Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cleanup First, Gibbs Second, LadyFest Third

The Ridge

On Tuesday, July 27th Bill and I woke up alone in bed.  Gibbs and I went up at 10 and dropped off pretty quickly. Bill came up at 11 and the next thing I knew, Gibbs was bouncing around, licking our faces and Bill was trying to calm him down. It’s like he found a new burst of energy. The little imp. 😆

No rain when I left but the sky
was heavy

Not sure if these solar panels will see
much sun today
Forecast is for 100% precipitation

After about 20 minutes, waiting for him to calm, which didn't happen, Bill took him to his crate. He was just getting all worked up and hot. There were a couple of wee whimpers and then nothing. He slept there quietly for the whole night until Bill got up and let him out this morning at 5:30. It’s too bad that we had to do that but on the other hand, I’m glad to know he will go quietly into his crate when we put him there. That was something I wondered about.

When I left Durham, in the rain
I drove past Rockwood Terrace,
thinking of Mom

Bill was ready to leave for work early, he had a further distance to travel today, and Gibbs and I got up on time to walk him out to Black Beauty. I fed the little guy his breakfast and tucked his flea and tick tablet down in the middle. It is bigger than his kibble so I broke it in half for him. It disappeared so his medicine is in him. Then, I had to put him back in his crate and went to Durham to clean.

The drive to Gayle's took me on back roads
by choice

Nothing out of the ordinary there, before I left, Daddy left me another dime. That I drove straight home, since no other stops were necessary and I spent the next 2 ½ hours with Gibbs. We were out and in, upstairs and down and then we went for a walk down the laneway. I was feeling a bit sad, melancholy I guess, since I would be putting him in his crate and leaving again. I wouldn’t see him until Friday. He’s our child now and his soft furry body will be missed.

My favourite vine-covered tree along
Baptist Church Road

It was 10:30 when I’d packed things in Ptooties and pulled out of the lane. It had been raining earlier, pretty heavy during my cleaning, on the drive home and while Gibbs and I sat inside. By the time I headed to Gayle’s, it was just lightly spattering the windshield and then stopped once I arrived at 11. Gayle greeted me and we brought my bags inside. Donna and I will still share the same room as before and Audrey will sleep in the room down the hall.

Ptooties was happy to get onto
some pavement
She was clean when we left home 😕

The rain had stopped

Our 'home' for 3+ days

Gayle had her normal spread of lunch food out and we added the few things we brought to make it quite a feast. If I ate this way every day, I’ know I’d be better in control of my weight. 😊 Nevertheless, it is one of the ‘treats’ of these get togethers, tasting new foods and seeing what I like. Some things I don’t enjoy but many I do. We cleaned up the dishes, well, Gayle and Audrey did, and then we hopped in Ptooties and headed to Owen Sound around 2.

Good lunch

Shopping! Salvation Army Thrift Store, Value Village and then The Mission Store. When we left there, Aj and I popped into the LCBO and I found the Mimosa that Durham didn’t have. We’d hoped to eat supper at Rockford Family Restaurant but they were closed for some unknown reason. 

That meant driving further, towards Gayle’s, and stopping at Kettle’s. This is always a good choice and we had great meals. I texted Bill to see how Gibbs was doing and he said he was happy to see Daddy and was looking for me. 💕 The nice thing is that Bill is not working Wednesday so they will have a whole day together.

Grilled halibut, and jewels

Back home, we had a glass of wine and began our clothing exchange. So many clothes! 😊 We are all getting ‘wiser’, should I say, with what we choose to take home. By 11, we were all petered out and went to our respective beds. What a wonderful first day! My posts may be late (not much out of the norm) or lacking pictures this week for obvious reasons. Before I crawled into bed, I texted my sweeties back home to say good night. 

We sent our absent sister, a picture
of us at Gayles's before we ate. 
You are missed, Cathy!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. I can't believe it's Ladyfest already! Where do the years go?! I think it's so great you all do this every year, very special memories! Can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds!

  2. Ah poor Gibbs. Dad will keep him busy. Cool you can do this every year with your sisters.

  3. Sounds like you had lots of fun and still more to come. Enjoy!

  4. The first day of your get together went very well. Have a great time.

    God bless.