Friday, September 10, 2021

Getting a Jump Start on the Next Season

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 10th, Bill got up at 6:30 and with a clear day, actually was able to report to work. He hooked up the work cargo trailer and off he went down the road at 7:30. Hopefully it would be dry enough to get some work done on the shed and he would get a full day in. 😉

The start of the day was with a walk
Gibbs, still pulling to a certain degree
but he couldn't go far on his short lead

After he left, I had my cup of tea and then once it had dried up enough, I took my cousin’s advice and wrapped his leash around my waist, through a belt loop and went for a walk. It was almost too short because at times I almost tripped over him. I’ll leave the retractable leash at home in the future and see if he gets the hang of this. I couldn’t do the turning thing but at least my hands were free and he walked pretty good. Thanks Rita!

Today, I made it back to the cemetery I found
a while ago
So, I left Gibbs at home and drove down North Line to the east

We only walked to the corner and turned back. It was going to be a nice day, not quite 20C/68F but with just a slight breeze, a pretty good day. I didn’t want to waste it, nor do I want to follow the ‘summer is over, fall is here’ parade, BUT I thought it would be a good day to start cleaning up the flower gardens. I have a lot of irises, past their prime so they can be trimmed.

Some people have great imaginations
this was a spooky looking laneway
Not sure if there was a building back there or not
And then of course, top right, Keane's Hog Heaven

While I was in the big garden, Gibbs, who was being a good boy in the chair on the patio, began barking. Then I heard Black Beauty. Bill was home and it was only 2:30 but he said they had a good day on the job. 😊 A short week for sure so hopefully they can get back into it starting Monday. It is a big job at that location.

It is so well hidden, travelling east, so it 
wasn't until I'd gone to Priceville and then came back
that I found the entrance again

this was very cool!

there were only 8 stone markers
but they were very old
The oldest date was on the newest looking stone
this was Archibald Butter's
who passed on July 4, 1843
Bottom right: Ptooties parked just off the road
at the bottom of the steep hill

I continued in the gardens, along the Bunky and the outhouse while Bill and Gibbs went to the Acreage for water. At least the irises and tiger lilies are trimmed down. While I was at it, I pulled out quite a few of the bulbs since they were crowded and growing under the edge of the Bunky. Before we close things up here (maybe in the ‘real’ fall!) I’ll plant them along the corral hills. They seem to grow anywhere and they will spread.

Gibbs and I hang around outside
Bill's flag flies proudly

When my boys returned, Gibbs ran around with his leash and Bill relaxed with a drink. He said that the little guy just loves to run over at the Acreage and that doesn’t surprise me at all, as he does go crazy here too. I like that it is something they can do together and he doesn’t get into trouble with Daddy. When Bill had his snooze, I stayed out with Gibbs and finished my bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream. There was only a small drink left and it went down smoooooothly. 😊 Inside, I had to close a window, the air is cooling off now. 

A big start at the cleanup
Hostas will be next and then the tiger lilies
down at the end of the lane

For supper, I’ve planned farmer’s sausage, leftover potatoes for Bill and some cauliflower rice for me with veggies for both. We started that at 6. Today, I finished and started a book. The new one is called All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker and it has me involved after Chapter One.

Some irises to plant on the hill
and my two dahlias are growing this year
Will they bloom? We'll see!

Supper was good but I think the afternoon Bailey’s filled some of the gap as I couldn’t finish the sausage and I felt overly stuffed. Oh, I did have a cup of tea as well. Duh! Anyway, no dessert for me tonight and Bill may have some later. This was a good day. We are expecting company tomorrow for lunch so look forward to a change up for the weekend.

This week's weather, supper
and the sun drops for the night
Good evening!

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. I can't help but laugh at Gibbs. That cemetery ... very cool! I love visiting them. You are growing beautiful things ..... I'm digging out the dead stuff left by my gardeners. Your yard is so inviting.

    1. Yes, Gibbs does make me laugh - a lot. But he's still an imp when he wants to be! haha
      Thank you, Nancy. Our yard would welcome you anytime! :)

  2. That old cemetery would be fascinating!

    1. The cemetery is spooky and yet very neat in the sunshine. :D Just like a cemetery should be!