Monday, September 20, 2021

A Busy (but good) Sunday

The Ridge

The three of us were up around 7 on Sunday, Sept. 19th after a great night’s sleep. We didn’t leave any windows open since the temperature was dropping to 6C/43F overnight. Brrr!  Bill and I sorted laundry and I went to town to clean and wash our two loads. Bill left at the same time, 7:30, for the 6 & 6 Auction site. He bid on a new (still in box) mini fridge for the Hangar and won. He got it for a great price too!

It was such a beautiful day
We unplugged and used solar from early
morning until bedtime 😀👍

He was home soon after, telling me that he was the first one in line. That is always a bonus because the lineup can be quite long. When I pulled in, he came out and carried the full basket up the berm to the clothesline. 😊 This was going to be a great day for drying clothes, with a clear blue sky and a slight breeze. I’d taken my tea to the Mat so the only reason I needed to sit was to write yesterday’s blog. It was a busy day for sure and it took a while to get it put together.

Bill's little fridge will be nice for keeping water and drinks cold
And food when he is in the Dog House!! 😂

Bill hopped on Jazz around 10 and drove to his rc flying club, The Saugeen Flyers. He obviously wasn’t going to fly but the club president had asked that members meet for a group picture. It would have been a wonderful ride, even though a tad cool. He concurred when he returned around noon but sadly only 5 members showed up for the photo. Oh well, he was able to pick up his membership card and did wish he’d taken his trailer to fly a bit.

It would have been a bit cool this morning
but if dressed for it, a really nice ride


At home, Gibbs and I spent time outside. I still hadn’t finished my blog but I got distracted. I started trimming tree branches around our seating area and down in the corral. I used Bill’s long pole clipper, the thing with the rope you pull to cut, and got along pretty well with it. 😊 I left a lot of branches in my wake that I cleaned up later. When Bill got home, we had toasted tomato on buns for lunch and then he went out to cut grass while I did dishes.

The brush pile gets bigger and bigger
Hopefully, we can get a burn permit and take care of it
Our water pump hookup will be a necessity

There was a snooze in there somewhere, just a rest for me. Gibbs was too active up on the bed so I couldn’t drop off. I took my spray bottle and a couple of Norwex cloths out to the vehicles and washed inside and outside windows on both Black Beauty and Ptooties They are so dirty but at least now the windows and chrome are nice and shiny clean. After I picked up the branches and dragged them to the brush pile, I was DONE!

We have a nice pile of wood to bring up for our
2022 fire pit burns

Gibbs is so funny, the things he is afraid of
He saw this 'unusual' pile and stopped in his tracks
beginning a slow defensive growl 😂
Notice the stance, he wasn't going any closer

Gibbs was inside so I didn’t have to keep an eye on him while working and I sat in the King chairs in the shade. Bill sat with me when he finished cutting the front field. We’d worked hard this weekend but it was a good feeling to have things done. We had a serious discussion, sadly with no result, about the winter ahead. There are so many mixed feelings and yet only one emotion. Is hope an emotion?

I burned the cardboard box from the fridge
and some old  logs

We can only talk at this point about options and wonder how long we’ll wait until we jump into action. I know you don’t know our circumstances and what our hold backs are but your support, regardless, is very much appreciated. Hopefully things will work out for us and we can cross the border, make it to Arizona and spend the winter the way we’ve come to love. 😊

Bill was pleased when he returned and
had purchased a shirt and crested hat supporting his club
Ain't he cute? 💖

Inside, I poured myself a beer margarita and Bill had a Zero Coke. Yum, mine was delicious. I should buy some lime or cherries to drop in one. 🍹

Gibbs likes the fresh air from the door
He looks so big here!
If you look closely you will see another of his 'no-nos'
The fire extinguisher holder made for some good chewing
We'll have to buy a new holder and relocate it higher

For supper, I heated up the leftover ‘ghoulash’ (for lack of a better word) for Bill and my doggie bag from last night. It was simple and yet still very good. After dishes, Gibbs played his game of needing to go out every half hour. We can’t get too upset because he does piddle each time (a few drops, Bill says when I ask) and we take turns taking him out.

Supper was almost as good the second night

Finally, at 9:00 I had to retreat to the bedroom. I wasn’t interested in watching the show Bill had on. I took my book in case I could keep my eyes open enough to read but ended up watching 30 minutes of The Incredible Dr. Pol (vet stories) before turning things off. I was exhausted! 

