Thursday, July 22, 2021

Love my Days Off, Testing the Oven

The Ridge

Thursday, July 22nd the day started as per normal. Gibbs and I went out to see Daddy off to work at 7. Soon after, he was in his crate and I took my walk. My legs were feeling crampy part way and I remembered that I neglected to do my stretches before getting up. That proves to me that it does make a difference to do them. 😊

The sun over the corral gate
in just the right position

It was another great walk and although it felt cool, at only 11C/54F, I had the right amount of outerwear on with a hoody and my yellow wind breaker. I wear the bright colour rather than my safety vest these days. It does dual duty without having to layer up too much. Back home, I had my tea inside with Gibbs and the morning went along pretty well.

The pond is bright yet spooky
with mist

I had a few irritating moments with the weed trimmer but eventually got it going so I could get a fair bit done. Not enough though. The string got caught, twisted or something and I had to shut it down to fix it. Then it wouldn’t start. By this time, I’d been out for almost an hour and I was hot. Frustration took over and I put all my gear away.

In no time, the sky was clearing out nicely
It was a beautiful morning
I like the church steeple in the distance

Speaking of layering, it is quite a process there, with first the long pants and shoes. Then the gloves, the hat, the face shield and the head phones/ear protection. I have a lot of patience, I think, but that was just too much to bear when it wouldn’t start. I quit before the job was done. Maybe tonight if Bill gets it going for me, I can help him to finish cleaning things up.

The little girl at the corner, has a goat in this shed
She ran out as I approached to greet him
But she didn't come back out while I waited

Gibbs was patiently waiting for my return

Gibbs sat outside at the step on his rope the whole time and either watched, played or slept. 😉 Good puppy! It was an odd day for weather, cloudy, then sunny and the temperature varied greatly depending on which was overhead. At one point, the clouds were very heavy and dark and the temperature had to drop about 3 degrees so I went and closed the shed and Bunky doors, just in case. We didn’t get any rain, and weren’t supposed to but it sure felt like it could.

The clouds looked heavy

I had my shower while Gibbs hovered around the bathroom. He is very curious about the water hitting the shower doors and thinks he can lick it from the outside. Yup, I sure laugh a lot at the little bum. I’ve stopped putting lotion on my legs and arms right after a shower because he just wants to lick it off. I haven’t been sunbathing enough yet so my skin isn’t as dry as it can be.

At 3:30, I made a cup of tea and Gibbs moved to the stairs to have his nap. There is no carpet down here for him to lay on so it makes perfect sense. Donna texted at 3:40 that she and Gerry were on their way with Morry’s and their new trailer. They would be going by on Baptist Church Road so I woke Gibbs, put his leash on and we ran most of the way down the lane. I wasn’t even to our field gate when I saw them go by. LOL That was at 3:43.

Gibbs and I sat on the step
His favourite place is on the step below us
under our legs
(that is when he isn't on our lap)

They were sure moving! Anyway, we turned around and I tried to get back before my tea cooled down and Gibbs wasn’t having it. I’d woke him up after all now it was payback! Ha ha, so I picked him up and inside, he crashed once more. 😉 A bit more notice would have been good but she realized that as soon as she saw me down the road. We got a walk in and Gibbs will get more used to walking down the road with me each time.

Inside he proceeded to fall asleep
on the stairs
Look at those eyes, watching me take the picture

Tomorrow, we’ll go see their new Landmark after they are all set up and unpacked. I’m excited for them, I love the RV world! It doesn’t matter whose it is, I love seeing them and all the changes. I worked on my blog post and cleaned up the dishes from earlier today. For my lunch, I heated the Weber Q and tried to crispen up the crust but it didn’t work too well. For the last piece, I’ll try the fry pan the way George used to. It still tasted okay and the carbs were minimal.

And then he's gone

This morning, I decided not to finish the book Boys in the Trees. I was getting so confused about who was who, who died, what happened and blah blah blah that I closed it at page 75. Bad rating from me but there are others who may be able to follow it easier and enjoy it. Good luck! I found a James Patterson book instead as I am never disappointed in his books. Fifty Fifty with a new detective sounds good.

When we ran down the lane,
these geese flew overhead but I'm not
sure if there were some teens here or not

Bill got home around 4:15 and I hadn’t heard from Donna that they were settled yet, so I hope things went well. Bill and Gibbs had a snooze, in and under the chair, and I got the thawed chicken thighs ready for a treat. 😊 I know that sounds weird but what I didn’t realize was that I was also in for a treat. Just as they were spiced and in the glass pan, Gerry called and invited us over to see the trailer set up. Bill had seen it but I had not so we put supper on hold and drove over.

