Saturday, July 17, 2021

Busy Morning, Slow Afternoon, Shower and Haircut!

The Ridge

On Friday, July 16th Bill was off to work at 7 and I was up and out the door by 7:30. I’d fed Gibbs and took him out for a short jaunt, put him in his crate, and went for my own walk. It was a foggy morning that had turned misty by the time I got out on the road. There was no wind at all so it was very pleasant. I didn’t see anything special on my walk, turbines half-cloaked in fog, so I took a selfie and strutted home.

I got out the lane for my walk and clipped these two droopy
branches, the rain and wind got the best of them

The morning was damp with dew and misty fog

The lush forest was quiet this morning,
the birds were still sleeping with the exception of one whistler
"Ee-o-wit!" I remember making that noise back and
forth with my friends in Lucan. LOL

With my tea beside me, Gibbs at my feet, I played my online WordScraper game with Donna and prepared for my day. The first thing on my agenda was very important. I had a nibble to eat with my coffee around 10:30 and then Gibbs and I took a drive into town for 11:30. Someone was getting his first, introductory grooming. Kate is very good with her 4-legged clients and had impressed us with Clemson a few times.

You've all seen this view many times so I tried
a Denim look today
The turbine is almost completely invisible

Looking into the front field from the road
Nicely cut

I left Gibbs in her capable hands and the hands of her assistant and she said she would introduce him to a bit of everything for his initial visit. With an hour and a half to kill, I drove further to Rockford to pick up the stools that I won on the auction. I’ve been trying to get one with a back for Bill for a while now and Wednesday night was my lucky night. I'll get pictures and show you in the next post.

Our little scruffball before his cut

They are both very nice and better still that they both fit in the back of Ptooties. I arrived back in Durham with 10 minutes to spare and went in to The Bath and Biscuit to retrieve our newly groomed pooch. He came out in Kate’s arms looking all spruced up. He wasn’t cut really short but just trimmed up all over, bath and nails. It was so nice to be able to see his big bright brown eyes again. He knew he looked spiffy too!

Driving down the hill into Durham on Hwy #6

Kate's new shop is great for her expanding business
Her other one was not even half this size

We drove home and the whole ordeal had him tired right out. I had some of my soup for lunch and then he slept a lot while I focused on my book, determined to finish it tonight. Bill arrived home around 2:30 and we all felt we needed a snooze. We didn’t really ‘settle’ down too well, one of us anyway, so after 45 minutes, I came downstairs with Gibbs. It didn’t take long before he stretched out on the floor and was asleep. I do admit that it is quite stuffy up in the bedroom.

Look at me now!! I'm all fluffly
and have eyes again!

These views on Baptist Church Road
make you look twice
Looks like water out there

But that would mean the turbine is covered up to
its neck!
Deceiving, isn't it?

For supper, I whined a bit about cooking (again!) so we decided to try the food truck in town. Big Bites was a truck that was around last summer and we had a couple of good meals from them so that was our choice. 

Last summer we were very pleased with 
their food

Bill had a bacon cheeseburger with fries and I ordered fish and chips. We had Gibbs with us for the drive so decided to bring them home to eat them. It wasn’t as good as last year so we may not be going back anytime soon but it was enough to fill us with a cheesecake dessert. šŸ˜‰ Plus, neither of us had to cook.

Bill said his burger and fries tasted overdone
and I agreed about the fries but was disappointed that
the fish wasn't the greasy crispy coated fish I love from a food truck
It tasted okay but...............

There were so few dishes that we actually let them sit in the sink tonight and spent the evening together, all 3 of us. I worked on my blog but I’m not feeling too confident it will get posted tonight.

Of course, I have to finish with our tired out little

Posing for Mom

Cutie patootie and knows it
His coat is so soft!
Good night!

Thank you for checking in with us in the morning!


  1. Awww Gibbs grew up a little. Looks like he’s none the worse for wear. I think you found a good groomer. Gotta love a food truck. No cooking!!!!

  2. Yes, you can see his eyes now! And he looks like he had a bath. A good groomer is a precious find!

  3. Gibbs looks so grown-up with his haircut - he's such a cutie!