That fungus has just gotten bigger

Gibbs helps me by carrying wood 
He has a hard time parting with it though

It was a good day and we both agreed that the weekend was excellent. Things got done and a conversation about when we’d start packing things up for winter storage settled things in that department too. 😊

A lovely evening!
Good night!

Thank you for your visits!



  1. Gibbs is so grown up! LOL. I'm pretty sure you have more energy than I do!! Saying lots of prayers that you get across the border. Everything here is fine and Arizona is wide open. It's the East Coast that seems to have all the problems. Love Bills hat and shirt ... and that fridge ... what a great buy that was!!! Now all he needs is a fold up bed for his dog house!!

    1. Gibbs has really grown, incredible seeing the difference in his size from Clemmy's.💗💗
      Thank you for the prayers, we appreciate it. Bill was sweet to pose for me, he hates 'posing'. His fridge was a great deal but we said he could just clean off his table and take a pillow if he is REALLY in the dog house. No room for a fold up bed.haha

  2. I certainly hope your decisions can be made soon, and most of all that you get your preference. Waiting can be so very stressful.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Waiting is the hardest part especially when such a huge decision needs to be made if we don't get our preference.

  3. I hope you can travel soon, but whatever your decision is I know it will be the best possible course of action for you to take.

    Gibbs sure likes getting his picture taken. Standing so still and proud.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie.
      Gibbs is a little ham for sure. He was adopted by the perfect family, me the photo nut!

  4. Here is the latest and greatest from our worthless govt. I would start to make up a backup plan to stay like you did last year. No telling what these clowns will come up with in October.

    1. Yes, we saw a similar report last night but it still isn't definite and we want to hold out hope. Further down in the report, it said that things may change after Oct. 21st allowing vaccinated travellers across land borders. MAY is the operative word. :(

  5. I do so hope that you get to go south!

  6. I hope you get to cross the border. Last year in Florida, our park seemed almost empty since the Canadians did not get to come down. So sad. With the way things are now,even we don't know what to expect.

    1. Thank you Becky. We heard that too for the parks in AZ. Our regular park was half empty.
      It is sad because we so want to be there!!

  7. Clothes lines in the West are different!! I have often seen ones like yours where it can be lowered and then cranked up high to catch the wind. We never see these here but I guess we do not need to catch the wind as it is so hot, clothes hung at 8am are crispy by noon already
    Is that Bill on a superbike? Looks really huge, I am sure it will collapse on me if I tried to get on and ride. There seems endless amount of things to do and complete in your home. But I do like all that space and endless greenery and sky. I guess living like me in the city in a butter box neighbourhood really is much simpler but we do not have nature at our doorstep. Your outdoors is really nature at your door step.

    1. Thank you for your comment kestrel. :) We do have regular clotheslines but up here, it is so rocky and we'd have to dig some pretty deep holes for the end poles to stand up in the winds. Up here on the Ridge, we have lots of winds so I don't need to raise or lower my umbrella line.
      Yes, that is Bill on our motorcycle. It is big and heavy so we hope never to lay it down accidentally!
      We have lots to keep us busy which is why it's nice to get away for the winter months. We can enjoy outdoor weather without having to do any landscaping! haha
      Our preference for living is definitely country, we lived in a big city for our 30 years of employment. :)

  8. Thinking of you both as you make your decision. You are both very wise and sensible. I'm hoping that you get your wish to get to Arizona. Gibbs is a good helper and oh so cute!

    1. Thank you guys. We appreciate your thoughts. You have been there so you know what the draw is for us, especially when we have no permanent 'home' here.
      Gibbs is the best little helper except instead of dropping the sticks in the brush pile, he wants to bring them in the house. You would (will) love him, Loree. :)

    2. I love him already!
      My hope is that you get your wish. I want to see more of your pictures of the beautiful west.

  9. It's got to be tough trying to figure out what to do for the winter. Still hoping you get to come south, but I know you can only wait so long to make your decision. Hopefully if worse comes to worse, you can get a place that is month to month and if it opens in Jan you can still come. Cute pic of Bill in his new shirt and hat :) Love the new fridge!

    1. it is stressful, waiting. Heard yesterday that Biden has extended his restrictions until Oct. 21 so we wait again BUT there was a hint that November could bring some opening for us! Fingers and toes are crossed here. Thank you for your hopes for us. ;)
      Bill doesn't like posing for me but his pictures are always cute! He got a great little fridge for a good price. :)