Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Muggy Weather continues One More Day

The Ridge

Tuesday, July 6th Bill was up before 6 and brought Gibbs back up to bed with me while he got ready for work. Our little guy is getting better at settling down up there all the time. He licked my face and that was it before stretching out, in various positions mind you, and going to sleep. He had half an eye on his Daddy downstairs but I could easily doze without worrying about him doing anything he shouldn’t. 😊

A cloudy sky on my morning walk

We, Gibbs and I, were up before 7 when Bill left so I fed him, took him out, crated him and went for my walk. He takes a treat once he is in there so has no problem walking in like a good boy. It was a lovely walk and I needed nothing more than my little top and shorts. I love mornings like this! I didn’t need more wildflowers but I picked a couple of the one I took a close-up picture of on Sunday. Notice how one is white and one is more of the pink shade?

I need to try and get out here more often

Walking past my boss's property, it's nice
to see he has 4 of his planters out

Back home, I had my tea and both went online to try and see if I get our second vaccines booked at the Hanover Centre AND at the same time, phoned the number we were given for bookings. I expected a long wait on the phone so carried on with answering questions on the website. Boy, was I surprised when I was only on hold for about 2 minutes and a real person answered! She helped me get booked and both our appointments are tomorrow. Just like that!

Locked in and he waits patiently for our return
and for us to open the door without a peep

Bill and I both received Phizer for our first jab and want that for our second one even though I know the Moderna is supposed to be just as efficient. We’ve heard of ‘some’ people getting flu like symptoms after Moderna, lasting between 1 – 3 days. We won’t know until we get there which is offered but we can choose if they offer both so I hope that is the case. We can refuse it once we’re there but I just may go with the Moderna to get it done with. We’ll see, I just don’t want to get sick.

Our watchdog keeps an eye on the property

My heart grows each time I see him do this 💖

With that set up, I had a call back with the cost of repairing the few things on Bill’s Cub Cadet and told them to go ahead. It will be like a new mower when we get it back. 😊 Lastly, Bill asked me to try and see if we could get in to see our London doctor before he moves from his practice to Long Term Care. We haven’t been in for 3+ years and it would be nice to have a check up by him (and see him again) before the end of the month. At the very least, we’ll get him to send a prescription to our I.D.A. in town for Bill.

I had an egg and some bacon with cheese and yogourt for brunch
With my coffee, it hit the spot

I was getting hungry by 10:30 boiled some eggs in Madame IP and cooked some bacon in our new oven. I haven’t used it more than two times since we’ve got it! Once they were ready, I had some brunch and went outside with Gibbs. We sat (he played too) in the shade of the awning at the patio table. Yesterday, I gave him one of the stuffed dogs that I got from China. You know those advertised ones that are supposed to move like a real dog? Yah right. Stuffed toy is all they are. If Gibbs starts tearing it apart, no worries, I got my $ back for the rip off.

He, so far, has been very gentle with the toy

Surprisingly, the eyes and nose are still intact
I don't let him play with it unless I'm with him just in case.....

It is another hot, muggy day so I’m glad I walked early and don’t plan on doing much outside today in the way of chores. At one point, I went out and raked the area where we are trying to grow grass, just off the patio edge. With the impending showers we are ‘supposed’ to get tonight, either Bill or I will spread some of the new grass seed we’ve purchased The old seed did do some germinating but there are still patches. We brought that seed from London, I think!

So, while waiting for a call back from the doctor on their weird hours, I sat with my book for a bit. I had a restless sleep last night and when I did sleep, I dreamt a lot. I had my window beside me open and one at the foot of the bed open but I think I was just hot. I don’t know how much reading will get done, my eyes tend to control that progression. I managed pretty well, getting through a few chapters and only closed my eyes for a few spurting minutes. 😊

From frozen

Gibbs sat with me for a while, being partly lovey and partly squirmy, and at 4 I made my tea and we went outside. No sooner did I get outside to the shade by the trees when I heard Bill coming up the lane. He sat with us out there for 15 minutes or so while we caught up. I did hear back from our doctor’s office but they are not seeing patients for physical checkups any more. That is unfortunate, we really would have loved to see him. She did send us the bloodwork requisitions though so that at least can be done.

To this in 20 minutes

When we came in at 4:30, out of the 29C/86F heat, the a/c was so refreshing. Tomorrow will be a complete switch with a high of only 18C/72F and rain. Oh well, we’ll be ready with new grass seed spread. For supper, I’d thought cheeseburgers so I was outside grilling before 6. Bill got things ready inside and cooked the bacon in our new oven. They were delicious and I easily talked myself into having the bun. LOL Cheesecake for dessert but that was wise since it is keto. 😊

Someone was tuckered out from the heat today

This has been a good day. I feel that not only did I get exercise with my walk, but I accomplished a fair bit with the phone calls I made. After dishes, Bill went out to do a couple of small things at the Hangar and to spread the seed. Then, at 8, we sat together and watched Leap Year with Amy Adams. It was a nice movie for the evening.

I've probably used this picture already but I liked it
enough to use it again
Good night!

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  1. My husband and I both were given Moderna as our 2nd shot and neither of us were sick, just a sore arm.

  2. From what I'm hearing and my own experience doctors are not doing physicals anymore. I asked my doctor why and he said he gets all the information he needs from all the blood work that he requisitions. I still think that is hogwash and a one on one is required especially as you get older. Nothing we can do about it.

  3. I'm sorry you have to mess with that shot business. I wonder when they said you had to get them 3-4 weeks apart, if it's going to work for people when they couldn't get signed up for six to eight weeks? I haven't had a regular doctor in 15 years. They keep quitting, leaving me to land at a clinic. The doctors there change out every six months!! LOL

  4. My daughter had Pfizer first and Moderna second and had no issues other than a sore arm. My son had a little more reaction with a headache and a sore arm but nothing more. Hope all goes well for the two of you.

  5. That does sound like a good day. Your little furball is beginning to look like a well-trained dog.