Friday, September 3, 2021

Spiffing Things Up, Garage Sale Finds, Finishing Touches on an Outfit

The Ridge

On Friday, Sept. 3rd, our long weekend began. Early for Bill, with another day off. That’s wonderful! The pay cheque won’t be so wonderful this week but his body is that much better for it and so is his peace of mind with the things he’s accomplished in two days. 😊 The bonus is that now, it won’t cut into his weekend of which I know he has plans for part of it.

Leaving a clean Mat

I drove into Durham for 7:30 and cleaned that ‘filthy’ laundromat. Ha ha, not! Again, just the floor, the garbage and the toilet (gee, I wonder who left that mess?). Don’t worry folks, I’ll soon be done with the sarcasm, it still irks me a bit. I was out of there within 45 minutes, again, leaving it pretty darn spotless – again. I could tell Jamie had been in as the machines were empty when I wanted to change one of the new $10 bills. The change machine doesn’t recognize them.

Until the first customer arrives? πŸ˜‚

On my way home, a Garage Sale sign attracted me enough to stop in. A nice ‘new’ to each other couple had set up quite a pile of STUFF!. Two people combined their households and need to purge. I immediately found a sprinkler for $1, two stepping stones for $1 and what I thought was a water dispenser for Gibbs. I thought it would be great for outside for .75¢. Sadly, realizing later that it was a food dispenser instead. Darn! I’ll use it anyway outside for him.

a table full of material
on quilting

Lots of cool quilting stuff

I couldn’t help but think of our blogger friend, Nancy, in Arizona/California who is an avid quilter when I saw the tables of materials and a fabric cutter. Wow! Too bad it wasn’t a hobby I was into. I texted her with pictures – “how soon can you get here?” 😊 Bill was cutting the lawn on our ‘patio’ area when I got home so I hopped out of the car and helped him move the King chairs and picnic table out of the way.

Once I’d finished my tea, I first dusted the Suite. Our hutch, beside the table was looking pretty dusty. Then, inspired, I took my Norwex car wash mitt and a dry window cloth out to wash Black Beauty. Both vehicles were dirty but Bill was planning to go to London tomorrow so I thought it would be nice if he had a clean truck. I used the hose after some coaching from Bill but originally just used a pail of pumped water and the mitt. I was impressed already with the finished shine, and no streaks! Yay! Another great purchase.

While I cleaned Black Beauty
I was surprised to see that Gibbs had hopped up
on the chair to watch

We had some lunch indoors when he finished cutting this area, the berm and the back field. He dozed while Gibbs and I went out to spend time in the hammock. I relaxed out there, feeling tired already! Gibbs hopped up onto the hammock for a bit and then jumped down to lay down under it, in the shade. It isn’t too hot today, 21C/69F and it felt wonderful when the sun was out full. Bring it on! The clouds moved over too often nearer 1:00 so we came inside. I’m sure the temperature dropped at least 3 degrees each time.

Bill got cleaned up and went to Owen Sound. I was invited along but wasn’t keen on going. It would give him more freedom to poke through the hardware stores and then to pick up the plans he’d left at Qwik Print as well. He was anxious about how they turned out but glad they were ready today for him. 😊

A couple more pictures of Baby River
Billy sent them to me
In case there is confusion, Billy works with Bill
at the home improvement jobs
He is Mike's (the owner) nephew

I took a drive into Durham once more for some burgers, that we forgot on Monday. Town was crazy busy with traffic today so I made an impulsive decision when I pulled out of Foodland. Easier to turn right, south towards Varney, than left so let’s go to MacGregors Fashion Store (Stop the Car!) and see what they have in their 50 to 70% off summer sale. I really wanted to see if they had any fascinators in a colour I wanted. They did, and at 50% off, I left with a smile on my face. I bought two and one of them will be perfect for the November wedding. That is the last accessory I need, having found a jacket, shoes and purse previously to match my dress. How many can actually boast a complete outfit for under $55? 😊 Well, I can.

Gibbs was at the door to greet me when I walked in and since it was only 2:30, it was too early for tea so I sat and started my blog post. I know the little bum likes to sit with me for a while in the afternoon so I sat with him in my recliner while I read more of my book. It would have been a quick read if other stuff didn’t keep getting in the way but I do like it when a good story lasts a few days.

A loaded burger

We waited inside until Bill got back and then relaxed watching some afternoon tv. For supper, it was bbq’d prime rib burgers from Foodland and with all the fixin’s, they were pretty tasty. Mine was messy because I like the tomatoes and lettuce in mine. Nice and sloppy. 😊 We did the few dishes and Bill went down to the Hangar. 

Gibbs and I walked down the lane after his supper and it took some coaxing to get him back inside with me once he saw where his Daddy was. He saw the truck and knew something was up. He hates missing out on anything. Inside, he laid at the door until I sat in my chair, where he joined me. This was a good day, a busy morning but more things taken care of.

Funny, but the sky tonight looks almost identical
to this one taken last year
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Pumped water. That means the pump got fixed. Yea.

  2. There are a few yard sales around here, but never ANYTHING like that. Sometimes I think I'm the only quilter in the valley!! Nice stuff! Isn't it fun when puppies do something for the first time? Love to see them learn how to jump up.
    River certainly is a cutie pie. Great pictures. As to dinner, it looks delicious ... so much better than the thawed-out rice dish I ate because I haven't been to the store yet. And the laundromat ... I totally get it. It's either not their house so they don't care how messy it is, or they live in squalor. There's no telling why it's always so messy.

    1. We have a lot of sales happening now, every weekend. I love poking through.
      You are the only quilter i know. 😁 I'm proud of you!

  3. Your picture of Gibbs in the chair looks like he's got a big hat on his head :) The mat looks gorgeous! Dinner looks awesome too! Baby River is adorable. I figured on the other post that's why Billy didn't go to work that day :) Congratulations to them! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Haha I had to look at the picture but the bird bath does look like a hat!
      Yup, Stacey hadthe baby that day.
      Nice long weekend for us.

  4. Congrats on finding what you needed to finish your frugal outfit. Baby River is adorable as it your Gibbs. Loved the shot of him on the chair.

  5. Are you able to travel south of the border yet?

    1. They must not report much about the border in the US. we are all hanging on every word to see what your Prez allows us to do. No, still closed until his next announcement by Sept. 21 .

  6. That's amazing - you've already taught Gibbs to balance a dish on his head?