Friday, July 9, 2021

Friday Begins the Weekend, Accomplishments

The Ridge

On Friday, July 9th, we were both awake and up between 6 and 6:30. Oh, all 3 of us, I mean. I felt well rested and wanted to get my cleaning done early. Bill left as per his usual time. I fed Gibbs at 7 and left the house at 7:15. No one was present in the Mat so my job was swift and complete within the hour. I also took our set of sheets in to get them washed and out of the way. With the damp weather, I also used a dryer.

when we could finally eat,
I had a keto biscuit and clam chowder

The washer I chose did not spin well at all so I popped a text to Jamie to let him know how many things needed attention. He said he’d stop in today to try and fix things. I came straight home and the hardest thing was to NOT have my tea. We both had blood work for around the noon hour and because of the lipids that were being tested, we fasted. I wasn’t uncomfortable because I was hungry but it was sure weird killing time without having that tea. It’s a bit of an addiction, I guess.

I dozed and read in my chair and when finally, it was 11, I took Gibbs out and headed to Hanover. I don’t usually wish time to pass quickly.  I pulled in to the hospital/medical centre parking lot right behind Black Beauty. Bill arrived from work at exactly the same time as me. 😊 Kismit. I went in first and was out within 20 minutes, therefore, didn’t have to pay for parking. Bill was in and out after me just as quickly so we saved the $6 fee.

We put the plastic down and Gibbs can no longer
chew on the carpet

He had a stop to make at Stihl to get more oil and string for our trimmers and I went the back way to Donna’s to pick up my 2 planters. They are quite lovely for $5 a piece! Bill and I pulled in the driveway at home within 30 seconds of each other, too funny, and because I’d had nothing since last night at 6:30, made a tea and heated up some clam chowder. Bill was keen on beans on toast so that was his lunch. Turned out that neither of us had to fast after all but we wanted to be safe rather than sorry by having to rebook.

The sky did  begin to clear up after supper

I did dishes while the boys went up for their snooze. I also found myself dropping off in my recliner and at 2:30, we all went for a ‘car ride’. 😊 We’d promised Kate and Jeff at Grey Bruce Fleet that we’d bring our baby around so stopped there first. She and Gibbs had great fun for about 15 minutes but Jeff was too busy to disturb today. From there, we went to Bath and Biscuit’s new shop on Main St. and introduced him to that Kate. He is scheduled for a first trim, hair and nails, on Friday.

Lastly, we stopped at Home Hardware and I carried him in while Bill found the clear plastic runner for under our chairs. Between the feet on our dining chairs and our little chewy monster, the carpet has worn through and he continues to nibble at the carpet fibres. This plastic will prevent that but it may also present a new challenge for him. We’ll see, it covers the area pretty well until he finds the corner edges. Puppies!!

aren't they pretty petunias?

I started my post with my afternoon tea and then planned to settle in my chair again. I had first thought I might work on my cross-stitch but it was already 4 o’clock. There will be another day for that. Bill turned on one of his car shows so I took my book and went upstairs. I found a movie to watch until it was time to start supper.

We would have liked to go out for fish and chips but didn’t feel like driving anywhere. Instead, we cooked fish and chips right here at home. A whole lot better on the pocket book and no driving necessary. We had 3 large filets left in the freezer, not enough for two meals but almost too much for one but I fried them all up anyway.

Supper was delicious but a tad too much

I steamed some mixed veggies, the California kind, for me and had just a few fries. It was kind of too much of everything so I couldn’t clean up my plate. Sorry Mom! We agreed that we didn’t need dessert, right away, and I decided to cut into the peanut butter pie a bit later. I fed Gibbs and then he needed out for his walk around the corral. To relieve himself and for both of us to relieve some energy. We watched a movie together after dishes and I worked on my blog.

The sky looks even better now at 7 pm

The temperature has warmed up too just in time
to drop to 10C/52F overnight
Crazy weather

This was a wonderful day. We got our bloodwork done, picked up something for on the carpet under our chairs (that is driving Gibbs nuts), and got Gibbs’ first appointment for a haircut. 😊 That’s a lot for one day.

A reminder of how little this guy was when we brought him home

My oh my
Good night!

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  1. Wow, Gibbs certainly has grown quickly. What a character (or insert other word of your choice) for chewing on the carpet.

    $5 for a container of petunias? You did great! I was at Walmart today and they've marked things down 75% but they've let everything dry out in the heat so they look straggly. I didn't come home with any plants.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. There have been a few words instead of 'character' used for Gibbs!
      Yes, the hanging baskets were a great deal. The grocers received 1000 plants of new summer plants, they are not leftover from spring. :)
      I know what you mean about Walmarts 75% sales.

  2. Great pictures of you two with Gibbs. He is a cutie! Your petunias are beautiful.

  3. I just read your post from day before. How was the almond flour vs the regular? It's been awhile since I've made them and just you mentioning it, reminded me I should try them soon.

    1. I'm pleased with them but they are softer rather than like tea biscuits. I will try them once more with the almond flour but in regular muffin tins instead of the silicone pan.