer. Impressive! He didn’t know if there would be room to turn around but mastered it easily.

the day doesn't look so hot from this picture
but it sure was 30C/86F

He pulled it out of the shelter and I hopped on to help get it up on the bed. Once it was strapped in we chatted for another 15 minutes before he pulled out. Gibbs wanted to be outside, regardless of the heat, so I took my laptop out to the patio to work on finishing (well, starting and finishing) my blog post from yesterday. At 1:30 I finally made it back inside to have a bite to eat for lunch. We’ve left the a/c on since yesterday morning so it is lovely indoors.

This was last night's sky
and the following few pics are the tail end of our Canada Day celebration

Bruce and Liz saying goodbye
It would be a nice 'convertible' drive home

I chatted back and forth with Cathy, my sister, about her newly purchased Norwex products, and then debated whether I really wanted to go out and wash the car windows and dash. Gibbs was sleeping on the floor so I hated to disturb him since he is more comfortable in here. I glanced outside once and saw a vehicle pulling out of the lane. Wha?? It looked like Ptooties, really, really, looked like my SUV! I actually had to get up and check to make sure it wasn’t.

Brian and Carol also say goodbye

While I was out looking around to see if anyone left something when the mail lady, our former one, pulled up with a parcel for Bill. 😊 She noticed the vehicle leaving and going next door so they had a wrong address, I assume. I see there is an online auction so perused that quickly and decided it was of no interest to me and closed things up. I talked myself into going out in the heat and cleaning Ptooties and although I was glistening when I came in, I’m glad she’s done. I hung my Norwex cloths on the line.

An ultra light from yesterday

Bill pulled up soon after, around 3 so Gibbs was quite happy. We came inside and I contacted PayPal regarding my puzzle table order that went seriously wrong. Bill and Gibbs went up for a snooze and I decided to have my tea at that time and read my book. When Bill’s phone rang downstairs about 30 minutes later, I tried to get it quickly but it woke him up. Turned out to be a ‘pocket dial’ from our brother-in-law so we chatted briefly and the boys got up.

The rain starts and Gibbs wants out

We had a quiet evening; supper being warmed up knackwurst and potato salad. I had broccoli and Bill had his sausage on a bun so neither of us needed dessert. After dishes, Bill made his lunch and I worked on my blog posting. Nothing exciting going on today so no ‘real’ pictures. This was a good day. It looked like rain since 4 pm and by 6, Gerry said they’d had a big dumping. It only brought us about 20 drops (I’m exaggerating- just enough to get my clean car windows spotty, I'm sure) and it seems to have moved on.

Tonight's supper, topped off with a glass of McWilliams Merlot
Good night!

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  1. Another lovely day on the Ridge. Your days seem to be jam packed with fun, and lots of hard work of course.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, the days sure zip by so we must be doing something. :)

  2. I'm done with summer here 104 today and for the next week yuk! Our a/c is running full time too..not going to like that bill this month LOL. Dinner looks yummy, perfect summer meal!

    1. Funny you said that. Bill said tonight he was just wishing it was September but that is pretty much skipping summer so I didn't agree. Our a/c has also been running a lot and we're no where near 104!