Thursday, September 16, 2021

Back at the Shop, Getting into my Book

The Ridge

On Thursday, Sept. 16th (mid-month!!!) Bill was up and off to work by 7:30. I didn’t have to go anywhere until later. I had my tea and sat with Gibbs. At 8:45, I drove over to M’s and actually met him at our corner. We were taking his GMC Acadia to his repair guy on Edges Sideroad for front brake rotors. I drove him back to his place and we hopped in his pick up and went for more skids. It took two loads but he ended up with a lot of wood.

An easy drive to M's mechanic
we passed this cemetery

In his second bay, I began hand sanding around the windows of a customer’s Ford van. It would be his winter project with a final full paint job in the warmer spring. There is a fair bit of sanding to do plus M says a replacement rocker panel on the passenger side is needed. 😊 Listen to me as if I know so much! In this case, I do know what he means. I worked until noon and then came home to let Gibbs out and have some lunch.

I followed to drop his car off

We spent the hour together and I went back over at 1 for another hour of sanding. It was going pretty well. At 2, I took him back to pick up his SUV and drove home for the remainder of the afternoon. Before sitting with my book, because I knew it is now getting hard to put down, I got the vacuum out and chased Gibbs around the Suite. You’d think that was my purpose since as I cleaned, he ran and played tag with me. Or was it hide and seek? 😊

Obviously, I didn't get many pictures today

We eventually were able to relax and wait for Daddy to come home. With windows and the screen door open, Gibbs watched the birds and listened to the traffic so I put him on his rope until Bill drove up the lane. 

I came back across North Line even though
it was gravel all the way

For supper, I bbq’d steak with a cut up potato to share. I’d made a garden salad earlier so while I grilled the meal, Bill got the table set. The steak was quite tasty and I guess I didn’t do too badly with my skills. I don’t do steak often!

Supper was good

After dishes, we had a few ins and outs with Gibbs and we spent a relatively quiet evening together. This was a good day, earning some $$ and it felt good to get into the body work for a few hours. Gibbs continues to impress with his ‘house sitting’ skills too. 😊 Bill turned on one of my very favourite movies at 8. PS, I Love You is long with all the commercials but I'll try to stay awake. 

A quick shot of the pretty sky off to the west
Bill said there would be a ISS (space station)
sighting around 9 tonight so we'll probably have a peek

Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to! Comments are always welcome.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I think you might miss working on cars when you head south.

    God bless.

  2. Aww sounds like a good day! Nice you could help Mitch out and earn a few extra $$.. Dinner looks awesome! Still hoping South is coming!!

  3. It surprises me all the dirt roads in your area. They look smoother than our paved roads!!!

    1. Some dirt roads have pot holes but others are in surprisingly good condition.