Always the character, crawling UNDER his bed
UNDER Daddy's chair

Gayle and John were also there and we arrived at a good time so we (Bill) could help them place the composite board steps up to the door. This took some muscle and some gravel shifting. My job was to hold Gibbs out of the way or he’d be in there like a dirty shirt. They got it almost perfectly levelled, enough that they were content and then I went in for my personal tour of the 2017 Landmark Orlando. As I expected it is very nice.

Hard at work, Gayle lifting with the two wheel dolly
Bill lifting out of the deck blocks
Gerry and John moving the blocks and spreading the gravel
Donna adding more gravel from under the rv

We chatted for a while and then said goodbye around 6:30. Supper would be late but I’d decided to try, for the first time, Combination cooking in our new oven. So, if you’re not familiar with this, it cooks fast like a microwave but it browns like an oven. It took 20 minutes start to finish. No preheating necessary and with the potato salad and mixed vegetables as a side, supper was quick and easy. Not to mention delicious.

Their new 5th wheel is a beauty
and it was time to upgrade

We cleaned up dishes and instead of cutting the front field of grass, Bill decided to just pack his lunch and stay put for the evening. I was happy for that. I fed Gibbs and took him out for a piddle and a roll around in the grass. What a goofball! Bill and I were watching a Christmas in July movie and it was one of the better ones. We were slightly distracted when Gibbs got a bee in his bonnet and ran his relay for about 10 minutes. He had us laughing our fool heads off.

I was so impressed with the oven tonight
cooked and browned nicely

This was a good day off for me and I think Bill had a pretty good one at work too. I hope yours was the same.

Not much sun left. It will be another cool night
at 11C/52F so Bill set the furnace for the mid 60's
Last night without it, we were cool.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Sometimes you just have to give up on a book. I don't do it often but sometimes I have to. I do dislike those books that introduce a ton of characters all at once ... it so hard to know who is who.

  2. We have done just the opposite. After 14 years of RVing, we called it quits. We started with a Class C, upgraded to a Fleetwood coach then finally our Jayco Pinnacle. We just sold our big F350 and Pinnacle last week. We have no desire to go back down to the US anytime soon so that was one of the main deciding factors. But I still love looking at the new ones and ooohhh and ahhhhhing over them. I will miss it a little bit.

    1. Interesting. The US still intrigues us, at least the southwest corner so hope to continue for many years. :)
      I'm sure you will be happy with your decision.

  3. What a beautiful RV for Donna and Gerry. I love the two awnings on the door side of the RV. That's a nice plus. Our refrigerator is on the door side. It sure would be nice to have a little extra shade when we have to park where the sun hits the refrigerator in the afternoon/early evening. I love my convection oven, especially during the summer months.

    1. Yes, they really do have a nice new trailer. Since they don't pull it anywhere, it is a summer home for weekend visiting, they can set it up inside and not have to worry about things moving around. :) I love my convection oven too.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with my convection microwave ovens. The clean-up from greasy things far outweighed the tastiness. I went back to using the barbecue. Nice looking rig!!! I'm sure they will enjoy it.

    1. That's interesting too! So far, no greasy messes to clean up. ;)
      Yes, Donna will love their new summer home.

  5. I stopped reading your blog to search out a walk through video of a similar RV. My goodness, it's definitely very nice!

    Gibbs has definitely settled in well, he's a happy pup and he brings so much joy.

    1. I'm glad I inspired you to do that! It is a lovely rv. :)
      And we have settled in with him too!

  6. Little Gibbs sure is a cutie and I enjoy hearing of his antics and love seeing pictures of him. Your sister's new 5th wheel looks so modern and I'm sure is quite spacious with all the bells and whistles. They'll be happy in it for sure. That is a lot of gear you are putting on to trim the weeds and hopefully you don't have to do that too often.

    1. Gibbs has won our hearts and can't wait to meet you all!
      Their rv is lovely and they will get a lot of good times out of it. ;)

  7. Congrats to Donna and Gerry on the new fifth wheel! It's beautiful! We bought a table top convection oven but I hated it so to goodwill it went! LOL..Sure is fun to watch puppies play!

    1. Thank you, it is like a birthday present for her. ;)
      Funny about convection ovens. But when you don't have a real oven, I'm glad I like it or nothing would get baked!

  8. Glad you enjoyed your day off. Looks like a great new trailer.