Thursday, July 1, 2021

No Complaints Here! Work, Pay, Another Sister Visit, Canada Day

The Ridge

On Thursday, July 1st, our nation’s 150th birthday, Bill got up and went to work. He and Billy decided to work today and take tomorrow as their paid holiday. Long weekends are always a bonus! I, also, got up and left the house at 7:30 for the Mat. I’d fed Gibbs at 7 and took him out for a quick run before he went easily into his crate.

This sky looked nicer today 
No dark clouds

The morning was cool, 12 or 14C/59F, but I knew it would be stifling inside the laundromat as usual. The overhead fan helps but only if you are standing right under it. ๐Ÿ˜Š No one was present when I arrived so went about my business. I did text Jamie to give him my total hours for June and left uneventfully at 9. I’d picked up a 1-gallon empty water bottle from the recycle bin and rinsed it out. I thought it would be good for our long drive tomorrow, for Gibbs. He’s a little water hog.

My Tiger Lilies slowly start to bloom

With that in mind, I drove to the Water Store and filled it up before heading home. My sister, Cathy, texted and asked if she could come and pick up her Norwex order. Of course! That meant a second sister visit this week. Am I blessed or what? At home, I changed out of my work clothes and made my tea while downloading pictures for yesterday’s blog. Late again.

Cathy arrives to Gibbs welcome greeting

Cathy arrived around 10:30 and she seemed happy with her purchases. She is newer to the Norwex products than I am so is anxious to test things out. I hope she is pleased with her items. I’m also anxious to try mine out but it will be next week before I do that. The weekend, starting tomorrow, is busy. In a good way. We had a nice visit and she got a kick out of Gibbs, even though he kept jumping up on her with his sharp claws. Cathy is an animal lover.

Smile, sis!

We had a cup of tea together and sat in the sun until we heard Bill pulling in the lane. It was 12:15 so I was happy that they’d quit early today. When my sis left, Jamie texted that he was on his way to pay me so Bill, Gibbs and I went out to meet him. We caught up a wee bit and when he drove off, Bill changed and he and Gibbs went upstairs for their ‘snooze’. I see a habit forming and I’m happy for it.

I didn't have the tripod positioned very well
but it's a nice picture of the two of us
and a great picture of the railing corner

๐Ÿ˜Š I did the dishes and then went outside to pull some weeds and check out my tomato and peppers. They are loving the rain, warmth and occasional sun. We have a garden ornament that is quite old. It is a small boy crouching on the ground looking at a frog through a magnifying glass. The glass has long been broken off but we have it still to glue back on – one day. We bought the piece at Cracker Barrel back when we went on our trip out west in 2011.

My Norwex goodies
I’ve wanted to clean it up so put it in the outside sink and did what I could to brighten it up. Gibbs came running around the Bunky when they came out, having no problem finding where Momma was. Bill had him off leash so we left him that way for a little while, letting him relish the freedom. When Bill hopped on the mower, I put him on his leash and we sat on the patio together. I tried to use my wood burning tool to etch over my Home Sweet Home sign that I got at Value Village. It didn’t work out too well and was taking forever. I think I'll paint the letters instead. 

Trying to be Patriotic with our few flags today

Bill wasn’t having luck with the mower down in the front field. He was cutting when the steering bracket (?) broke. We were not happy. I went down to see what I could do and he instructed me to hop on. All I had to do was work the pedals while he kicked the front tire to go in the direction that he wanted me to go. What a pain-staking chore for him but we got the mower up the lane to the shelter. I had the easy job and it was a good reminder of how to drive it. I’d forgotten, having only ridden on it once before. With it closed up undercover, sheds were closed up and we attempted to trim Gibbs toenails.


Attempted. We take our lives in our hands with this chore and once again we give our groomer credit for their jobs. Bill got ¾ of his front paws done before we all gave up. What a little scrapper he is and he’s only 9 lbs! ๐Ÿ˜Š I hadn’t given supper any serious thought today and that was very irresponsible of me. My self-critique, not Bills, he is pretty easy going when I forget to plan and for that I’m grateful. Sadly, that usually means a crappy meal that isn’t very good for us but we’ll survive.

Cleaning up the apple pie and also the whipped cream

I offered up the option of fish and chips for supper, but the decision between us was for mac and cheese. I added some bacon bits but probably won’t do that again. I don’t think Bill cared for it as much as I did but it was filling and we finished off Anna Mae’s apple pie for dessert. We weren’t starving, that’s for sure! After we ate, Bill did the dishes and I went up for my shower. When I came down, Gibbs had been ringing the bell after Bill took him out so even though I was in my loungers, I took him out as well.

We managed to lift the oven down and out

The air has cooled down considerably but, in the sun, it was not bad. When the sun disappeared, me with wet hair just wanted to get back inside but I sat with Gibbs on the step (one of his favourite things to do) for a few minutes. He’s the best little watch dog! When we came inside, Bill was up on the 3-step ladder emptying the cupboard above the microwave. Oh yah, we have to get rid of the old one. LOL

Small living space means the couch gets used
for temporary storage

That’s one thing you can be sure of when living full-time in an rv: you will need more room for things like this at one time or another. With things on the couch, out of the way, we managed to muscle the heavy oven off the bracket and down onto the counter. I had the lighter end and we walked out, down the steps and loaded it directly into the back of Ptooties. We’ll be taking the SUV to London in the morning. I don’t even want to think of putting the new one in there.

The sky looked nice tonight
after supper

He decided to have his shower in the morning so went upstairs to watch a movie and I stayed downstairs with Gibbs (out and in etc.). I plan to finish my blog tonight and still get to bed in good time for our early rising. This was a nice day with another sister visit, a new month begins and I got paid! Today was also a special day for my sister, Cathy, and my brother, Michael. They are separately celebrating an anniversary with their respective spouses. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Canada Day!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. Happy Canada Day, fellow Canadians!


  1. Happy Canada Day!!! Gibbs is a charmer. Love when they play watch pup!!

  2. He is a little character! I'll bet he is a little charmer! Take care, Rawn

  3. Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the long weekend! Another sister came to visit, how wonderful! Pay Day is great too..

  4. Happy belated Anniversary to your sister and brother. Gibbs is certainly settling in well.

    1. That's very sweet of you, I think they had great days with their spouses. :)

  5. Sorry about both your oven and lawnmower at the same time! But at least that apple pie looks delish!

    1. Thank you, FG. I just hope the 'comes in 3' rule doesn't apply. The pie was great!

  6. How lovely to get another sister visit in. Sorry about the lawnmower and oven. I hope you cam get them fixed soon.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. I was very pleased to have seen two sisters in such a short time. :)
      We'll get things taken care of, the oven first.

  7. Oooooo, loved seeing all that free Norwex!!

  8. My Norwex cloth is sitting at my daughter's house in Whitby. I will be picking it up on Thursday. I have deliberately not cleaned anything so that I can put the cloth through it's paces!! (That is my story and I am sticking to it!)